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Memory and Sorrow

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This story is No. 18 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes loosing someone isn't the end of the world, instead it leads to a new future

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CSI > CSI MiamiDennSedaiFR1523,206054,84531 Aug 0931 Aug 09No

Chapter Two

Rating: FRT
Pairing: Pre-Slash for now, heading towards Xander/Ryan Wolfe
Disclaimer: Buffy and associated characters belong to Joss Whedon, CSI: Miami belongs to CBS, Paramount, etc.
Warning: Set post Season Seven of Buffy and after Speed was shot and killed in Miami. I'm playing a tiny bit fast and loose with canon and timelines to make it work. *shrugs* It is, what it is. Yep I've got a tenative sequel that I'm thinking of and may expand this to fill in between here and the possible sequel.

Staring at his computer monitor, Horatio frowned. The information that he had tracked down so far, was very much inconclusive. One Alexander Lavelle Harris, originally of Sunnydale, California, of late of Cleveland, Ohio, was a mystery. No arrests, no criminal records, at least no 'official' listings of charges or convictions. Cleveland had no official record of him, other than the DMV for his driver's license, which did not a missing eye, which was an oddity in and of it's self.

Sunnydale, when he had tracked that down was no more. FEMA's records indicated that the official nature of the disaster was a sinkhole that had opened up underneath the town, cause and reasons unknown and swallowed up the town. Sunnydale PD had listed Mr. Harris and two other individuals on a watch, but do not interfere list. There had been one charge, later dropped, against a Miss Elizabeth Anne Summers, aka Buffy Summers. The charge originally read homicide, but was later dropped when it was discovered the 'body' had been a 'robot'. Something there definitely did not make any sense.

Mysteries like these, did not sit well with him.

The final oddity was the suspicion of hacking alleged to a Miss Willow Rosenberg. He'd had Cooper look into it and he'd run into a completely blank trail no matter which way he had tried to search.

All in all, it definitely did not sit well with him, but as of yet there had been no crime committed, so all he could do was watch.


"Yes Giles, I am very sure about what I'm doing," Xander said patiently yet again, as he bit back a growl that threatened to escape. "Well I am an adult, I am making a fiscally responsible decision that will ensure a routine income, as well as looking into job opportunities locally."

"Giles...let's be honest here for a moment, all right? Neither Buffy nor Willow are going to like me moving, they have issues with me doing anything Council related, so why would I remain and be treated like they have been treating me?"

Xander sighed at that reply. "I am more than capable of handling anything that would arise, though I am at this point officially retired, unless it's happening right in front of me, or the world is going to end. Other than that I really couldn't care less. I have already made several contacts locally, and things are perfectly fine that way."

"You know what Giles, if you want to assign one of the fully trained slayers down here, that's fine. With the building I bought, I have an apartment for myself, an apartment that I've converted into an exercise room/training area, or that is what it will be when I'm done the renovation of it, I also have two other apartments. I can easily rent one or both of those apartments out. If you want, one of those can be reserved for whatever Slayer you assign locally, and I'll only ask a reasonable rent, rather than the more normal exorbitant rents that you find in Miami."

"You know what, if you're going to be that way it's your choice. I've already found some helpful local contacts who have absolutely no issue with doing the warding spells about the property and specific ones on my apartment and the training area. It's your decision if you send someone down, but I do expect to have the one apartment rented out within a month at the most. Once that's done, if I haven't heard from you I will see about renting out the other apartment," with that Xander hung up, before he could say anything further.

Pulling over his laptop, he sent a quick e-mail off to Dawn, letting her know what was going on and telling her, she was more than welcome to pop down for a visit anytime, but to please give him a little advanced notice before hand. He would be moving into the new place he had purchased in two weeks, once the final paperwork was completed. He would have a spare room, if she did pop down and not to worry.


"So what's on your mind tonight," Ryan asked gently, knowing not to push. Xander's moods were very fluid, but over the last week or so he'd come to get a partial feel for them.

"Nothing all that important Ryan," Xander said softly, before sighing. "I'd rather not complain, but there are times when dealing with those who are closest and dearest to you, just make you want to scream is all."

"Been there, done that many a time Xander. My family and my relatives are like that when it comes to my OCD. It does get better in time, or else you just get used to it and learn how to ignore it."

"Yeah well, maybe I just hope for too much with those who I care about. They may not be related to me by blood, but they're more of a family than my parents were. Although Tim would have loved to have beaten all of them upside the head a number of times," Xander admitted with a sad smile. "Still, he'd be happy about a few things if he was still here."

"Oh," Ryan asked cautiously, not wanting to sound too hopeful. "What's that then?"

"I've taken a chunk of the life insurance money and FEMA settlement and bought a place. It's been on the market for a while, and no one's been interested for whatever reason..."

"The place you had me check out?"

Xander nodded. "Yep. I figure on keeping the two apartments on the first floor open for renting, I'll probably convert the two on the second floor into one massive apartment for me, not that much work involved in it, and I'm still considering about the third floor at the moment. Probably keep the one as an apartment, the other I might make into a smallish exercise room/gym. I'll take ownership in two weeks, barring any issues. They just have to run the title search and all that first."

"Would it be horrible of me to say, that I'm glad you're staying and leaving your 'friends' behind?"

Xander shook his head at that. "The one person I did tell about it, I told them that I'd keep a spare room open if she popped down, and just to give me a little advanced warning."I figure the rent can be set at a more reasonable level and net me a bit of income and I can probably find a job fairly quickly, or maybe take the time to do some courses at a local vo-tech school. Build up my skills."

"A man with a plan...." Ryan said with a grin. "No matter what anyone else says, you are using your head shall we go out and hit a club to celebrate? I've got tomorrow off, barring any unexpected changes."

"That could definitely be a fun where did you have in mind?"


Pausing outside of Xander's hotel room, Ryan shifted nervously from one foot to the other. "So I guess this is good night then," he said at last.

"Yep, I suppose it is. I'd invite you in but..." Xander trailed off vaguely.

"I know," Ryan said with a small smile of his own. Leaning in he gently kissed Xander on the lips, before starting to pull back.

Xander chose that moment to reach up and tangle a hand in Ryan's hair, even as he let his lips part.

Hesitantly at first, Ryan let the kiss deepen, at Xander's gentle urging before taking the lead.

Pulling back at last, Xander broke off the make out session. "Much as I enjoyed that, and believe me I definitely did, I don't think either of us is ready to take it to the next step yet Ryan."

Ryan sighed softly and nodded at that. "I know...tempting as it is, you're right. Call me tomorrow and we'll figure out what we're doing?"

"Definitely Ry, definitely. Good night."

The End for Now...yeah eventually I'll pick up from here...depends on the muses cooperating. *sighs and shrugs*

The End?

You have reached the end of "Memory and Sorrow" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 09.

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