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Summary: When Spike seals the Hellmouth, Buffy and 30 or so slayers find themselves in the First's home world, as reinforcements to a war they didn't know existed.

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Chapter Two

Note: As I think I stated before, this is just a bunch of ramblings that came spilling out of my brain. I'm not expecting this fic to be wonderful but I can't focus on my original novella, until I get this fanfic out of my head. And apparently, in my head, the Slayers sing a lot. It's really because whenever I go hiking, I sing most of the time. I don't own any of these songs, and I don't own LotR or BtVS. I've found myself using CuriouslyWombat's version of Elven life. Most of the slayers are original, but if anyone wants to use them, go ahead. I'm not even attempting to write Maggie's accent, because I suck at writing in accents. Most of the songs I will use in this fic are folk songs, or other songs of common usage. I don't own any of them.
before you read this, please read chapter one. I just edited it and changed stuff.

**Chapter 2**

The ride to Isengard was long and boring, in Buffy's mind. Maggie, a little Irish Slayer started singing a Gaelic folk song to herself.

“A 'níon mhín ó, sin anall na fir shúirí
A mháithairin mhín ó, cuir na roithléan go dtí mé
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn
Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach
Bróga breaca dubha ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá bearéad agus triús ar an dúlamán maorach
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn
Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach
Góide a thug na tíre thú? arsa an dúlamán gaelach
Ag súirí le do níon, arsa an dúlamán maorach
Rachaimid chun Niúir leis an dúlamán gaelach
Ceannóimid bróga daora ar an dúlamán maorach
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn
Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach
Ó chuir mé scéala chuici, go gceannóinn cíor dí
'Sé'n scéal a chuir sí chugam, go raibh a ceann cíortha
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn
Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach
Cha bhfaigheann tú mo 'níon, arsa an dúlamán gaelach
Bheul, fuadóidh mé liom í, arsa an dúlamán maorach
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn
Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach
Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí, b'fhearr a bhí
Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach
Dúlamán na farraige, b'fhearr a bhí, b'fhearr a bhí
B'fhearr a bhí in Éirinn”

“That's a beautiful song, Lassie,” Gimli said from his place behind Legolas. What does it mean?”

Maggie thought for a moment, and then translated:

“Oh gentle daughter, here come the wooing men
Oh gentle mother, put the wheels in motion for me
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland
There is a yellow gold head on the Gaelic seaweed
There are two blunt ears on the stately seaweed
The Irish seaweed has beautiful black shoes
The stately seaweed has a beret and trousers
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland
"What are you doing here?" says the Irish seaweed
"At courting with your daughter," says the stately seaweed
I would go to Niúir with the Irish seaweed
"I would buy expensive shoes," said the Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland
I spent time telling her the story that I would buy a comb for her
The story she told back to me, that she is well-groomed
"Oh where are you taking my daughter?" says the Irish seaweed
"Well, I'd take her with me," says the stately seaweed
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the ocean, the best, the best
Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed
Seaweed from the ocean, the best, the best
The best in all of Ireland”

“It sounds better in Irish,” Kennedy said.

“Yeah,” Maggie replied. “I wish I had my Bodhran.”

“Your drum?” Vi asked.

“Yeah. . .Crap! It was in my bag in Buffy's house, it's probably in the sinkhole now.”

“Where is this Ireland you sing of?” Legolas asked, captivated by mentions of the sea.

“It's where I'm from originally. It's an island off the coast of a big continent. It's beautiful and green, and there is a lot of magic there. And the sea on all sides.”

“It sounds like the stories of Valinor,” Aragorn said.

“It does,” Legolas agreed, a bit wistful.

“You all have different accents,” noted Gandalf. “The Slayers are not all from the same place.”

“No,” Buffy said. “Our world is huge. There are seven continents, and about, what, six billion people?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah,” Kennedy said, “I think it's about six billion.”

“What is a Billion?” asked Eomer, “I have no concept of that number.”

“One million is one thousand thousand. One billion is one thousand million. So our world has about 6 thousand times one thousand, times one thousand people,” Vi explained. Can you comprehend that?”

“The numbers make sense,” Eomer said with wide eyes, “But I can't fathom that many people. Your world must be very crowded indeed.”

“My village was small. And I left my family two years ago to train with my Watcher,” Maggie said.

“The population displacement of our world isn't even. Chao-Ahn is from China, she and the other girls with the thin eyes,” Kennedy explained, trying not to be racist, but to explain their world, “Come from the part of the world that has 4 billion people. The other 2 billion are spread around the rest of the earth, which is huge. Six other continents. Most of us are from North America, that's our continent. Caridad was from South America.”

“Does each continent have its own language?” Gandalf asked, interested.

“Each continent has several languages. There are hundreds of languages in our world. The ones you've heard the other girls speak were most likely Cantonese and Spanish.”

