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Summary: My first fic. Response to the 'To boldly go' Challenge. Riley contemplates the future.

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Television > Army WivessparklygemsFR711,198171,0683 Sep 093 Sep 09Yes
Author’s Note: This is my first fic. It came to me after seeing the ‘To Boldly Go..’ Challenge so I thought I’d give writing a go...Hope you like!

Summary: Just a short scene with Roxy and Riley as he contemplates the future.

Set: Set after season 7 for Buffy, Season 2 for Army Wives.

Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Army Wives belong to their respective owners. I own nothing!

Roxy looked up from cleaning the glasses as the door to Betty’s swung open. She grinned as the soldier pulled off his sunglasses and made his way over.

“Well good afternoon Captain Class.” She drawled, her eyes twinkling as she put his usual down in front of him.

Riley Finn grinned at the greeting and shook his head ruefully. She’d insisted on calling him that since the first time he’d popped into the bar, well over a year ago. He’d took the tray of empty glasses out of her hands and carried it behind the bar for her as her friends looked on with raised eyebrows. She’d just shook her head and declared he was far too classy for Betty’s. And that had been that. Captain Class he’d been to ever since. Thank goodness he’d managed to persuade Pamela and Claudia Joy that Riley would do instead.

“Hey Rox. How’s business today?”

She grinned back. “So So. But there’s always a place at the bar for my favourite Gentleman Captain.”

He laughed before taking a drink. “That’s what I like about this place Rox. I could have been a lowly private and you’d still have kicked the highest General out of my seat.”

She shrugged, “Well I always say you take people as you find them. You’ve always treated me like a lady Riley, and God knows, not everyone around here does.”

Riley sat back nursing his drink as he watched her go to work serving another customer. He couldn’t help the grin that bloomed on his face as he contemplated the drink in front of him.

“Come on then proud papa, gimmee the latest picture,” Rox laughed as she came back. “You’ve had a grin plastered on your face since you walked through the door.” She held her hand out expectantly and he laughed. She always saw right through him. He reached awkwardly into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and rifling through it until he found what he wanted. She quickly grabbed it and looked at it carefully.

“Beautiful! How long has Sam got to go now?”

He indicated the picture. “That’s from her 6 month scan.”

“And how’s she doing?”

Riley rolled his eyes. “She’s cranky as hell. Especially after I got this.” He lifted up the arm in the sling “She’s convinced I only got that because she wasn’t there to watch my back. You know Sam; she’s not made for sitting home while I’m on a mission.”

Roxy snorted. “She’s just like Joan on that score. She’s a spitfire alright. But just you wait Riley. The minute she gives birth, all those skills she’s desperate to put back into use will be put into protecting what’s hers. She’ll be like a lioness guarding that baby.”

He nodded. “I think you might be right. At least she’ll no doubt have her hands full. She’s pacing the house like a caged tiger, ready to pounce at one misspoken word at the moment.”

Roxy laughed. “I was exactly the same with my boys. Me and Trevor keep debating having another...I’ve decided not to tell him what i was like when i was pregnant before. Wouldn’t want to scare him.”

“Oh she’s scary alright. One minute she’s bouncing and babbling about nursery colours and the next...” He lifted his hair up and pointed to the bruise “She’s throwing stilettos at you for daring to get your ass kicked while she’s on desk duty.”

Roxy winced in sympathy. “She’s definitely got a good aim there soldier."

He rubbed the bruise ruefully. “You’re telling me.”

“Tell Sam we’ve booked Betty’s out for her Shower. Roland is getting the games sorted, Denise is on girly gift duty and Pamela is on useful gift duty. I’ve got food and drink sorted and Claudia Joy is sorting the guest list.”

Riley smiled. “I’ll be sure to tell her. Thanks for this Roxy, you cant imagine what it means to us.”

She smiled back. “That’s what friends are for isn’t it?”

She handed the picture back and propped her head on her hands. “So...have you found out whether it’s a boy or a girl yet?”

He shook his head. “We’ve tried, but baby has been most uncooperative!”

Roxy laughed. “Already got a mind of its own has it?”

“Just like its mother!”

“You got a preference?”

“A boy. Definitely a boy.”

At his decisive look Roxy nodded in understanding. “Someone to carry on the family name?”

Riley’s face took on a tight worried look and he shook his head. “Boys get life easier than girls.”

He stared off into space, worry etched onto his face as he continued “At least a boy will get a choice.”

He didn’t notice Roxy’s confused look at his cryptic comment, he was too busy thinking about their child. “Of course, even if it was a girl, it’s not definite. And the odds of survival are certainly better since Willow worked her mojo...but knowing how the worst tends to happen.....I want a boy. I don’t want that life for my baby girl.”

Sensing that he wasn’t talking to her anymore, Roxy moved away to pick glasses up, leaving him to his contemplation. He didn’t even know she’d gone, too busy thinking over the possibility he and Sam had been too afraid to voice.

He clenched his fist at the thought of his baby being pulled into that life. What would they do?

The answer came to him immediately. They’d protect her. They’d get her trained by the best and spend the rest of their lives ensuring she outlived them. He’d seen enough of Sam’s protective instincts towards him to know that she’d fight till her last breath to protect their baby. And the others would help. They’d immediately accept her into that tight circle and protect her with their lives. He knew enough of them to know that.

Buffy would take the role of aunt and teacher seriously, determined that she wouldn’t have the kind of life that she’d had to endure. And Faith...Well Faith would make sure she really lived. He frowned at the thought. On second thoughts, maybe he’d be better keeping Faith away from his baby until she was old enough to learn about boys. 40 sounded like a good age.

He sighed. No matter how much he loved the idea of a perfect replica of Sam to love and adore, he knew the odds better than most.

At least a son would get the choice as to whether to fight the good fight. He had a horrible feeling that a daughter wouldn’t. It was too good an opportunity for the powers to ignore. Two parents who deal with the supernatural daily? He didn’t need to think about the odds of their daughter being pulled into that life to actively hope for a boy who they could at least fight to keep away from it all for as long as was possible.

Suddenly he knew. He had to know. Had to know so that they could prepare. And deal. He grabbed his phone and hit the speed dial.

“Hey, Willow? It’s Riley. I need a favour.....”


The End

You have reached the end of "Choice". This story is complete.

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