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Old School Superheroics

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Summary: Bringing in some 60s awesomeness

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Chapter One


I own none of the good parts of this i.e. The Characters and Setting of BtVS and The Champions. Those would be property of Mssr. Whedon and ITV. No profit or infringement is intended.

London drizzle sucks.

That was the thought rolling through a very cold and bedraggled slayer’s mind. Vi adjusted her position, tucked under the building cornice far above the ground, and continued her watch.

12 Hours Earlier...

Dawn “Power Mad” Summers walked in front of the assembled North London Area section. “Alright, we have some unusual disappearances taking place here…” Pointing at the wallmap she gestured at Camden, “Mostly around the Royal College of Surgeons. No bodies, no blood. Mainly reported by somebody who saw someone pass a light pole or a post box and vanish instead of reappearing on the other side. Facts we know are,” she began ticking them off on her fingers, “takes place when it’s raining. no exceptions. No real age specifics, but as it’s night and raining during the grab, the abductees are all in their teens or older. Curfew is on our side, kind of. The witch-fu isn’t pulling up any specific kind of magical signature, but considering the amount of rituals that have been performed in this city over the centuries, this level of static is pretty common.”

“So, the plan is, it’s supposed to keep drizzling tonight so we’re going to run six two-slayer teams in the area, holding back the remaining 4 teams in reserve in case of of any of the other London sections needing back-up as well. Vi you’re in charge of the teams.”


I’m in charge...great..., the soggy slayer continued her watch on the street below. Pedestrian traffic was light, as to be expected in bad weather, and as the distant tolling reminded her, it had just turned one in the morning. Then her spidey-sense began tingling.

Something was out there, close by too. Looking up and down the street from her elevated vantage, Vi saw two pedestrians exiting the hospital, the man paused for a second and fumbled out a cell phone as the woman walked ahead to cross Lincoln’s Inn Fields roadway.

Vi’s tingling grew stronger and seemed to focus on the woman, quickly hitting speed dial first, she began shimmying the building facade she had been watching from.

“Yes Vi?”

“We have movement right, across from the Surgeon’s School. Get over here and let Dawn know what’s up.” Marissa, Vi’s partner in crime for this patrol, stepped out from the doorway she had been lurking in and started moving while calling Dawn.

Vi easily and damply made it to the street, just in time to sense a huge presence suddenly loom into existence. The man who had been answering his phone gave a shout and started across it, moving almost as fast as a slayer.

Vi’s eyes bugged slightly at seeing that burst of speed, but she kept going towards the source of her tingles. When she made it across the street she gaped at a bizarre sight. A portal had opened up next to a telephone pole and several large strong tentacles had exited through it. These tentacles were currently wrapped around the woman who had wrapped her arms and legs around the phone pole and was clinging to it for dear life. The amount of force being exerted by both the attacker and attackee was amazing, as Vi could see the metal pole visibly deforming.

“Miss, get back!” the man who had run across the street had drawn a pistol and was aiming at the large fleshy tendril wrapped around the woman’s waist. Vi drew her short sword and moving out of his line of fire replied, “That’s my line...only without the ‘Miss’ part.”


“Sorry Macready, got distracted!”

Vi and the man exchanged another glance and then got to work. He holstered his pistol and began bodily prying the large tentacle off of his acquaintance while Vi started hacking away at any tentacle that came towards him. Marissa joined the group in a few minutes and began hewing with her axe. After a few more minutes of concentrated destruction, the tentacle’s stubs had retreated back into the portal and the rip in space had sealed itself up.

In the sudden stillness the odd foursome looked at each other, all smeared with foul smelling purple goo, and faintly flopping chunks of unspeakable horror laying around them.

“Who are you?”

The Champions is a 1968-69 British Spy/Action/Science Fiction series. Read about it here! I have two stories I really should finish but I really kind of want to see how this turns out...Opinions?
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