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High heels

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Summary: A fluffy piece between Dawn and Embry

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredvodoomanFR71404031,5066 Sep 096 Sep 09Yes
High heels

Fandom: Buffy the vampire slayer, Twilight
Author: vodooman
Rating: G
Genre: romance, crossover, fluff
Characters/Pairings: Dawn/Embry
Short summary: Dawn happily slipped her high heels on and looked herself in the mirror.
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Buffy the vampire slayer and Twilight and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction!
A/N: My first Buffy/Twilight crossover... This one is with Dawn and Embry... I’ll probably write a ficlet or fic later explaining exactly why the two are together... that’ll be fun, I’m sure...


Dawn happily slipped her high heels on and looked herself in the mirror. She looked good and pretty, and even though the high heels had made her even taller than she had been already, she knew that that wouldn’t be a problem.

Ok, so before it would really have made her uncomfortable to wear high heels, because of her unusual tall height, because even as a high-school student she had been the tallest of all her grade, resulting in the other students teasing and making fun of her because of it.

But nowadays she couldn’t give less. Grinning at herself in the mirror, and how well she looked, she started spinning childishly. And when strong, very warm arms suddenly enclosed around her, she couldn’t help but giggle like a little young girl. Well, she was young, but she never felt young...

“You look stunning tonight! It’ll be impossible for me to let you out of my sight!” whispered a rich male voice into her ear. He turned her around in his arms, so that she was facing him, and Dawn looked into the eyes of the man that had ‘imprinted’ on her. Embry looked so handsome, and he was so tall.

In fact he was taller than her, a head taller. Which was the reason why she didn’t have to care if she was wearing high-heels or not. Even with those, she was still shorter than him.

“Well, then I suggest that you don’t...” she replied, in the same tone he had used. He was still staring at her, love in his eyes plain to see for her. She noticed him bending down a little. Inching closer to her head.

“Don’t what?” he asked slowly, his head still coming closer.

“Don’t let me out of your sight...” she murmured, before she closed the distance between them.

Of course she knew that their making out would have to wait until after they attended the wedding of his best friend, thought Dawn, but she happily took what she could get now.

The End

You have reached the end of "High heels". This story is complete.

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