“Ellie and Iris were speaking French,” Buffy added.

“There's a story,” Vi explained, “From a religious text. Nobody knows if it's true of not, but the story goes something like this: Once upon a time, everyone spoke the same language. The people started to work together, to build a tower that would reach all the way t the heavens, because they wanted to overthrow God—um, Iluvatar?” Vi paused for clarification, and Gandalf nodded. “Okay, so the people were building this tower, called the Tower of Babel. God punished them for their arrogance. The tower fell, and after they discovered that every single person spoke a different language, and nobody understood anybody else. People taught each other their languages, and family groups started to speak alike, then villages, then countries. But, according to legend, is why there are so many languages.”

“An interesting origin myth,” Gandalf said, “Whether it is true or not.” The others nodded in agreement.

“How did you all come to be together?” Aragorn asked. The ride to Isengard was much more interesting with these girls talking. They talked about the Potentials, and the Slayer, the fight with the First Evil, and Willow's spell. “So,” Aragorn asked, “Do you know how many Slayers there are?”

“Willow's been visiting me every night in my dreams to keep me updated on the events of our world. She says somewhere around a thousand slayers have woken up so far, and she keeps finding more. We changed our world, and now the forces of good are much larger than the forces of evil.”

“Good,” Gimli said simply. The ride continued, everybody talking, the people of Middle Earth interested and horrified by descriptions of the “Other Earth.”

“Sing us another song,” Legolas suggested. “I've heard countless Elven songs, and even songs of men and of dwarves, but I'd like to hear more of your songs.”

“All right,” Maggie said, thinking for a minute, then singing “Somewhere, beyond the sea,”

“Hey, I know that one,” Vi said

“Me too,” Buffy agreed, “My mom loved it. Do you know it Kennedy?”

“I think so,” the brunette said, “Though I'm not much of a singer. We'll give it a try, though.” The four slayers started singing the song.

“Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing
Somewhere beyond the sea
He's there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to his arms I'd go sailing.
It's far beyond the stars
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just like before
Happy we will be beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailing.”

“That's bittersweet,” Legolas supplied. “Both happy and sad. It's very Elvish,” he complimented. Before long they arrived at Isengard, where Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn and Gandalf were very happy to see the hobbits. The slayers weren't really paying attention until—

“Holy crap! That's a talking tree!” exclaimed Buffy, and the other three Slayers seemed very started.


The slayers stayed out of the encounter with the evil wizard and the creepy wormy-tongued man. Buffy wanted to cut the man's head off, but Aragorn had given her a look when she moved to get off her horse. When she saw the Palantir, she hissed.

“Buffy, did you actually just hiss?” Kennedy asked, slightly in disbelief.

“That thing might not be evil in origin, but it's pulsing with it now.”

“I've got that,” Gandalf said, taking it from Pippin and hiding it in his robes.

“Hey Buffy,” Kennedy said, “Finally somebody shorter than you,” Kennedy teased, as Pippin and Merry were helped up on horseback. The group had stopped for some food, and then mounted up again to head back to Edoras.

“Are there many songs in your world?” Eomer asked Maggie, “Or do people only write songs about important things?”

“Thousands of thousands of songs,” Maggie said, “so many that I could never learn them all. There are people in our world who make their whole livelihood from writing songs. I'd like to be, well, I suppose you could say a bard or a minstrel when I grow up.”

“I think Maggie and Amanda know the most songs,” Vi said, “'cause Mandy was in show choir and worked at the Renaissance Faire, and Maggie's was in a singing group too, right? Andrew always calls her a bard, and says her drum is a '+1 drum of enchantment.' It's not though, Andrew just has a wild imagination.”

“Right. I bet Mandy is driving everyone crazy singing the whole walk back to Edoras.”

“Mandy and Amanda are the same person?” Eomer asked for clarification.

“Yeah, we tend to shorten names of people we care about as a sign of affection. We call it a nickname,” Vi explained. “My name is actually Violet, but everyone calls me Vi. We also shorten names that are too long or complicated. I once knew this guy named Johannes Hermanes VanWalderveen. We called him Johan, and sometimes we called him Jo.”

“The word Vie also means to strive for victory,” Gandalf said. “Would it not be then that your 'nickname' has a second meaning?” Vi grinned in response, but didn't answer. The group lapsed into silence for a moment.

“Buffy, how many elves do you think Faith's jumped since she went with them?” Kennedy asked, in a slightly lower voice, as the slayers hung to the back of the group.

“Well, she was making moony eyes at Haldir, so probably only one, but I THINK she's grown up enough that she won't throw herself at anyone in public. Well, maybe with the throwing, but probably not with the boinking, at least not where anyone can see.”

