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Pythia and Key

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Summary: Cassie Palmer gets lucky when she make yet another huge mistake.

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Literature > Vampire/SupernaturalnamegoeshereFR131256028252 Sep 092 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer- I do not own BTVS or Cassie Palmer.

Dawn stared at the girl that had just popped in front of her, she was about the same age as the key but looked strangely like Buffy.

“Well, darn.” The girl said, looking around the room.

“Oh?” Dawn asked closing the dusty old text she was reading.

“Yeah, I am supposed to be in the 1800's.” The blonde said in frustration.

Dawn took in her modern clothes and strange aura, “Oh, you're a Pythia. I read just read about you, but you aren't from this dimension.” Dawn got up and started to remove scrolls from the newly rebuilt library. “You must of jumped dimensions by accident when you tried to go back. Umm...”

“You can get me back?” She asked.

“Hey, I'm Dawn Summers, Key to the Dimensions. I can get anyone anywhere if I know where I am going.”

“Well, I'm Cassie Palmer, and I'm stuck. Again.” She sighed, when she got back Pritkin was going to flip. No, he was going to chain her to his side and then flip. Damn!

"Oh, you can't be that bad." Dawn told her without looking up.

"I had a penis once." She told her.

Dawn's head snapped up, "Well... thats...ah..."

"Oh no I...Switched bodies by accident, that is how bad I am. I didn't even know how to get back." She told Dawn.

Dawn felt sorry for her, maybe she didn't end up here competely by accident. "Cassie, sit down and let me tell you about my sister..."

The End

You have reached the end of "Pythia and Key". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking