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Memory and Sorrow

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This story is No. 18 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes loosing someone isn't the end of the world, instead it leads to a new future

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CSI > CSI MiamiDennSedaiFR1523,206054,83631 Aug 0931 Aug 09No

Chapter One

Rating: FRT
Pairing: Pre-Slash for now, heading towards Xander/Ryan Wolfe
Disclaimer: Buffy and associated characters belong to Joss Whedon, CSI: Miami belongs to CBS, Paramount, etc.
Warning: Set post Season Seven of Buffy and after Speed was shot and killed in Miami. I'm playing a tiny bit fast and loose with canon and timelines to make it work. *shrugs* It is, what it is. Yep I've got a tenative sequel that I'm thinking of and may expand this to fill in between here and the possible sequel.

Staring at the article that the program he'd set up had popped up with, Xander swore softly under his breath. This wasn't happening. Now after he'd finally started to deal with the aftermath of the battle with The First and loosing Anya, he wasn't up for dealing with loosing someone else.

Granted he'd rarely spoken with or seen his older cousin Tim, but they were a lot alike.

Pulling up a useful website he'd found a while back for traveling, he quickly made the reservations for a flight to Miami and also arranged for an inexpensive hotel room, in a local place. Confirming the reservations he waited while his credit card was billed and the verification of his reservations were sent to his e-mail.

In the aftermath of Sunnydale's collapse the government had stepped in, and as sole surviving relative of both his parents and his uncle, he'd received a fairly generous settlement. He'd taken advantage of that and stashed most of it into CD's that would give him a reasonable interest while keeping a small amount back for checking and savings.

Then surprisingly enough he'd been more than blessed to find out his dear old mom had, had life insurance on both her and his father. Which of course his father hadn't known about. So that also was invested into CD's one of which was about to come open in a week or so.

Checking his e-mail he made a note of the confirmation of his reservations and printed it out quickly. The girls didn't know about his settlements and he wasn't about to tell them, it wasn't their concern. For once he was going to live his life, without letting other people try and run it for him.


Kneeling beside the grave after everyone had left from the services earlier, Xander gently pressed two fingers to his lips, before pressing them to the stone.

"Goodbye Tim, I know you really hated that name, but it's not nearly as bad as mine. I'll miss you, even though I expect you've moved on to a better life than this one...Goddess only knows anything would be better than the life I've had," Xander said softly. Placing the three long stemmed yellow roses he'd carried with him in front of the tombstone, he sighed softly. "Be well cousin, may you know peace and happiness where ever you are now."

Slowly Xander straightened up, and made his way from the grave towards the entrance, and the waiting car that he'd rented. It had taken him some time to get used to driving and maneuvering with just one eye, but he'd gotten there, even if he was still a tad cautious in how he drove.

All he wanted for the moment was to get back to his hotel room, so he could change into a more comfortable outfit, the heat and humidity of Miami was ungodly. That and he wanted to see if he had a reply yet from the officer that his cousin had been mentoring and hoping to get into the lab. From all he'd said, the guy sounded interesting enough, even if he was a bit of a stick in the mud by the description as well.


"Just who are you," Horatio asked softly, as he watched the young man silently make his way away from his friend's grave. He'd spotted him sticking out in the crowd earlier, and had stayed behind to watch and see what happened. He may not know all of Tim's friends, but this young man nagged at his senses for some reason. There was definitely something off about him.


Drying off from his shower, Xander got dressed throwing on a pair of khaki pants and a semi-snug form fitting t-shirt. Miami was all about image and looks, which he certainly had.

Booting up his laptop, he logged in and checked his e-mail quickly shooting off a quick reply to Willow's and a slightly longer response to Dawn's. Reading over the one from his cousin's mentoree, he replied offering a suggestion of when and where to meet, leaving a local number where he could be reached at, as well as his cell phone number.

Sorting through the rest of his e-mail and deleting out the spam and other unimportant messages, he settled down to look over some of the real estate listings.