“Ew, Buffy, I so didn't need that mental image,” Vi replied. “And Maggie's only 15, remember?”

Legolas seemed slightly distressed at the discussion of harm to his sylvan compatriot, and confused by the slayers colloquialisms.

“What do you mean by 'jumping' Haldir?” Legolas asked, and the four girls giggled.

“Kennedy was wondering how many of the elves Faith would make sexual advances towards during the walk to Edoras,” Vi explained, trying not to laugh loudly, and at the same time hoping they weren't offending the medieval men. Theoden, Gamling and Eomer looked shocked, although Eomer seemed to smirk a little. Legolas and Gimli laughed out loud.

“Better the elves than the men,” Legolas decided. “Our views are different.” But he would not say more on the subject in present company.

“How about another song?” Gimli suggested.

“I'd like to hear one of your songs,” Maggie asked. Gimli processed the request, and then decided upon the song of Durin's Awakening.

“The world world was young, the mountains green,
No stain yet on the Moon was seen,
No words were laid on stream or stone,
When Durin woke and walked alone.
He named the nameless hills and dells;
He drank from yet untasted wells;
He stooped and looked in Mirrormere,
And saw a crown of stars appear,
As gems upon a silver thread,
Above the shadow of his head.
The world was fair, the mountains tall,
In Elder Days before the fall
Of mighty Kings in Nargothrond
And Gondolin, who now beyond
The Western Seas have passed away:
The world was fair in Durin's Day.
A king he was on carven throne
In many-pillared halls of stone
With golden roof and silver floor,
And runes of power upon the door.
The light of sun and star and moon
In shining lamps of crystal hewn
Undimmed by cloud or shade of night
There shown forever far and bright.
There hammer on the anvil smote,
There chisel clove, and graver wrote;
There forged was bladed and bound was hilt;
The delver mined the mason built.
There beryl, pearl, and opal pale
And metel wrought like fishes' mail,
Buckler and corslet, axe and sword,
And shining spears were laid in horde.
Unwearied then were Durin's folk;
Beneath the mountains music woke:
The harpers harped, the minstrels sang,
And at the gates the trumpets rang.
The world is grey, the mountains old,
The forge's fire is ashen-cold;
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls:
The darkness dwells in Durin's halls;
The shadow lies upon his tomb
In Moria, in Khazad-dûm.
But still the sunken stars appear
In dark and windless Mirrormere;
There lies his crown in water deep,
Till Durin wakes again from sleep.”

“That's a wonderful song, Mister Gimli,” Maggie said.


It seemed that music was indeed the main language of Middle Earth. A few of the Rohan women sang a walking song as they traveled. Faith walked with Haldir as they escorted the the Rohirrim home.

“So, Hal, you guys gonna keep fighting with us?”

“Haldir,” he corrected her again. This woman's constant shortening of his name was annoying, but also amusing. She kept shortening everyone's names, and sometimes her nicknames were just funny. “My brothers and I,” he gestured to two blonde elves that Faith could tell were his brothers, “will continue to fight, in the name of our Lady. The other elves are free to go as they please, but most seem to be continuing along. But our time here is ending. After the war is over, most of us will leave these shores for the Undying Lands, never to return again.”

“That's kinda sad, yo. But I can't imagine being immortal. Slayers tend to have short and brutal lives. We usually get called around fifteen and die before we're twenty. The average lifespan for a Slayer is a year. Buffy's been a slayer for eight years, and that's a record, even counting she's died twice.”

“Yeah, first she drowned, but only for a minute. A friend breathed air into her lungs and made her heart beat by pounding on her chest. We call is CPR.”

“That's very interesting,” Haldir said. “I will tell our healers about that. So, are all of you above your majority?”

“Buffy, Kennedy and I are. Buffy's the oldest at twenty-three, I'm twenty, and Kennedy's nineteen. Where we live you're usually considered an adult at eighteen, but it's different in different countries. Annie,” she pointed, “Is the youngest, and she's twelve. We're hoping that with more of us, we'll live longer.”

“Before, you said Buffy died twice. What happened the second time?”

“Actually, it may have been three times. But the second time she fell from, like, really high up, and went through some mystical convergence. I wasn't there. But she got brought back by magic. And the last time I don't think she was completely dead, but almost. She got shot in the heart, and Willow healed her with magic again. She says she's never gonna do any of that again, 'cause it's not natural.”

Haldir just nodded. He didn't have much to say on that. They walked a while in silence.

“Miss Faith,”

“Ugh, just Faith, please,” she interrupted.

“Faith,” Haldir continued with a small smile. “If your world requires that little girls fight monsters, what do the men do? Are there no male warriors?”

