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Foxtrot Plot Bunny Ranch

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Summary: Welcome to the (Mostly) happy place where my plot bunnies play.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherParkerFoxtrotFR15132,263014,3584 Sep 0919 Oct 11No

Lost & Found (BtVS/Avatar)

Disclaimer: I own not Buffy nor Avatar.

Summary: For the first time in over a century she could feel the magic.

A/N: Just like the last 2 chapters this is a repost.
Grace hadn't believed in magic for a very long time. It had been over a century since it had abandoned Earth and left her alone with her longevity. She had tried to bring it back by using what little magic she had in her to regrow a small part of what was once the Amazon, but it was too little too late.

For the next century she wandered the world. At first she tried to find just one little spark of magic, but after awhile it became a pointless act. Magic was dead and she was just an artifact of a time long since past.

So she had changed her named and turned back to science, in hopes of at least bringing the Green World she had known back. But when Pandora was discovered she jumped at the first chance to get away from the Goddess forsaken chunk of rock the had once been Earth.

She was the first to use a Na'vi Avatar and interact with the local tribe. After nearly 90 years as a scientist she couldn't help but see 'Eywa' as a biological network, an extremely interesting and complex one, but still bound to science.

Then Jake Sully came.

She watched as slowly but surely he became more Na'vi then human. How, after a time, he had started talking like them without even realizing it. That was one of the reasons she chose to follow him and stand up to Quaritch and Selfridge. She didn't regret it, even after the bullet hit her.

She knew she wouldn't make it very long But Jake was trying so hard to save her and she couldn't let him think it was impossible. If he thought that, even for a moment, it could destroy his resolve and leave the Na'vi without any hope against Quaritch and his men. So she held on.

By the time they reached the Tree of Souls she knew it was too late. She wasn't sad for herself, after living for 173 years she was ready to die. As she lay naked at the foot of the Tree she felt that last bits of life leave her.

Then everything changed. All at once she felt it, the soul of the world. For the first time in over a century she could feel the Magic.

"The Magic never left here." She knew the voice, she could never forget it. Even after 100 years. Grace opened her eyes and saw Jake's avatar standing over her, with a face that she hadn't seen in a century and a half smiling over his shoulder.

"I'm with her Jake. She's real." Grace said with a smile. Within moments her body died and Willow joined Tara as a part of Eywa.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Foxtrot Plot Bunny Ranch" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Oct 11.

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