Pausing mid stream, he pulled back up his e-mail program as he heard it beep, smiling at the speedy response from the person he had sent the e-mail to earlier.

Opening the e-mail he saw a confirmation of the time and suggested place. Smiling at that he considered the limited information that he had about this Ryan Wolfe. Tim had told him a bit about him, including that he was bi and currently single, in an effort to convince Xander to come down for a visit.

Xander had shot back a smart ass comment about why didn't he go for him then? To which Tim had replied that he wasn't his type, too much alike in some ways and not enough in others.

Xander typed out a quick acknowledgement of the confirmation and said that he'd see him later that night.

Returning to his reviews of the real estate listings, he considered a few further options, before selecting a few that were interesting and choosing the find more like this option.

Spotting one that was relatively reasonably priced as the newest round of results popped up he clicked on it and smiled at the description. It almost sounded to perfect to be true. So he marked it down in his favorites and went on to look at the rest of the results.


Spotting Ryan over at a corner table, Xander paused a moment and made his way to the bar. Placing his order, he paid for it and took his drink over to the table to join Ryan.

"Nice to meet you at last Ryan," Xander said just loud enough to be heard over the music.

"It's nice to meet you as well Xander, I wish it were under happier circumstances, but we can't always be that lucky I suppose."

Xander smiled and nodded at that. "Still, it could always be worse. Tim told me a lot about you, and yes I know how much he hated the name."

"So how long are you in for Xander," Ryan asked keeping his voice soft enough for just the two of them.

"I've got a room at the local hotel for a week, and I'm also considering whether or not to move down this way. I figured a week would give me a little bit of time to see what it's like and what the people here in Miami are like as well and make a mini-vacation out of it as well."

Ryan grinned at that. "So you did know that Speed, wanted to get you down here for a while now right?"

"Yes, and I also know what else he was planning Ryan. I don't have any objections, as I'm sure you're a lot better than some of my past dating history, even with the OCD."

"He told me about some of that and swore that you needed better taste, or your head examined," Ryan offered with a laugh. "Still a week gives me at least a small chance doesn't it?"

Xander laughed at that. "I'm sure you'll try to convince me, and I'm more than willing to be convinced so you've got a good chance."

Smiling Ryan nodded at that. "I'll let you set the pace, as I don't want to push too much. I figure neither of us is a first date and it's on, unlike some of the slutty people in Miami."

Xander grinned and shook his head in agreement. "Nah, I much prefer to get to know a person before I do that. After all, better to build a solid base first."


Looking around the apartment building that he'd fallen hard for, Xander examined it with a critical eye. There were four apartments to it, one would be perfect for renting out, one would be ideal for him, given how large it was. One could be used to house the slayer that would inevitably be assigned to Miami, and he'd keep an eye out on and for her. Which left one that he could convert into a training area up on the top floor over top of his apartment.

"Do you have a recent building inspection report," he asked the realtor as he forced both is expression and voice to stay neutral. "If so, I'd like to see that before I make a decision."

"Of course Mr. Harris," the realtor offered with a smile. This particular location had been listed with them for a fair while, but no one had really been interested in it, until now.

"Then let's head back to your office, I can pick up a copy of that report and I'll let you know within the day if I decide to go for it."


Setting aside the copy of the report, Xander took a deep breath. It had been a lot of long winded reading and very technical, but his years of working construction allowed him to follow it with relative ease. What bothered him the most was the fact that no one had expressed an interest in the property before now. That suggested there was something off about it, beyond the obvious.

Pulling up his e-mail program he opened a new e-mail typing Dawn's address in the To field, he quickly typed up the message and sent it off, before starting a second e-mail to Ryan and asking him if he'd heard anything, even rumors about that area of the city and the property in particular.

Closing out the e-mail program, he logged into his bank's website and double checked not only his current available balance, but also the date for when a few of his investment CD's were due to be available. Smiling as he saw the information, he decided that unless there was something truly horribly wrong with the property he was going to go for it.
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