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Foxtrot Plot Bunny Ranch

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Summary: Welcome to the (Mostly) happy place where my plot bunnies play.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherParkerFoxtrotFR15132,263014,3584 Sep 0919 Oct 11No

Dawn (Summers) of the Dead

Dawn (Summers) of the Dead

Disclaimer: I don't own Dawn or the rights to Dead Rising. If I did, there would so be a sequel set in Sunnydale.


Dawn should have known better. Everything had been great, she had an apartment, her own car, and even her own little shop at the local mall. It was great, it had been a great month, and she was glad to get away from fighting demons. So, despite her better judgment, when those first couple people started acting weird Dawn had dismissed it as, well people acting weird.

If she had payed more attention she probably wouldn't be stuck in a toy store with the Daisy Duke twins. The three of them were crammed in the corner watching as the zombies shuffled their way towards their next meal.

Then Dawn heard the distinct sound of a chainsaw and seconds later the ten zombies that had been slowly advancing on them were in pieces on the floor. In their place was a man covered in blood. Dawn held out her hand.

“Dawn Summers.”

“Frank West.” The man said, shaking her hand.

“So Frank, you wouldn't happen to have a crossbow, would ya?”
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