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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter Five

After much needed food, the two groups found themselves in Vi's office at the London Branch. As one of the most senior Slayers, she rated a corner with two windows on the top floor for her private office, while her team meeting room/conference room/clubhouse was adjacent. Her office, like most of the Team Leaders, looked like a cross between a Ren Fair weapons booth and a mid-level executive's. There was a desk with swivel chair and computer, a small sofa, two reasonably comfy chairs in front of the desk, several bookcases and filing cabinets, and a low table in front of the couch.

It was what was stacked on the shelves and hung on the walls that gave pause to the three agents, as there was enough medieval and modern weaponry to fight a pretty fair battle. There were battle axes, blades of various styles and sizes, crossbows, compound bows, and longbows, a full size Japanese kanabo in an umbrella stand alongside several staffs, and a locked gun safe in the corner.

Xander and Vi had gone to talk to their boss while leaving Marissa to mind the guests. She sat at one end of the couch sharpening a gladius and making small talk with Sharon and Craig. Richard was prowling the room looking at all the weapons and odd memorabilia that filled every non-floor flat surface.

"This collection is really impressive."

"These?" Rissa swept her hand encompassing the rooms decorations, "These are just extras that our team picked up here and there. The really cool stuff is in the armories, the vaults, the memorial hall at headquarters, Buffy's office and Faith's room. Vi keeps her good stuff in the safe so it doesn't get 'borrowed' accidentally. Except she does have this," she pointed at the chainsaw with a discolored blade hanging on the wall.

"What's so special about that?"

"It's the only chainsaw we've ever had enchanted. Vi needed it to take down an evil tree spirit out in the Pacific. Nobody else has one so it would be pretty obvious if someone took it."

"Enchanted?" Richard looked fascinated, "So you have wizards?"

"Witches mainly, a couple of sorcerers and quite a few people who are good at ritual stuff. The Saw, " the capital letters were easily apparent, "was created by our head witch on a caffeine bender. She's scary inventive when over caffeinated."

"I gathered that, and the stain?"

"Magically acidic sap. Destroyed a good pair of shoes and my lucky jeans with the spray, " Vi answered, as she re-entered the office and shut the door.


"You have no idea, they were the cutest boots."

"What's up boss?"

"Got marching orders from Giles. We're still the lead on Squidly filthy assistant..."

"I hear an impending 'but' coming."

"Am I really that transparent? But, our teams are getting pulled as reinforcements due to a Lugorsh uprising in the Carpathians which may lead to a civil war in Romania."

"The Lugorsh are always fighting someone, at least this time it's each other."

"Romanian government's called the Council in to mediate and act as peacekeepers. I mean we're not blue helmets."

Stirling and Barrett started laughing at that, and even Sharon was smiling.

"What's so funny?"

"I'm sorry Vi, " Craig choked out, "We used to be UN troubleshooters. It's just funny to see someone else complain the way we used to, and for the same reasons."

"Ha-Freakin'-Ha!" She grinned ruefully, "Well seeing as it's just the five of us now, we'd better start planning for the next rainstorm."

Walking into the conference room she unrolled a map of London and laid it on the big planning table.
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