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Rita's Sordid Past Life

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Summary: Rita's having nightmares that might get her in trouble with her boyfriend

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Television > Dexter(Recent Donor)christytrekkieFR1342,8511203,6048 Sep 0918 Sep 13No


Conner swallowed his pride and did what he was told; he’d left his father and his crew to deal with Wolfram & Hart by themselves. To be the second front if Angel & Co failed in their mission to take down the evil law firm. He’d went back to his dorm to bide his time. He’d heard bits and pieces about the battle as the months went by, he’d heard through the grapevine that Wesley had died during the battle and so had Gunn. But he had yet to hear anything about Spike, Illyria or his father. What had happened to the three of them no one had any clue.

He’d somehow gotten a hold of Faith and told her the situation and asked if she had heard from Angel. He could hear the barely contained grief from the normally unflappable slayer. She confirmed his fears that she had neither heard from nor seen Angel recently, promising him that she would do her utmost to find his father and her friend.

Several months later the slayer called him back, her voice despondent as she spoke to her friend’s son reluctant to give him the bad news. She felt that if she spoke it out loud it would become true. She’d failed in her mission to find Angel it was as if he’d fallen of the face of the earth, she’d failed him. Angel had saved her from herself more than once, set her on the slippery road to redemption and she couldn’t do something as simple as finding his where abouts. Hell she had failed him when she didn’t show up to help with the Wolfram & Hart incident. Granted she hadn’t known how dire the situation had been thanks to Giles and his hard on to hate everything remotely to do with Angel, but she should have known. Dammit she should have fucking known!

She had her fair share of dealing with the evil law firm in her evil slayer phase and she knew that that place had far less than anyone’s best interest but their own at heart. She should have confronted Angel as soon as she found out that he had joined forces with that cesspool of a place and beat some since into the vampire with a soul. What the fuck had the stupid vampire been thinking in that crazy fucking head of his? Was it another one of those stupid death wishes of his? Or had Angelus taken over again and slowly one by one gotten all of Angel’s crew killed?

No, she knew it couldn’t be the later cause Angelus would have found a way to include every last one of the Sunnydale crew to that scenario, including herself. Faith forcefully got out of her head and focused on her conversation with Conner. If she couldn’t save Angel she would look out for his kid, she wouldn’t fail him this time.

“Conner, I’m going to come out there and we’ll continue the search for your father, I promise I won’t give up until we find him,” Faith waited as there was nothing but silence on the other end. Had she lost him? Did he hate her for not being there for his father?

A few more second passed before Conner finally had the courage to speak. He thought it was amazing with all that this woman had been through with Angel, hell even all that he remembered putting her through that she would still go out of her way to help both him and his father. He found it very admirable.

“I don’t know what to say, uhm thank you Faith. I’ll keep up the search on my end, maybe I’ll have more info for the both of us when you come,” Conner said.

“Conner I know that you’re all superpower boy wonder born from two vampires, but I don’t want you doing anything dangerous without backup. I’ll be there in a couple of days, wait for me,” Faith scolded him, knowing all too well the impatient part of Conner.

“I promise I won’t do anything dangerous I’ve learned in my two lifetimes that patience as well as caution is a virtue. “I look forward to seeing you again Faith,” Conner half smiled as he remembered how fan boy and lust ridden he’d gotten over her when she kicked his ass.

“See you soon, Conner,” Faith hung up the phone quickly, not wanting the conversation to get all awkward.

She went upstairs to pack lightly which meant her beloved dagger that Buffy had returned to her and the stake that Robin had given to her for her birthday. She’d shied away from the weapon when he told her that it belonged to his mother and that her watcher gave it to him when he came of age. Faith had tried to give it back when she’d found out the story behind the stake, she didn’t feel worthy of such a gift, but Robin refused to take it back. He told her that he could think of no better person or slayer that was worthy of his mother’s stake. She’d since never been seen without it, even though her and Robin hadn’t worked out she cherished the gift he gave her. Stashing both weapons on her exited the apartment she and Robins use to share and left.

Conner was preparing for faith’s arrival when there was a knock at his dorm room door. Walking over to it he peeped out the peephole, no one was there. He cautiously opened the door to find a package at his feet no forwarding address, just the name Whistler scrolled on top of it. When he opened the brown wrapping around the package it was in another pure white box with the names Clorinda & Liam on it that gave off this power that set his teeth on edge. At the same time he wanted to open it he also wanted to throw the damn thing out and get as far away from it as he could.

“What gives? It’s only a white box Conner,” He tried to convince himself as he stood in front of the box. Who was he kidding packages sent in this day and age could be the most lethal, especially with Wolfram and heart more than likely gunning for him because of his father’s betrayal.

He stood there for several seconds more, his curiosity to who the hell Clorinda and Liam were was getting the better of him. He finally sighed and decided to open the damning box, to hell with the consequences and repercussions. As he touched it he screamed as a powerful force grabbed and pulled him by his belly button, he disappeared with a pop from his dorm room.

Clorinda is of Greek origin.
The meaning of Clorinda is "praise, beauty".
It is also of Latin origin, where its meaning is "renowned ".

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rita's Sordid Past Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Sep 13.

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