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She Slayed My Cat!

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Summary: "To boldly go..." Challenge Response. Buffy, having finished a new job, gets accosted by the demon cat’s owner.

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Comics > MangaRuneWitchSakuraFR131501031,5232 Sep 092 Sep 09Yes
I don’t own Vampire Game or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anything related to them.


“She slayed my cat!” Ishtar, Princess of Pheliosta yelled. Really, Buffy thought, when I signed on to get rid of a ‘demon cat’ infestation, I never thought it actually had an owner.

“And a good thing too,” Lady Ramia of La Naan said. “It was an evil demon cat.”

“Actually it was a vampire cat,” Buffy interjected, before Ishtar could reply. Ramia’s three sons (Vord, Laphiji, and Seliez) were watching from the background, as was Ishtar’s body guard, Darres. All four sets of eyebrows rose.

“A…vampire cat?” Ramia asked. Ishtar did her best to look innocent.

“Yeah, sometimes when really powerful vampires die, they reincarnate themselves later down the line…like Dracula actually, now that I think of it. Occasionally, they come back as animals,” Buffy explained, eyes narrowing at Ishtar.

“But the only vampire that’s supposed to be reincarnated here...” Ramia paused. “Are you saying that thing was Duzell?” Ishtar blanched, before looking perfectly innocent again. Ramia turned to Ishtar. “And you knew! You had to know! You named it Duzell, after the vampire king!”

“Actually, Keld named it Duzell,” Ishtar said, not bothering to mention the fact that she had known Duzell was the real Duzell. She only found out after naming him Duzell anyway, so she technically hadn’t known when he was named.

“After you gave him the choice between Duzell and Phelios,” Darres reminded her. Ishtar glared at him. Buffy could see the ‘Not Helping’ written on her face.

“And you brought him here!” Ramia shrieked.

“If I could get my payment,” Buffy said. She wanted to get out of here before Ramia started ranting – it sounded like she might have a banshee as an ancestor. Well, that and to get away from Ishtar. The younger woman was still glaring daggers at her.

“Of course,” Ramia said. “Vord, pay her.”

“Right this way,” Vord said, putting on a charming smile. Buffy gave him a Touch-Me-And-Lose-That-Which-Makes-You-A-Man smile in return. Vord, in an effort to keep his sanity, pretended he hadn’t tried to charm her and that she didn’t scare him at all.


“You slayed my cat,” Ishtar said icily.

“So much for getting out of here without a confrontation,” Buffy muttered, turning to face the Princess. “And no, I didn’t.” Ishtar looked confused.

“You didn’t?”

“Job said I had to take care of a demon cat infestation, not that I had to kill the demon cat if I found it,” Buffy told her.

“Besides, he was too cute to kill. He’ll be returned to you as soon as you leave La Naan.” Ishtar smiled.



Darres stared in awe as a cat fell out of the sky and landed in Ishtar’s arms. Then he recognized the cat as Duzell. Ishtar smirked at him.

“And Keld said Duzell had more pride than to come back as a pussy cat,” Ishtar said. Duzell glared at her.

The End

You have reached the end of "She Slayed My Cat!". This story is complete.

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