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Not the Key!

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Summary: Harry is mistaken as the key.

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Harry Potter > General > HumornamegoeshereFR1313700111,8401 Sep 091 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer- I do not own Hp or BTVS

Harry struggled against the bonds that held him chained to the tower. He wished he could get to his wand. He wished he could get this gag out of his mouth. But most of all, he wished that he wasn't in this bloody purple princess dress.

The crazy bitch that had kidnapped him right after he defeated Voldemort was standing before him holding a wicked looking knife. “Those monks thought they were so smart, making me believe they sent the key to the slayer. Ahh, but I have followers everywhere, and they saw you. All pretty, covered in green light.”

“grugt ght, th guf a muklik kut.” He tired to tell her...

She lifted his head with the knife, “A wizard hidden at Hogwarts! What clever, clever monks.”

“It's time, your greatness.” One of her freaks said before hurrying away.

“Okay, don't worry, it won't hurt for long.” She held the knife out cutting shallow lines in his stomach. His blood started to run down his legs making him cold. After a moment it started dripping off the tower.

They waited...

And waited...

And nothing happened.

“What is-” Glory was knocked off the tower by a boy on a broom.

“'Harry! You okay mate?” Ron asked as he jumped off his broom. Harry looked over the side of the tower and saw most of the Order down at the bottom leaning over the body of a man wearing the dress the crazy lady had been wearing.

Ron helped untie him and Harry removed his gag, “Bloody hell, I'm bleeding like a pig here.”

“Yeah,” Ron said. “And you're ruining your dress.”

Not much later, Buffy was holding Dawn while a strange man in dark robes was telling them Dawn needed to learn to contain her unused key powers. He had a little grin on, but neither of them knew it was because no one could contain Snape's happiness at seeing Potter in a frilly purple dress surrounded by some of the most powerful witches and wizards in the UK. And one must not forget the press. Oh yes, Snape would cut out every picture and frame them in his office, pure gold.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not the Key!". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking