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Summary: Just because she's useless doesn't mean she's nothing. To Boldly Go challenge. X-over/Skins.

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Television > SkinsAryllFR131596056176 Sep 096 Sep 09Yes
Written by: Aryll

September Fic Challenge. Buffy X-over/ Skins.

Rated: FR13

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Skins...duh


Just because she's useless doesn't mean she's nothing

Pandora isn’t sure how she ended up in a graveyard with a balding old man packing a pointy stick inside his ugly tweed jacket.

“My name is Rupert Giles,” he says. “I’m a Watcher.”

“Wotcher,” she replies dazedly. “Did that man just explode?”

“Well, yes actually.” He sounds almost apologetic. “I’m afraid he did.”

The blonde can’t tear her eyes away from the scattered grey ashes that used to be a man. “You stabbed him,” there’s no accusation in her voice just disbelief, “and now he’s nothing but a big old pile of rubbish. How?!”

He sighs wearily. “Listen, Ms-?”

“Pandora!” she supplies.

He’s taken aback by the enthusiasm she infuses into that one word. “I’m trying to locate the girl you were with earlier. A Ms. Elisabeth Stonem?”

Panda looks at him curiously. He doesn’t look like Effy’s usual buddies. He’s not fit, and he’s bloomin’ ancient. He looks like he’d keel after one go. Most of all he isn’t a fucked up wreck. “What d’you want with Eff?”

“Nothing sinister, I assure you,” he says. “We want to help her. She may have encountered some trouble recently.”

“What, like bashing Katie’s head in? Plus her mum’s been making the monkey with that bloke who ain’t her Da and now he’s gone ape, but Effy’s gone ape too. How are you going to help with that? Are you a shrink?”

Giles blinks for moment but isn’t fazed. He has years of experience with teen vocabularies that sound more like gibberish than English. His expression darkens. “She bashed whose head in?”

“Oh, she didn’t mean it,” Panda says quickly. “She zoomed out of here so fast I never got to tell her I was sorry for bonkin Cook and I’ll never surf any of her blokes again only we had that flaming row so now she thinks I hate her and everything’s completely fucked.” She sighs heavily.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he doesn’t really sound sorry and Panda doesn’t know he’s trying very hard not to clean his glasses. “But I was talking more along the lines of strange dreams or nightmares, sudden physical anomalies she may have noticed.”

Panda cocks her head. “Anomalies?”

The tweedy man shakes his head and offers her a cream business card. It reads Watcher’s Council Est. 1397 in plain black font with a phone number underneath. “Please let us know if you hear from her.”


He sighs once more. “Its past time you were getting home. And in the future please be more cautious. You never know what might be lurking in the darkness.”

“Like vampires?” Pandora looks at the pile of dust once more, and remembers the junkie’s twisted face. “You’re absolutely bonkers.”

“Very probably,” he agrees tiredly. “Goodnight, Pandora. Don’t dawdle on the way home.”

Pandora doesn’t wait need to be told twice.

At the bus stop she pulls out the card, bent and slightly stained from being crammed in her pocket and wonders if she should give this council a call. Mr. Giles said he wanted to help Effy with dreams and stuff. Maybe they can help stop her nightmares of the yellow-eyed monster and wizzer super-chick who always kicked his ass.

A/N: Evidently Willow still needs to work on her slayer-finding spells…Sorry for the many typos that probably are still in it, and the mutilation of british-type speaking.

P.S. Skins is awesome. I’m proud to pop its buffy crossover cherry.

The End

You have reached the end of "Anesidora". This story is complete.

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