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All Hail Britannia

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Summary: Response to the "To Boldly Go" challenge

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy and/ or Code Geass

They thought they had won.
They had bested the first and closed the Sunnydale Hellmouth.
But it had been a short lived victory.
A new threat had made itself known and this time there was nothing they could do.
Slayers were made to fight demons not politicians, for that was the new thread…and it emerged from Britain, or the “Holy Britannian Empire” as it called itself nowadays.

They knew something was wrong when the Royal Family started to gain more influence, but it was to shortly after the First and the new council was still in its infancy.
Andrew had then quoted Star Wars not knowing how true this one sentence would be.
“So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause”
When Britain started to gain influence over their once colonies starting with the US of A panic made itself known inside the Watchers council.
But it was already to late, nothing could stop the advancing Empire, which with the conquest of Japan, now Area 11, in 2065 is the most powerful of the three remaining powers.

The Slayers were scattered through the world, divided by law and believes.
For those who lived in Britain or where “Honorary Britannians” the world was good and they would fight to keep it the way it was. While those who were from one of the Areas, and therefore third class citizens, felt nothing more than the need to rebel.

The Royal Family had succeeded in a way not even the First could, for they had destroyed liberty and divided the slayers.
The balance was tipped and the PTB had finally found a new champion equipped to fight this new thread.

Lelouch vi Britannia … Zero of the Order of the Black Knights
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