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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter Seven

Two weeks later it rained.

Vi was tucked away in a cornice of the hospital yet again only this time Craig Stirling was up there with her. The pair swapped war stories while they waited for evil to spawn again. Richard was designated bait this time around, as the whatever it was had seen the rest of them and they didn't want it spooked too soon.

On the other side of the the avenue Marissa and Sharon were discussing women's fashion of the '60s, as Rissa was a retro-clothing fanatic, and Sharon had worked her way through college and medical school as a model. They were in a serious debate on the pros and cons of go-go boots when they saw the portal open right in front of Richard almost directly beneath Vi's and Craig's hiding place.

"Vi! It's below you right now!!!" the pair dropped from their ledge while readying their weapons, and raced across the street as Rissa called out.

Vi was just about to jump down when the plainclothes policeman, who had just exited the hospital, called out. She looked over at Craig who shrugged and drew his pistol. Shrugging back she drew her sword and the pair launched themselves at the portal.

"Halt! Police!"

The Inspector wasn't on duty. He wasn't even assigned to London anymore. The reason he was even at the hospital was that a mate of his had gotten himself laid up in an accident and he felt he should visit. He had just stepped out of the main doors and started hunting for a cab to get him to the station.

Leaving the warm dry glow of the hospital's foyer, he saw a man stop suddenly as a tear in space opened directly in front of him and large gelatinous tentacles begin stretching through. Instinct took over and after identifying himself, he leaped between the citizen and whatever horror was trying to attack, attempting to interpose as a more tempting target to whatever it was.

Vi and Craig hit the ground on either side of the rip in space. Richard had managed to stuff a litter bin into the thing's maw and it was currently engaged in trying to spit it back out, its tentacles flailing wildly in confusion. The plainclothes officer had produced a collapsible truncheon from under his jacket and was smashing at any questing tendrils.

With Vi grabbing one tentacle and Craig another, the two began trying to pull whatever it was out of its comfy home in extra-normal space. Rissa and Sharon had made it across the street by then and began helping trying to drag. While Richard and the Inspector kept the bin blocking its mouth. The rain was coming down harder now and with the growing rumbles of thunder, it was becoming difficult for any of the combatants to either see or hear anything except what was right in front of them.

The tentacle extraction teams had succeeded in pulling the creature partially through the tear. A ten foot long section of body with its ring of four tentacles surrounding a five foot wide mouth was now laying on the pavement. After wrapping the tentacles around a light pole as a pulley block, Vi and Craig held on to all four while Sharon and Rissa began to lay into the body. With its limbs secured and its mouth jammed full of a metal basket, the creature was basically helpless to defend itself as Rissa's axe began smashing down. After a few minutes of concentrated destruction it twitched and died, the portal fading as it passed away.

Soon there was nothing left except foul smelling goo being rinsed away by the rain, a bent and twisted light pole, and a hopelessly mangled trash bin. All six fighters sat down on the hospital steps as the downpour continued, finally the Inspector spoke, "I'm not going to get an explanation am I?"

"Do you really want one?" Richard replied.

"...No, I'm good. Will it be back?"

""I hope not," this from Vi.

"Right...Well if it does come back, give me a ring..." he dug into his pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to Vi, "Take care!" With that he continued down the street searching for a cab.

"That was an odd reaction."

"Yeah, well Inspector..." Vi looked down at the card, "...Angel, seems like the kind of cop we want to know."

"So is this over?"

"Something had to have called it here, and why only in the rain? We'll keep in touch in case something else happens."

"Alright. We'll be seeing you then! Good night!"

"Night! Come on Rissa, let's get dried off..."

The End

You have reached the end of "Old School Superheroics". This story is complete.

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