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Mischief at N.C.I.S

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Summary: Rewritten 14/01/11 A newly turned 21 year old Dawn is starting her own journey and plans to settle down and enjoy life with her 'Uncle Gibbs' and cousin in Washington, D.C, away from her over-protective sister. Dawn/McGee

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NCIS > Dawn-CenteredLovinXoversFR1575,90112722,7585 Sep 092 May 11No


A.N: I don't own anything

NCIS after Agent afloat. About five years after season 7 of Buffy.

A.N. 2: Buffy went to help Angel, but they are not together as they are good friends. That goes for Spike as well.

Rewritten 14/01/11- Sorry I forgot about this story due to university and I am now making Saturdays by update stories day :)

Agent Timothy McGee and Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David were sitting at their desks working hard, trying to get their paperwork done so they could finish earlier and retire home, when a shadow fell across Ziva’s desk.

Ziva broke out of her concentrate to look up at the person who had disturbed her and her eyes fell upon a young woman, who was dressed in tight-fitted denim jeans and a tank top that hugged her figure that were accompanied by tennis shoes.

“Sorry to disturb you, but I was looking for Agent Gibbs or Agent DiNozzo,” The dark-haired woman said, giving Ziva an apologetic look.

“They have popped out on an errand, they should be back soon,” Ziva answered back, slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

“Is it something I could help with?” McGee asked, throwing a look at Ziva for being rude whilst standing from his seat.

The young woman quickly turned to McGee and after a moment of just staring at him she said,

“No that’s okay….it’s more of a personal visit…nothing urgent.”

“Why don’t you have seat while you wait?” McGee said to the woman, pointing to an empty chair near his desk.

“Oh thank you Agent…”


“Thank you Agent McGee. I’m Dawn…Dawn Summers,” The woman replied, shaking hands with the male agent.

When Tony described McGee he did not tell me how hot he was. Hello, salty goodness’ Dawn thought, secretly admiring the agent’s body.

“I am Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David,” A voice from behind spoke, causing Dawn to spin round.

In appreciating Agent McGee Dawn had forgotten about the other person present in the NCIS bullpen.

So this is the famous Ziva David,’ Dawn thought as she shook hands with the female officer.

Just then the elevator arrived with a ‘ping’ and Dawn turned to see the team leader and his second-in-command exit the lift.

Gibbs was about to shout out orders to his fellow team-mates, but stopped suddenly when he looked up and saw Dawn in the middle of the bullpen.

"Dawnie?" Gibbs asked.

Dawn rushed towards Gibbs and hugged him fiercely, screaming,


Not sure whether to have Dawn work for NCIS or just help
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