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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Song of the Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Beginning Song. No pairings in this one, mostly the set-up for the greater mythology of my Songverse.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)chrysanneFR711,192011,3668 Sep 098 Sep 09Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy. I do not own DW. I do not own Quenya, from LOTR If you think I do, please make your way to the nearest insane asylum and let the nice doctors give you some medicine. Oh, wait, they have their own Maggie Walsh? So sad for you.

Inspired by Tanydwr's fanart Star Screams.

I've been reading Tolkien's The Silmarillion, so please forgive tone? I'm not certain if that's a word, and I don't mean to offend anyone by stepping on someone's religious sensibilities. Maybe the...preachy tone? Slightly (hopefully) holier-than-thou, perhaps even specifically King-James-Biblical tone? Okay, someone stop me, please.

This phenomenal work (which you should all go out and buy, because even though it's a little long-winded at times, it's so rich!) inspired me to actually write down the mythology behind Star Screams, which will became clearer further into that particular story. I'd also like to say that I am far from abandoning this 'verse. In fact, I've committed two other stories to it. So there's my promise that it will not be abandoned. Onward!

i Ainu Eressë | the lonely god

This is how Time began. This is how it ends. In the deep days, long before the birth of our world, long before the ending of an Age, there was a war. In those deep, dark, early days, there was a terrible war. A devastating war that seared and charred, that let mercy die and sent peace into a fiery, deathless oblivion. It was a war that raged throughout the whole of Time, that shattered the confines of Space and Reality...

It was a war that never ended, and in the end, never began.

Two peoples fought, as people often do; they fought for peace. They fought to survive. They fought to control their own destinies. Then, from the outer fringes of known life, there came a great storm. A terrible, powerful, Oncoming Storm that sent its wroth blasting through Time, Space, even the vast reaches of Reality itself. Across the Ages of the war this Storm passed, in one breath shattering the might of the Two Peoples, pulling low their power, throwing down their glory, bringing them to their knees.

At the bottom of their hearts, buried deep beneath generations of hatred, malice, and the will to dominate the other at whatever cost, the Two Peoples saw their destruction, and begged for mercy. His own hearts cried out to pity them, and for a moment there was silence, there was stillness. Fate was measured, Life was judged.

Yet the Storm knew the Two Peoples would never learn, would never grow, would only continue their endless war. So the Storm ignored their pleas, dividing their atoms forever, scattering even their faintest memory among the ash-littered stars. They had never existed and now never would begin. Though some escaped the destruction of the Two Peoples, the Oncoming Storm would not find them in those early days

In time, the Storm abated, but not for many, many, many years. So potent was his rage, so consuming was his regret, so devastating was his despair, that those he met along his travels named him i Ainu Eressë, the Lonely God.

i Peryalindë | the halving song

In his moment of deliberation, before the end of a war that now never began, another people changed the course of history. A once mighty empire of starwalkers, shape-shifters, great learners of knowledge and seekers of wisdom, the Sukatra had grown gaunt in the End Days of the war, the culture reduced to ashes where loveliness once stood, the people hewn down a mere fraction of their former strength.

The Sukatra saw no end to the war, could not perceive the Oncoming Storm, and despaired that the Two Peoples would destroy them to gain a foothold in the war, or that the End would come, and they would die out, regardless. And so, they devised another means to survive: they would leave.

In the foul, desperate times of war, against the threat of utter ruin, great discovery can be made. To save themselves, the Sukatra abandoned their world, forsaking their homes and all things familiar for a reality without the Two Peoples, of a Reality never touched by the wretched worlds of Skaro and Gallifrey. So the Children of Quhti, the long-abandoned planet once-lush, once-beautiful, now-barren, now-stripped-of-life, crossed the Void between All-Times, All-Spaces, All-Realities. They fell through the blood of Time itself, found their new home, but there was a terrible price, for none may pass through the Void without sacrifice.

In saving themselves, the Sukatra destroyed the Others of their new home, setting into motion a new chain of events, giving rise to a new timeline that would shatter the destiny of a galaxy. Though not immediately heard, seen, or felt, day by day, hour by hour, their bodies faded into the Void, only their collective consciousness remaining, and no more could be born.

Formless, bodiless, they now haunt the empty reaches of Space, the places more empty than filled with light. They are drawn to the darkest places in this new Reality, desperate to return home. So they traveled far from the mirror-Quhti, the home that once-and-never was, searching for a way to return through the Void.

They traveled through the freezing blackness of wide Space, searched the fragments of dying planets, combed living worlds, ever seeking the dark places absent of light, where blackness would reign absolute, in thought, mind, and deed, of the mortal inhabitants. And on Earth, they found it.

Open the Hellmouth, open the Rift. It is the dream, the obsession, the driving force. They seek to join their former reality with that of the new, to marry the freedom from Daleks and Timelords to their old home where they existed in form.

i Lúmë-metta - time's end

The old stories tell us nothing of the Lonely God, save that he travels the span of worlds and times, setting his footprints amongst the stars. But legend speaks of a Nameless Spark, a Golden Heart, that shall kindle the end of All-Worlds, All-Times, All-Life. It shall tear the Lonely God from his cold and frozen throne, it shall shatter the Champions of the new Reality, it shall break all ties of Fate, Destiny, and predetermined future.

For the Lonely God, who calls himself the Doctor, will face his greatest challenge at the hands of the Sukatra. By joining the realities, both Gallifrey and Skaro will live again, born to a time when war had never darkened their minds.

Yet what price must be paid for this return to life? There is no action without consequence, not good deed unpunished. And there is not: The Return will destroy this new Reality, where demons, Slayers, witches, and magic maintain the Eternal Balance. It will unmake all life there, unravel, undo, tear apart the pieces and scatter them among the Void. This new Reality where, it is whispered, the Lonely God's soulmate now lives.

The prelude has opened. The Song of the Universe has begun.

So, even though it's not strictly from Star Screams, does this background update mean I'm forgiven for disappearing? Reference work for this story includes Ardalambion, Buffyverse, and TARDIS. Oh, and I kept my fingers typing with help from Shinedown and their latest album. Yay!

The End

You have reached the end of "Yessalindalë". This story is complete.

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