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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter Six

After checking the upcoming weather forecasts with both magic and technology, the five made plans for patrolling in next few weeks when it seemed like the chance for rain was highest, then broke up their meeting until later. As the groups were exchanging handshakes at the front door, Richard spoke up.

"You know, I didn't get to see how strong you were in comparison to us."

Marissa groaned as a look of unholy glee flickered across Vi's face, "Why'd you say it? She has been dying to find out?"

"Like you haven't, midget..."

"Unlike some, I can show restraint," she sighed and gestured, "This way to the slaughter house..."

As they entered the gymnasium the four Slayers already there practicing, looked up and stopped their workouts.

"Yo Vi! Who are the hotties?"

"They're Mr. Stirling and Mr. Barrett, and they wanted to play show and tell."

The four Slayers pulled back from the mats and moved against the wall to watch.

"One on one or one on two and who's going in?"

"I am of course, as to the other...?" Vi looked questioningly at the two men. Craig casually stepped back, "This was Richard's request, he gets to play."

Richard Barrett had been a friend and colleague of Craig and Sharon since 1967. He knew their moods and he began to have a suspicion he'd been set up.

--"Craig, how much trouble am I in?"-- he thought, in accusatory tones, to his friend.

--"I'm not really sure. But it will certainly be interesting to watch."--

Sharon was having difficulties holding back a smile as she heard their mental communication, then added, --"I don't think you'll have to hold back..."--

Barrett's only response was a muttered, "Oh Christ," as he took off his jacket and tie and his shoes, and set foot on the mat, while tuning his mind to see a second into his opponent's intended reactions.

He responded to the leg sweep by leaping into the air, flipping over Vi and launching a reverse punch at her, barely grazing her skull as she instinctively rolled forward out of range.

"Goddamn you're fast!"

"I could say the same of you. Shall we dance?"

The fight started slow and gradually built up speed as the two combatants realized just how fast and strong the other was. The Slayer had an advantage on raw strength, endurance, and hardwired combat reflexes, but the evolved human's prescience and fifty-one years of practical combat training and experience, made the bout far more evenly matched than either expected.

After twenty minutes both were bruised and sore from near misses and creative attack tactics. Barrett had found that Vi was so fast she could actually change her attacks in mid-strike upon seeing a block being raised, and so partially nullify his precognitive abilities. Whereas Vi struggled against the sheer incredible variety of strikes and blocks that Barrett could utilize with devastating effectiveness. No matter what position or move she threw at him, he always appeared to have some sort of counter.

The fight became more free ranging using the gymnastics equipment, walls and even the spectators as obstacles and advantageous positions. Finally Richard managed to snag her ankle and bodily flung her into a vaulting horse, knocking it and her across the room. in a sprawled heap. Rising from her undignified position, Vi began running diagonally across the mat towards him while waiting for him to slightly shift his balance to turn and track her. As soon as he did, she jumped sideways full force in a crossbody takedown. Richard foresaw it coming but the combination of his balance shift and Vi's insane velocity, wouldn't allow him to do much more than prepare to roll with the spectacular impact.

With an exceptionally meaty thunk, that caused all the bystanders to wince in sympathy, Vi collided with her target, wrapped herself around his like a red-haired starfish, and immediately locked her wrists behind his back, before she allowed herself the luxury of gasping for breath. The two lay there panting as Richard struggled to break free, finally getting in position for a head butt that almost dislocated his shoulder in the process.

"STOP!" Marissa and Sharon stood next to the squirming pair, "Happy now?"

Vi nodded as she tried to shake away the blurred vision from that final strike while Richard groaned affirmatively as his shoulder and ribs throbbed with his pulse.

The pair disentangled and helped each other up as the now full gym applauded the show.

"So," Marissa said, "Who won?"

"In unarmed lethal, he did. In weaponed, I probably would've. He is so good that we need to get the Big Boss to hire him as a trainer after this mess is over, even part time. And if the other two are as good or better..."

"Craig is easily the fastest and second strongest and experienced, I'm the strongest and most experienced, and Sharon is the most resilient and second quickest."

"You're a precog aren't you?"

Richard started, mildly surprised, "What makes you say that?"

"I've fought them before. They have a particular fighting style, the stuttering between defensive moves is a dead giveaway. You're easily the fastest one I've ever fought though. If Craig can do that too, I would love to take him on, after I've healed of course."

--"Is she really that good Richard?"--

--"Craig my boy, if you spar with her, you had better bring your absolute best."--

Marissa spoke up, "Don't feel so bad Richard. The only four that have beat her are Buffy, Faith, Rona, and Kennedy. The only one's to beat her consistently are Buffy and Faith. Kennedy's only done it once, when Vi had one hand tied behind her back."

"Yeah me and Rona are usually 50/50. She wins mostly in unarmed, but I'm better with weapons."

The five made their way out to the front entrance for the second time that morning.

"You going to be okay?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. The three of us all heal very rapidly."

"You too? I love being part of that club."

"Indeed. Take care and we'll be in touch."

The two Slayer waved as their new friends left the building and hailed a cab.

"So?" Marissa looked over at her friend and team leader.

"I lost a tooth, think I swallowed it. At least four cracked ribs and my left forearm's fractured I think."


"Important safety tip. Never let Richard Barrett hit you. He's almost as strong as me and Rona and a lot better at unarmed than anybody, but maybe Buffy and Faith."

"Stay on their good side."

"Yes. Now I gotta get to the clinic..."
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