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Blasted right out of left field

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Summary: Much to Angelus' chagrin, A Scoobies choice costume has lasting effects. A YAHF, with a never before used villian character. A 'To Boldly Go challenge' 1st chapter Re-edited, 3rd Chapter will arrive soon.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic Xander
Marvel Universe > Fantastic Four
BlueEyedJediFR1521,62602114,8452 Sep 0917 Sep 09No

Chapter One

I own none of these characters, they are the property of Joss Whedon, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee & Jack ‘King’ Kirby, and Gregory Widen & Davis-Panzer Productions.

This story begins during the 2nd season ‘Innocence ‘episode. Angelus snapped Buffy’s neck, rather than the long drawn out process of torturing her. After he reunites with his ‘Childe’ Spike, they had lead a group their minions to kill the rest of the Scoobies. To Make the pain worse they brought Buffy’s body to taunt the Scoobies. All of them are dead except for two, the boy has survived, and he has killed the last minion Angelus had with him. Cordelia lives by a fluke, but she is nearly dead. Meanwhile, Spike has gathered and reassembled the Judge in hopes that he can exact the revenge, Spike wants against Xander, for the killing of Dru.


It should have been over, but somehow the whelp had not only survived, but worse he had done so without any visible scratch. This infuriated Angelus almost as much as the boy’s sarcastic wit, a wit that was directed at him. Hatred of Xander was the one area of agreement between Angelus and his neutered broody alter ego.

Then the boy’s taunts began anew, as he used the only weapon he had available to him. ‘Well Deadboy, once again, you prove not up to the challenge, you can’t hurt me. Have you forgotten just how durable I’ve been since Halloween?” That was a lie; the vampire had already hurt the boy worse than anything else could. Angelus had killed almost all the people Xander loved in the world, but filled with rage the boy would never give ‘Captain Hairgel’ the satisfaction. So the Taunts continued.

At the mention of Halloween, the vampire was filled with rage. Halloween was when somehow the boy had succeeded in dusting his princess Drusilla, Xander and the other Scoobies had been silent on just how Xander did that. Not even Buffy knew how or even who the boy had gone as. To be fair he had told her Halloween night, but in the aftermath of the chaos, the information had been lost in her peroxide poisoned brain. All that the vampire knew was that Xander had gone as a wild haired, Neanderthal looking, brutish barbarian in a blue tank top and matching trunks, whose fists landed with the force of bombshells.

Then after the night of chaos, the boy had made use of his immunity and new found strength to fight both solo and beside Buffy. Even filled with rage over Dru’s death, Spike had not been able to do anything but escape being dusted himself. Not even the Order of Taraka had been able to slow, or stop the boy. It had been funny to watch Spike squirm trying to get his revenge, but now he had lost his soul, Angelus was not laughing any more. Suddenly the vampire remembered a conversation he had heard between Xander and Giles. The boy had said something to the effect that the only thing that could hurt him was something from the place his alter ego came from, when he said that he had looked briefly the strange rod he wore on a necklace, which had been part of his costume.

“Could it really be that simple?” Angelus thought to himself. Acting on the epiphany the now freed scourge of Europe grabbed hold of the rod and slammed it into the boy’s chest, right through the heart. Finally, the scream he wanted he heard from the object of his hate. Now was his turn to taunt, “It must kill you that not only I get there first with Buffy, but now you’ll never get there at all with anyone. No, it’s that damn rod on your necklace, that I stabbed into your heart, that’s what’s killing you.” With satisfaction the vampire noted that the light had left the white knight’s eyes, the boy was dead.

Having accomplished his mission he left, thus it was that Angelus did not see what happened next.


Any guesses on the identity of Xander's Costume?
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