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TtH 100 Faith/NCIS

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Summary: Faith has many different experiances with the cast of NCIS.

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First Times

Title: First Times
Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS.
Prompt: #49 First Times
Claim: Faith/NCIS
Pairing: Faith/Ziva

Faith sighed as she stared down at the sleeping woman beside her. She knew if the others could see her now they would be rolling on the floor laughing. Faith was never the type of person you would see in a committed relationship. The longest relationship she had ever been in was with Robin Wood and that had only been because he had been a challenge for her. But then Ziva David had shown up into Faith’s life a month ago. Faith had been traveling in DC on Council business at the time. Something was different with Ziva and it kept Faith coming back. This was a first for her. She was never the type of girl who made up reasons to go somewhere just so she could make sure she saw someone. But here she was making up reasons why the Council’s presence, or more importantly Faiths presence, was important in DC. There was just something about this woman and for the first time in her life Faith didn’t give a dam about what anyone else thought. Faith moved a strand of hair out of Ziva’s eyes and tucked it behind her ear. She watched as the woman’s eyes slowly fluttered open and stared at her, concern shining in her eyes. Faith grinned internally that this woman was concerned about her.

“You okay?” Ziva asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Faith replied and for the first time she meant it.
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