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A Prank Goes Wrong

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Summary: [Complete] [HG/SS] Response to 'Snogging Challenge' on WIKTT

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TITLE: A Prank Goes Wrong
RATING: PG13 - Some imagery but nothing blatant.
SUMMARY: In response to a challenge posted on WIKTT - Details in first chapter.
AUTHOR: Sarhea
DISCLAIMER: Major characters in this story are owned by their respective creators/companies. I do not make money off writing!!

NOTE: Post OotP. Voldemort has been defeated. How do people adjust?



Hermione smiled a secret smile as she lay in bed studying the indigo canopy above. She sighed as she stretched her arms above her head curling under the quilted bedcovers.
Hermione turned onto her side and raised herself on one elbow. Honey tipped brown hair flowed over one shoulder in a wild spill over the creamy sheets.
"Yes Sev?" She asked in cool composed tones that barely, just barely hid her gleeful anticipation.
Severus Snape stared at her quizzically.
"Do you have something you want to tell me?" He asked.
"Why do you ask that?"
"You've been very distracted." Severus loosened the belt of his robe and tossed it over an upholstered chair before slipping under the indigo and gray covers dressed only in a pair of emerald green pajama pants. Hermione was wearing the top unbuttoned so the inner curves of her breasts showed as she shifted.
Hermione couldn't contain herself any longer.
"Well, actually I do...."
Severus raised a slim brow in question as he ran a large hand through her wild mane. Hermione sighed in pleasure as his strong fingers massaged her scalp without verbal prompting. Severus has made great progress in his people skills, she told herself smugly as her own hand reached out to stroke his chest tracing the defined pectorals, teasing the light brown flat nipples interrupting the expanse of marble pale skin.
"Well? What is it?" Severus had learned it was better to wait Hermione out. She could never contain herself especially if she wanted to say something. This often led to very fierce arguments during their courtship in her seventh year at Hogwarts.
She smiled gently, with a bit of self-consciousness.
"I have a present for you." She told him. "Well, actually you won't be getting it for seven months." She blinked back happy tears and smiled with more brilliance. "Congratulations Severus, you are going to be a father."
"You are pregnant?" The quick-witted Potion Master was at loss for words.
"Yes." She told him eagerly. She knew he wanted a child, they had been trying for so long, this was a dream come true for the both of them. "What do you feel?"
Severus Snape could not contain his reaction. He reached out and hugged his wife of two years tightly, displaying the fierce possessive side of his nature he took a great deal of trouble to hide.
He whispered into her ear in low harsh tones.
"I love you Hermione. And I know I will love our baby when he or she arrives."
"What? No preference for a male heir?" She asked him in teasing tones.
He laughed and simply tightened his embrace on her burying his nose into her hair inhaling the familiar herbal fragrance of the shampoo she made herself.
"As long as the baby is healthy and you are fine I will be very pleased."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The End.


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The End

You have reached the end of "A Prank Goes Wrong". This story is complete.

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