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The monks decide, a life begins

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dawn Jackson". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What would have happened if Dawn had been send to someone else... not Buffy.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredvodoomanFR71747062,3146 Sep 096 Sep 09Yes
The monks decide, a life begins
Fandom: Buffy the vampire slayer, Stargate
Author: vodooman
Rating: G
Genre: AU, crossover, family
Characters/Pairings: Dawn, Daniel Jackson
Short summary: “I still think it best to place the Key with the slayer!” said one of the monks.
Any warnings: none.
Disclaimer: Buffy the vampire slayer and Stargate SG-1 and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction!
A/N: I first intended to answer a challenge, but then found that I’d rather just write a short fanfic showing just who the monks would have chosen instead of Buffy... I am actually intending to write a series about this... putting it all into this verse.


“I still think it best to place the Key with the slayer!” said one of the monks. He had been the one to propagate that thought much more than all his other brothers.

One of them shook his head, he had been one to oppose this thought of his already from the start. “No, brother. What good is it to send the Key into the Hellmouth?”

And another one of them, picked up on this route, “People and demons alike are trying to get out or avoid the Hellmouth... what good would it do to send the Key there?”

From somewhere across the big conference room that they were in, another one – he had been in favour of sending the Key to stay with the slayer; even suggested making her the little sister – said with confidence, “The slayer, the chosen one, is strong enough to fend off any danger! She closed an opened Hellmouth once already!”

“And yet, there is always someone else opening it!” said someone next to him. “We want the Key protected, not put her into more danger!”

The oldest monk sat in a chair, too old to stand through a discussion like that. His head was bowed and the lines of worry ran deeper tonight on his forehead than it had days before. He didn’t look at the men in front of him but asked generally, “Then tell us... where else should we send the Key to? Who else would be able to protect the Key, who else would do anything for its safekeeping?”

One of the men in favour of sending her to someone else stepped before the old man in the chair, and said “I know of someone. He might not have the powers of the Chosen One, but he is blessed with almost unearthly intelligence, and good friends that could protect the Key at any cost if it was connected to that man and dear to him.”

The old man looked up at one who had just spoken. He raised one gray eyebrow and proceeded with asking who and where his chosen protector lived. When satisfied he asked one last time, “And as what will the Key be disguised as?”

~ * ~

Some days later...

“Dad!” called Dawn out to her father, who was currently sitting in the living room, looking over some pictures taken in their latest mission. “We’re out of ice cream!”

Daniel having not heard her, was too engrossed in the recent stone carvings they had found on a distant planet, of which he had taken many pictures. He looked at them with a magnifying glass, and pen and paper next to him for notes taking.

Dawn made her way to her father in the living room. Then she sat next to him, and watched him work. “Death ... to all ... who...” she started reading.

Daniel looked at the girl sitting next to him and waited, then smiled when she finished the translation correctly. “oppose the old lords!”

He smiled and enfolded his daughter in a bear hug. “That’s my girl!” She giggled happily, and hugged him back. “See, I told Jack that you’re a great assistant to me!”

“And lets not forget the extra time father-daughter-bonding we’re getting out of it!” she said happily.

He raised an eye brow and then asked her suspicious, “Alright, out with it... what exactly do you want?”

She smirked up at him and said “Ice cream!”

He laughed out loud and got up from his spot on the couch, putting the pictures down. Going to get his keys, he waited for Dawn to follow him. When she didn’t come right away, he said out loud, “Dawn, you have exactly five seconds to get your jacket and come with me grocery shopping!”

He didn’t wait that long, she came skipping to the door, with her jacket in hand. Before exiting their home, she thought to herself how lucky she was for the best dad in the world.

The End

You have reached the end of "The monks decide, a life begins". This story is complete.

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