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Rita's Sordid Past Life

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Summary: Rita's having nightmares that might get her in trouble with her boyfriend

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Television > Dexter(Recent Donor)christytrekkieFR1342,8511203,6048 Sep 0918 Sep 13No

Pregnancy Dilemma

Disclaimer: See Intro.

Okay this was going to be a one shot, but due to all you lovely reviewers I decided that I could not leave it at that so here is the next chapter. Hopefully my muse will have more to come. Thanks to all my readers and reviewers you are joy in the life of me. :)


Pregnancy dilemma

Rita watched as she stalked the little boy inside of the arcade. She watched her pregnant mirror counterpart smiling wickedly at the boy as he started to cry over losing sight of his mother. She glided over to the boy like a lioness about to prance on her unknowing prey.

She watched as the man with the angelic face came to stop her from hurting the little boy hurtling her several feet away and into the wall hard enough that it should have made her lose the baby. She watched herself as she with a growl of pure fury and the face of a demon lit into the man that had stopped her from feeding. She watched the whole horror filled scene in disbelief and fear.

“Got to wake up it’s not real, IT’S NOT REAL, WAKE UP RITA!” She yelled at herself as the woman with her face turned and grinned at her.

“You keep telling yourself that darling,” The demon faced women said to her sarcastically, came upon her, and grabbed her by the throat. “I want my life back!”

Rita woke with a start sweating bullets and worried about her sanity. She looked up and noticed that Dexter had awakened and was looking at her concerned.

“Rita, you’ve been having nightmares for the past couple of weeks now and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It’s actually getting worse. What’s wrong?" Dexter was at a loss as to what to do in this situation. He would usually cut right into the source of the problem, but he did not think his method of dealing with things would apply in this situation nor would it go over very well.

Rita just looked at him paler than he had ever seen her. She would have swallowed in her nervousness but her mouth was way to dry and it seemed that all of her body’s fluid was now on the outside of her and all over the sheets. She had no idea what to tell him, she didn’t think telling him that she had been dreaming of stalking and eating children while she was pregnant with his child would sooth his worries.

“I’m sorry Dex I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sure it’s just the hormones of pregnancy. It will pass,” At least she hoped it did, she would surely lose what was left of her mind if she continued having these nightmares.

Dexter looked at her seemingly ready to except her explanation when his features turned questioning. “Who’s Angel?” he asked hoping that she wasn’t having dreams of Angel Batista his fellow officer.

Rita’s already pale skin went dead white and she looked as if she would throw up all over him.
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