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Double Vision

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Summary: They're on a job that might require a bit in the way of reinforcements. [BtVS / The Italian Job]

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Movies > Italian Job, TheamusewithaviewFR131469291,6993 Sep 093 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS (Whedon) nor The Italian Job (*mumbles*).
A/N: at end.



"What? Uh-oh is not good, don't give me uh-oh."

"Charlie," the shorter man pushed away from the glow of the computer screen, an expression of exaggerated patience on his face. "Who got you through the security system in Florence? The electric grid in Madrid? The DMV in Ohio? If I'm saying uh-oh – "

"It's time to call in the reinforcements, yeah, I got it. But this is the big one Lyle, we don't wanna bring in anyone who might…" Charlie grimaced, running a hand over his face. Turning back towards his longtime friend and partner in crimes that were far more literal than they were metaphoric, his expression transformed into the serious, intent mien that made him someone people wanted to trust: "We don't want this to end up like the Italian job."

"I know," Lyle replied seriously. "But this guy's legit." He grinned, "Taught me everything I know."


There was quite a bit of curiosity floating around the old warehouse they were making their unofficial "headquarters" in. If the fact that Lyle – Mr. "I'm-the-Real-Napster" – was asking for help from an outside source wasn't enough, the absolute ferocity with which he guarded the secret of who it was they were getting help from could only further compound their interest.

Lyle was even going to get his "contact" from the airport, something that irked Handsome to no end. He didn't say anything, of course, but the tools he used on their cars had never been shinier, and the thunderous expression on his face had even Charlie giving him space. Rob was, after all, their transport man. But Lyle had been adamant.

"It's hard enough getting him to ride in an airplane, I'm not gonna make him deal with new people right away," Lyle had explained. "He's kinda… touchy about new people, and planes make him really jumpy. He'll need a little while to calm down."

So it was a bit of a high-strung crowd that awaited Lyle's reappearance. The flight had landed at two, and even allotting for the time required to pick up the luggage and travel back, their computer expert and his guest should have been back a few hours ago.

At last they heard the sounds of a car, and then voices. Two people came into view, backlit by the open door so their features were obscured. Handsome Rob was the first to see, and recognize, the second man.

He looked from Lyle, to the identical man – save for the dark blue hair – and back again:

"Bloody hell, there're two of you?!"


A/N2: So... in case you didn't know, Lyle from "The Italian Job" is played by Seth Green. So, using the wonderful wand of crossover, I made them twins! Like, love, loathe? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "Double Vision". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking