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Unfortunately Death is not the End

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Summary: This was not the way she had ever pictured her death, ever!

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredvodoomanFR71355017556 Sep 096 Sep 09No
Unfortunately Death is not the End
Fandom: Buffy the vampire slayer, Lord of the Rings
Author: vodooman
Rating: G
Genre: humour, crossover, prompt reply (25crossovers, prompt: reaper)
Characters/Pairings: Dawn
Short summary: Dawn This was not the way she had ever pictured her death, ever!
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Buffy the vampire slayer and Lord of the Rings and its characters are not mine. They belong to their rightful owners/creators/authors... I only write fan fiction!
A/N: A long time ago I joined a community that I was supposed to write BtvS/LotR crossovers for... I decided that I really wanted to write about Dawn... I finally was able to make a start. I think it is reasonable to say that this is only the beginning of what I have in mind for Dawn... giggles.


This was not the way she had ever pictured her death, ever! She always thought that she would go down fighting, be maybe kidnapped or killed as a human sacrifice... Anything than it actually was.

How ironic, that she should fall victim to her own stylish fashion sense. So instead of going to die with a big boom, like Buffy had once - or twice for that matter - she was going to die in a dark alley, near a club. And all just because she didn’t want to give her bag up. Yes, a mugging gone wrong ... for her that was.

As she lay in a pool of her own blood, too tired to even think about how disgusting it actually was, or that she should at least move to spear her clothes a little, she wondered if she was going to see a reaper. Weren’t they supposed to pop up just before a person died...?

Dawn took one last shuddering breath, and with that her vision darkened, and fully prepared to let go of the life she had lead until then, she closed her eyes. She was tiered enough to go to sleep.

Only thing she wasn’t prepared for was waking up again shortly, and seeing green, lots of green. She found herself in a forest. A forest with big old trees. And when she tried to get up, she suddenly heard noises... very strange noises. On closer hearing... were those trees talking, wondered Dawn a little creep-ed out. Where the hell had she ended up being now?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unfortunately Death is not the End" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 09.

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