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Can't Let You Go

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Summary: Buffy/Supernatural Crossover. Buffy/Dean pairings. Eventual Sam/Faith pairing. Buffy's undercover and the boys are sent to do the same mission. How will they all react when they find out.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredBuffyxoFR211219,703195,2412 Sep 091 Apr 13No

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First Meeting

Disclaimer---I don't own either Buffy or Supernatural.

Dean Winchester and his younger brother Sammy casually walked into The Highway Inn bar in L.A.. Castiel had sent them here in search for The Slayer…well the Slayer that has lived the longest in hope she could help them. They did not know her name or what she looked like, but Castiel has said when they see her they will know. They walked up to the bar and to Dean’s delight a young pretty blonde girl came over and smiled getting out her pen and pad and smiling at them.

“What can I get you?” she asked softly with her pen at the ready.

Dean smirked, “Two beers please,”

“Anything else?” She asked writing down what they had asked for.

Dean looked down at the menu then back at her pouting slightly, “I don’t see you on the menu…”

Sam snapped at him, “Dean!”

The girl laughed walking off to get their bears, she came back a few minutes later she came back with two beers in her hands and placed them in front of them. Dean looked the girl up and down unable to take his eyes off of her. Her skin looked so smooth and soft, he just wanted to touch her, feel her on him, kiss those soft pink lips and run his fingers through her blonde hair as they kissed.

“Hey you know anywhere we can crash?” Sam asked breaking Dean’s concentration.

“Sure there’s a hotel just around the corner. Nice place, even give you a wake up call if you want one….”

Sam laughed slightly, “How do you know all that?”

She smiled, “I live there.”

Sam raised an eyebrow smiling slightly. “You got a name?”

“Of course I have a name. I’m…Anne.” Little did the two brother’s know her name wasn’t Anne. Her name was Buffy Summers and was The Slayer they were looking for. She was undercover and has been for the past three months trying to find an answer to strange disappearances all over the city, Anne was her middle name which she found easy to use undercover.

“I’m Sam and this is my jerk of a brother Dean”

“Hey!” Dean snapped back hitting his brother gently.

‘Anne’ laughed walking off back to work as her boss kept looking over to her. The boys watched her as she worked, Dean giving her one of his cheeky smiles when she looked over at them.
It was eleven thirty and Sam decided to go and find them both a room for the night while Dean stayed behind, his eyes locked on ‘Anne’. Dean’s phone went off, it was a text from Sam saying what room he was in, he quickly text him back and put his phone away looking back to ‘Anne’ but she was gone. He looked up and down the bar looking for her but she was nowhere to be seen. He sighed drinking his last bit of beer still looking up to the bar to see if she had come back.

“You looking for someone?” Came a voice from behind. He smirked recognising the voice and turning his head slightly.

“I’ve been wondering where you went,” He smirked as she sat down beside him.

“End of shift.” ‘Anne’ smiled sweetly at him putting on her jacket. “Your brother find you guys a room?”

Dean smiled slightly and nodded, “Yeah he did…”

‘Anne’ looked at him curiously, “You don’t seem so thrilled?”

Dean laughed smirking at her, “Well I was hoping he wouldn’t find one so we could bunk up with you gorgeous,”

“Oh really? And what makes you think I would give you that satisfaction?” She smirked back standing up.

Dean stood up, he was taller than her, and gave her a sweet smile and leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Cause I’m irresistible baby,”

‘Anne’ winked at him, “Well in that case I should definitely bring you back to mine…” she joked.
Dean smiled moving away from her ear, but their lips almost touching, Dean burned for her, he wanted her so badly. She laughed slightly at him turning her head slightly , their lips nearly brushing against each other as she did.
She picked up her bag and stepped away from Dean slightly, “I better go…”

“Well let me walk you to your room. Be a gentleman.”

“That’s sweet, but your brother will be wondering where you are…”

“I’m thirty years old! I don’t need by baby brother looking out for me,”

“Well maybe you should… a lot of weird stuff happens around here…”


“Like people turning up dead…”

“People die everyday Anne…”

“Not like this.”

“Then what do you mean?”

‘Anne’ shook her head. “Nothing just ignore me…had kinda a long day. Just wanna go home…”

Dean nodded not wanting to pressure her at this point. “Well I’m still gonna walk you. No arguments.”

‘Anne’ laughed nodding, “Okay.”

The two walked back to the hotel around the corner, the foyer was beautiful, filled a table in the centre with a flower arrangement placed on it and statues placed in the corners.

“Wow…” Was all Dean could say as he looked around. ‘Anne’ smiled looking at him and made her way over to the elevator. They got in, “So what floor, eighteen, five, twelve, twenty?” He asked as he pushed the floor numbers as he spoke.

‘Anne’ laughed shaking her head, “Actually I’m down in the basement but thanks for pushing most of the buttons for me,” she said softly as she pressed the right floor.

Dean looked at her confused, “The basement?”

“Yeah I have my own room down there…”

“But how come your not like in a proper hotel room?”

“Well it is a hotel room…looks fancy and everything but people would rather be I dunno higher up than down…”

“Well upside for you, you can have sex and be as loud as you want,” Dean winked at her moving closer to her and slipping his hand around her waist.

“Now how come every guy I talk to about it says the exact same thing…”

“Because it’s a fact baby…want me to prove it?” He winked at her again backing her up against the elevator wall and placing both hands on her hips. She looked up at him and smiled slightly.

“Why do I feel like I can trust you?”

“I dunno….maybe we have something in common that we don’t know about yet…”

“I doubt you have anything in common with me…I’m a freak…”

“Anne I doubt…”


“Huh?” Dean looked at her confused.

“My name’s Buffy.”

“So how come your going by Anne?”

