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Some Books Shouldn’t be Read

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Summary: A familiar book ends up in the warehouse. x-over with Warehouse 13

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Television > Warehouse 13(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR713650122,4404 Sep 094 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss, Warehouse 13 belongs to Jane Espenson.

After the incident with the mirror, Pete decided to help Claudia with cataloging whenever he could. He wanted to know what else was in the warehouse. They had entered a part of the warehouse that was set up like library. There were signs all over that read, “DO NOT READ THESE BOOKS!”

“What’s the point of having a book if you can’t read it?” Claudia asked she stood on a stool scanning the third shelf. Each book was either encased in a clear plastic box or bag.

“Maybe it’s like spell books, whatever you read comes true, “ Pete suggested, “or maybe you could get sucked into the story.”

Claudia made a face, “creepy.”

“Is this the most security you have seen in this place?” Pete asked, looking at the amount of signs and goop canisters with purple gloves.

“Books can be dangerous in the wrong hands,” Claudia spoke. “People used to burn books. Heck, schools still ban books. ”

Artie turned down their isle, “uh, Claudia…”

“I know, be careful, don’t read the books,” she interrupted as she scanned another book; she read the title silently to herself.

“Artie, this isn’t what I think it is, is it?”

“Claudia,” Artie warned.

“What?” Pete asked curiously.

Claudia tilted the boxed book out just enough so that Pete could see the cover.


“This is the training manual for vampire slayers!” Claudia was excited, “how did you get this?”

“It was excavated from the crater that was Sunnydale.”


Artie nodded his head, “two months after the collapse archeologists and geologists began excavating the crater. Everything they found they put in a museum, including that, which attracted every evil creature in a 100 mile radius.”

“Wait a minute,” Pete interrupted, “are you saying that vampires are real?”

“Yup,” Claudia spoke, “when I was sixteen some creepy British dude came to me saying I was a potential, but ya know I was busy. So I kicked him to the curb, I wonder whatever happened to that potential stuff.” She shrugged her shoulders as she continued her work.

Pete turned to Artie.

“Oh, right, so I found a job for you two.” Artie spoke leading Pete back to where Myka was waiting.

The End

You have reached the end of "Some Books Shouldn’t be Read". This story is complete.

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