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Adventures At Sea

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This story is No. 19 in the series "Fic A Day 2009 Challenge". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The further adventures of Xander and Sinbad *smirks* smutty, but not overly graphic

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Television > Adventures of SinbadDennSedaiFR181699021,55431 Aug 0931 Aug 09Yes
Rating: FRM/18+
Pairing: Xander/Sinbad
Disclaimer: Sinbad and company belong to Atlantis Films, etc. Buffy and company belong to Joss Whedon. I don't own or claim rights to any of them, nor am I making a profit.
Warning: Short, semi-smutty, few naughty words here and there, non-graphic smut. *shrugs* The muses are more than a little exhausted at the moment, as am I.

"Do you still remember the first time we met," Xander asked idly, as he let his fingers trail over his lover's chest. "And how you were behaving at the time?"

"Like I could forget that, especially since you pick on me about it," Sinbad shot back with a grin. "Not that I didn't have reasons a plenty to distrust you."

"Yep, but I proved myself soon enough, didn't I? And now look at us, and you swore you'd sooner bed Ramina than trust me," Xander shot back with a smirk. "Then again, she did try and get me a few times, pissing off Daddy Dearest, but it was rather obvious that she wasn't a good choice."

"Yes well, here we are and if you keep on picking on me, I think I'll just have to roll over and go to sleep, instead of doing something much instead."

"Oh really," Xander asked, shifting ever so slightly to steal a kiss...."Hmmmmm I can definitely think of any number of fun things to do since the nights still young...the only question is who's riding who?"

"I believe it's my turn to take you lover mine," Sinbad said with a grin. "Unless you have a complaint?"

"Not at all, unless you don't get busy and start things off...unless you want me to take charge this time around?"

Sinbad let out a soft groan at that, recalling the last time Xander had been in this playful of a mood. "Playful mood again, I see. Maybe I'll tie you down to wear it out, after all, last time you nearly killed me...even if it was enjoyable."

"Hmmmm bondage..." Xander offered with a smirk. "I could be talked into that...and maybe I'll do that to you next time as well."

"You're insatiable aren't you?"

"With my various ex's who you've heard about, you even have to ask that?"

Sinbad just let out a soft groan at that. As bad as he'd been with lovers in the past, Xander definitely far outstripped him in the area of unusual and dangerous ex's.

"I will admit, I may have had a woman or three in every port, but compared to you lover mine..." Sinbad offered, trailing off with a smirk. "Well at least mine usually didn't try to kill me."

Growling Xander decided to pounce, rolling over his lover, he straddled his waist, while he gently pinned his hands above his head. "But now I have you, and all of them pale in comparison. As you, unlike they understand me completely."

"Yes I do, and I thought this was my turn to be on top?"

Xander chuckled softly at that. "Well if you feel like riding me instead...."

Sinbad just growled at that, as Xander leaned in closer to steal a kiss.

Nibbling on his lover's lower lip once he had captured it, he ground his own rear down against the hard cock, that was pressing up against it, making Sinbad buck upwards.

"Xander..." he growled softly once he'd freed his lip. "Not this time lover." Flexing and bucking, he sent Xander sliding off to one side, as he followed pinning him down, grinding his own aching cock against Xander's equally hard one.


"Gods...remind me to wind you up again the next time, that was..." Xander trailed off shivering slightly still at how wonderful it had been.

"Or maybe, I'll just leave you tied up, and begging for release if you do that...should have done it this time, but you had me so ready to go, I could hardly think," Sinbad said softly, curled up against his lover's back.

"Not a chance lover, if you ever left me hanging, then the next time, I'd make sure you were so exhausted you wouldn't get up for days by the time I was done...maybe I'll do it anyway for teasing me like that."

Sinbad chuckled softly at that. "We'll see, for now, I think it's time to rest, so we'll both be ready for the morning watch."

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Adventures At Sea". This story is complete.

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