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TtH 100 Faith/NCIS

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Summary: Faith has many different experiances with the cast of NCIS.

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A Tragic Love- Part 2

Title: A Tragic Love- Part Two
Pairing: Ziva/Faith
Prompt #25 Jealousy
Disclaimer: *checks* nope still don't own them.

A/N: First and Foremost I would like to thank all of you who took the time to review. Each review means a lot to me. Also I wanted to say that there is a reason that I picked the title and you will see that very soon. Also my lap top had broke a while a go, but I still had been able to use it. My Mom just sent it back to HP, but it looks like even though I'm living off of borrowed time from my sister's lap top your the ones that have got lucky because I have been writing the chapters in a notebook. My muse just won't let me rest even if I have no computer to type on. Anyway on with the chapter I hope you enjoy! And please don't hate me too much after reading it. I promise I really don't hate Faith. You'll know what i mean when you read this.

Part 2

Faith could feel her blood start to boil when she stepped out of the bathroom and found a man all over Ziva. Her mind raced as she tried to come up with some excuse for why Ziva would allow him to be all over her. Except no other theory seemed reasonable as if Ziva had not wanted him to be there then he would not have been on top of her. Ziva was one of the strongest non-slayers she had ever come across. Faith had seen her take out men twice her size and not even break a sweat. Faith had been played for a fool and that did not sit well with her. She started to think about everything that had occurred between them. Had it all been a lie?

Before she knew what she was doing she was ripping the man away from Ziva and throwing him to the ground in a jealous rage. She threw every ounce of anger into every punch and kick she delivered to him. It took four bouncers and two other guys who had been partying in the club to stop her from pummeling the guy to a bloody pulp. As Faith was pushed through the club and out the doors she had been able to calm down, even if it was only enough to be able to think coherently. It was then she realized what she had done. She immediately felt sick to her stomach as she hadn't used her slayer abilities against a regular human since she had tied Wesley up to a chair and tortured him all those years ago. Faith was thrown to the curb and told to stay there until the cops came. She could have ran if she wanted to but she knew what she had done was wrong.

"How could you?" Ziva demanded.

Faith looked up from where she sat to find Ziva standing above her. Her usually soft features were hardened with anger. For once Faith had no answer to give. She couldn't blame her if Ziva left and never came back.

"I know you've had a hard life, but I thought you would have trusted me more then that," Ziva explained knowing she didn't have too, "He was a fellow Mossad officer and my Father had asked him to deliver me a message."

Faith lowered her head in shame knowing what she had done was wrong. She should have listened to that small voice in the back of her head that had been trying to tell her that there was probably a good explanation for the man. But Faith hadn't listened. She had reverted back to her old self and had flew off the handle. Faith had ruined the one good thing in her life.

"I guess you will never change."

Faith watched as Ziva walked away and headed into the night. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to call after Ziva. To say anything to get her to stay. But nothing seemed like the right thing to say. Faith was starting to think maybe Ziva was right and Faith would never be able to change.

The End?

You have reached the end of "TtH 100 Faith/NCIS" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 09.

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