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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter Four

"Well, " Richard said, after Xander had finished the traditional story, "We do know the world is possessed of odd and interesting things. And we were granted our abilities to help protect it. The source of our powers must remain secret of course, " the two Slayers and one Watcher nodded understandingly, "but as far as we know ,there was not one spec of magic involved. Simply science."

"Science when it starts getting involved with magic tends to start problems, and those we've had to slap down hard on occasion."

"Very understandable Mr. Harris. Failure of others to fully comprehend consequences of actions, has kept us employed over the years."

"So there's an organization of guys like you? That is so awesome!" Vi looked very pleased with herself.

Sharon replied, "No there isn't actually. We used to work for an Agency many years ago, but it was closed due to funding troubles and political maneuvering. Now we mainly are freelance specialists in the criminally bizarre. And regarding the 'Guys like you'...As far as we know we're the only three in the world."

"Still beats the 'One girl in all the world...' the Boss got stuck with."

"Chill Rissa, she still gets really cranky when age is brought up," with that the three Brits started laughing.

"I take it this Boss is in her twenties?" the mid-thirties looking Sterling, was smiling as he said this.

"Oh yeah, and she keeps looking for wrinkles," Xander snickered, "The easiest way to piss her off is make a comment about her age or her height. Almost anything else she can handle...But either of those two subjects plus Buffy equals Slay-splosion on a colossal scale."

"Buffy? Your boss is named Buffy?" Sharon was giggling as she asked this.

"Oh yeah. She's your typical Southern California bleached blonde, and one of my best friends since High School, " Xander paced back and forth for a moment, "Vi."


"Could you get a read on how fast this tentacle thing healed."

"We cut off a bunch, they're in a trash bag on the balcony by the way, and it seemed like it was ichoring pretty badly. No signs of rapid closure or Lernaeanism. Regular steel worked fine, no apparent allergies to the silver inlay on Rissa's axe. Bullets hurt it too."

"Well, it'll a probably be awhile before it comes back then, " the one-eyed man scratched his chin in thought, "We have some time and the forecast is dry for at least a week after tonight. Alright! First breakfast then the office. No decent planning can be performed without doughnuts." Picking up his jacket he headed for the door followed by Marissa and Vi, then apparently just noticing the others still sitting there gaping, he stopped and grinned. "I guess you don't want to come along and see what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole then?"

Craig stood up and grabbed his coat, followed quickly by Sharon and Richard, "Are you mad? Of course we're coming. Sharon at least, would never turn down a free breakfast, " he laughed as he dodged his friend's playful punch .

"Behave yourself Sterling or I'll start telling tales out of school." The six left the apartment laughing and chatting and moved back into the rainy city.
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