“I have my reasons….part of me being a freak…”

“Your not a freak…why did you tell me your real name?”

“Like I said…I feel I can trust you…”

Dean smiled at the petite blonde and leaned in to kiss her, his lips touching hers softly. She ran her hands up his arms up to the back of his neck deepening the kiss, he pressed his body hard against hers sliding his tongue into her mouth and gently massaging hers with his. They parted as they reached the basement, not really wanting to and Buffy led the way to her room. She stopped at her door and dug through her bag to find her key, Dean leaned on the wall by the door watching Buffy from behind. She opened the door and turned around to face him.

“Thanks for walking me…”

“No problem gorgeous…so you gonna invite me in or what?” He said smirking and moving closer to her.

“I dunno if that’s such a good idea…”

“Why not?”

“Because that amazing kiss might turn into something more….”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“I’m not interested in one night stands…it hurts too much…”

“Baby despite my size I promise I’ll go soft on you,” Joked Dean moving that extra step closer.

“I didn’t mean like that…last time I had a one night stand the guy messed with my head pretty bad…made me think I wasn’t good enough for anyone and that I was just useless…I won’t go through that again…I can’t.”

Dean put his hand on her cheek and ran his thumb over it, wiping away the tear that slid down her cheek. “Buffy…I promise I won’t hurt you…I really like you….”

“You barely know me…”

“I don’t care…that part doesn’t seem important…all I know is from the moment I laid eyes on you…I fell head over heals for you…”

Buffy held onto the hand on her cheek, she looked up at him tears welling up in her eyes. A part of her desperately wanted to let him but something was telling her no. She didn’t want to get hurt again. Dean moved his hand from her cheek to the back of her neck and gently pulled her to him, hugging her gently as her head rested on his muscular chest, the tears sliding down her cheek. He kissed the top of her head and took her into her room, gently closing the door after him.
He looked the broken girl at his side and questioned if he should get her to open up more…he could sense that there was something more to it than she was letting on.
He took hold of her hand and led her over to the bed and sat her down, hugging her tightly and gently swaying to calm her down, he could feel her grip on him getting tighter as he swayed her gently.

“Buffy…” He whispered gently pulling away a little so he could see her face. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Buffy shook her head standing up and wiping away her tears. She couldn’t understand why she was acting like this, why she felt so comfortable in Dean’s presence. Why she felt lost.

“You must think I’m an idiot…”

“No I don’t…I think I just wanna kiss you right now…” He stood up and walked over to her and kissed her. She kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck and tip toeing so she could deepen the kiss more. They backed their way back onto the bed, taking each other’s clothes off in the process and just leaving them in their underwear. Buffy laid down on the bed and Dean climbed on top of her kissing her softly. He moved his hands to her back and undid her bra, slowly pulling the straps off her shoulders and throwing the bra on the floor. He smirked looking down at her perfect breasts. He moved his lips down her neck to her chest, his lips claiming her nipples and he gently sucked them until they were stiff. She moaned softly as he did so and gripped the bed sheet, arching her back more into him. He moved his lips down again kissing around her navel softly, she arched her hips up making it easier for him to slide off her panties. He spread her legs apart and carried on kissing her body, his tongue pressed against her clit, her hips jerked upwards, she wanted him badly, she wanted him inside her taking her to the highest of heights. Soon he was kissing her again, she gasped feeling his fingers dance inside her and moaned softly.

“Dean…please…” she begged. She couldn’t take it anymore, she put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down more to kiss her, his body pressed hard against hers, she could feel his hardness through his boxers against her core. She moved her hands down his back to his ass, taking his boxers off as her hands slid over his cheeks. This was it, they were both naked, his hardness was pressed right against her core, she begged him to take her and he didn’t disappoint. He was inside her, moving with her, holding her firmly pushing himself in hard. Her legs wrapped around his wait pushing him in deeper, she leant her head back, biting her bottom lip as he pressed soft wet kisses against her neck.
Their moans grew louder, the sweat built up between the two as he went fast and hard into her, the headboard of the bed banging hard against the wall. She kissed him hard thrusting with him, soon he had her screaming his name as she climaxed, digging her nails into his back softly as she came. It wasn’t long before Dean was in the same position, his breathing heavy as he pumped into her moaning her name against her lips as he kept going.

He lay beside her breathless, he looked at her and smiled softly as she tried to catch her breath back, he laid on his side and gently caressed her cheek with his thumb, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. “You were amazing…”

She smiled as she kissed him back just as soft, “So were you.”
She closed her eyes and smiled softly drifting off to sleep, keeping close to him. For once, she wanted to wake up and find the guy next to her still there.

Dean smiled watching her sleep and covered her with the blanket as he laid next to her, still gently caressing her cheek. He closed his eyes and put his arm around her waist, holding her close to him as they both slept.

When morning came, Dean’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled down at Buffy who was still sleeping peacefully in his arms. Castiel appeared in front of him and Dean rolled his eyes at him before carefully moving from the bed, he put a pillow under Buffy’s head and led Castiel into the bathroom and closed the door behind them.

“Cas what the hell are you doing here?!”

“Dean I told you to find the Slayer not sleep with her…”

Dean frowned then raised an eyebrow. “Wait…Buffy’s the Slayer?”

Castiel nodded. “Yes…”

Dean sighed. “Shit…you know if you god damn angel’s gave us a picture now and again we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Well you’ve obviously gained her trust and now you simply…reel her in. You need her help to complete your next mission.”

“Says you.”

“Says the Lord.”

Before Dean could even answer Castiel was gone. Sighing with frustration he walked out of the bathroom back into the bedroom. He saw Buffy still sleeping and studied her. How could someone so small possess so much power and strength? He walked back over and crawled back into bed, wrapping his arms back around her, he didn’t want their time together to end yet.
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