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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter Two

"So I'm afraid none of us can ever claim any innocence of abnormality?"

The elegant blond woman had introduced herself to Vi and Marissa as Dr. Sharon MacReady and her partner as Craig Sterling. The three sat in Sharon's apartment drying and de-gooing off as Craig took the last turn in the shower. The two Slayers had called back to the council for Watcherly assistance and Craig had called the third member of his group to meet them at the apartment. Right now, hot chocolate with little marshmallows was the order of the day.

"Yeah, " Vi sighed, "All our covers are kinda silly now. We'll give the explanations when our friend and your's show up. Get it all taken care of at once."

"A wise decision I should say. More cocoa?"

"Yes please ma'am!" Marissa piped up. Sharon smiled and headed towards the kitchen. As she busied herself in there, the apartment door was unlocked and an older man, older than Craig at least, stepped in.

"Sharon, Craig! Oh hello ladies," he spoke up as he saw the slayers.

"Sharon's in the kitchen and Craig is in the shower. I'm Vi and you must be Richard right?"

"Richard Barrett at your service. If you're Vi, that means you must be Marissa."
The two slayers looked surprised, and tensed for combat, "Sharon didn't say our names over the phone," Vi rose to her feet, Marissa mirroring her stance.

"Oh, I guess she didn't. Hmm, haven't goofed like that in a long time. I understand you have your own special abilities so you might sympathize with the desire to keep some things concealed."

Vi nodded slowly and Marissa said "Yes."

"Well one of the things the three of us want to keep concealed is the ability to communicate in a...subtle fashion."


Richard looked a little taken aback at Marissa's query,"Well, actually yes. You've seen it before?"

"Well sure, but I could have sworn I would have picked up someone casting. Did you feel anything Vi?"

"Nooo, and all three of them feel extremely human."

Richard took their uncertainty as a hint and sat down on the sofa, "Of course we're human. We didn't try killing you did we?" At that moment Sterling stepped out of the bathroom. "These young ladies know about and believe in telepathy Craig."

"I'm not surprised. I mean, Vi there is probably stronger than any of us, and Marissa is at least as strong as you or I."

"Curious...Have you ladies ever been to the Himalayas?"

"Sure," Vi spoke up, "There was a rogue Yehti tribe that tearing up some Nepalese yak-farmers. A couple of us went over there to cool them down."

"I heard Fay wanted to snowboard Everest." Marissa piped in.

"Yeah, but we didn't end up having time."


"Yup, abominable snow guys. Big, hairy, stupidly strong...actually pretty much plain old stupid. They had a craving for yak take-out. The farmers didn't agree. We convinced them of the errors of their ways in gaining take-out."

By this time Richard, Craig, and Sharon, who had returned with more cups of cocoa, were all gaping at the pair.

"What are you girls?" Sharon spoke for the three of them.

At that moment there was a knock on the door. Craig, who was closest, opened it letting a lanky young man with a patch over one eye in.

"Xander! These people want to know what we are?"

"Why, they're Vampire Slayers. What else?"
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