“There are lots of soldiers, for all the different countries and factions in our worlds. There's probably hundreds of factions. And some of the soldiers are women too, yo. But most humans don't know about the battles between good and evil. They're busy fighting against each other. But there is a resistance 'gainst evil. There's the Slayer—now there are lots of us—and there are hunters, as we call them, of Demon Hunters. Men who roam alone or in small groups who kill evil stuff.” Again, Haldir just nodded in response to Faith and the walked a bit more in silence. In front of them, the Rohirrim women had finished their walking song, and Amanda and two others started singing “Movin' Right Along,” from the muppets. It kept the girls laughing, and brightened spirits of the Rohirrim. The traveling party had to stop and camp for the night.


From their different encampments, Willow called Buffy and Faith to the Dreamscape first.
“Hey,” Willow greeted them. “So, the spell had some side-effects. You two are stronger now. You guys got a double dose of Slayer, and there are more abilities to the Slayer package than you guys previously knew. The two of you might want to compare notes, and see what things have changed.”

Buffy and Faith nodded at the floating Willow. They'd noticed this already.

“You said side-effect, as in plural?” Buffy asked. Willow nodded. “So, what else, then?”

“Well, the bits of slayer blood mixed with the Key were activated in Dawn. She's still Dawn, very Dawn. However, she's got more memories and power now. She understands things differently, and has more memories about the universe. She's experimenting with creating stable portals. Her language skills have also increased majorly, but she's always been smart, of course. Also, I've got the amulet Spike wore into battle, and I think his essence is tied to it. I may be able to bring him back. Finally, we tipped the scales.”

“Yeah, I know,” Buffy said, “Wasn't that the point?”

“Yeah, but we tipped them too much. We're going to have to pay a price, but I don't know what it will be. I think we'll find out after you defeat all the evil stuffs in the First's home dimension. And more in the bad news column, Angel & company have taken over the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart. We stopped there for a while to regroup, and were completely taken aback. Angel's not himself anymore. He still has his soul, but his soul seems twisted.” Willow gave Buffy and Faith time to deal with that before she changed her spell to bring the rest of the slayers into the Dreamscape.

“Hey, are there more of you than there should be?” Willow asked. They counted, and surely, there were ten slayers Willow had never seen before. But one of them the others had seen. Eowyn.
“I think what must have happened,” Willow began, “Is that the activation spell must have gone through the open doorway, spreading across Middle Earth and activation Potentials there. Unexpected, but it should be helpful.” Willow then delved into the history of the Slayer and explained their new powers to the girls. She then told them to stay quiet in their homes, pretending nothing had happened until one of the slayers came and got them.

“So,” Willow addressed the girls from her own world. Since I can't come through yet, I'm going to try and send you a care package. Thanks to a temporal fold spell, I managed to save all of our belongings, which should be helpful. Anything specific you guys need?” The answers all came at once.




“TAMPONS!” two girls yelled at once, and the young women all giggled. Willow nodded, and then sent the slayers back, so they could wake up. She kept the girls from Middle Earth a little longer to get to know them.


During the ride back to Edoras, Buffy pulled up alongside Legolas.

“You know, it's just not fair,” she complained.

“What isn't fair, Buffy?” Legolas asked.

“We've been traveling for days, sleeping outside, and fighting. None of us have access to a shower or a brush, and yet you still have perfect hair! Your hair is even better than mine, and you're a guy!” Buffy mock pouted, although only half in jest. “I want hair like that.”

Eomer was skeptical about these supposed warriors. He didn't see much of them fighting, because he had arrived at the end of the last battle. The idea that their leader was so vain made him wonder if they really could be warriors after all. He would watch them and see.

As they were approaching Edoras, Buffy pulled up alongside Gandalf.

“Gandalf?” she asked, “I need some advice. The activation spell went through the portal with us,” she explained, quietly. “Now, ten girls from this world are Slayers, including Eowyn. Theoden and the male kings around here aren't going to like their little girls fighting. I've known enough men in my lifetime to know that. But they're ours now,” Buffy said, getting defensive over an attack that hadn't happened yet. “They're daughters of Sineya, she's claimed them. And even if the men try to keep them down, their instincts will overpower them, like, completely.”

Gandalf mused on this a space.

“What happens to a slayer, if she's not allowed to fight?” he asked. The response from Buffy was a grimace.

“It depends. It could kill her spirit. If she's left alone, or locked up, the slayer instincts force themselves out. Worst Case scenario for Eowyn: Either she'll wither away and die from being trapped, or she'll become a feral creature, all instinct, no reason. Now, it would take a long time for either option, years probably. But people need to be allowed to be themselves.”

“I will talk to the king,” Gandalf said. “I think that his resistance to Eowyn fighting is his fear of losing her—no matter how good of a fighter she is. Eowyn and Eomer are all that are left of a once great family, and Theoden knows that when he is gone one or both of them will have to rule this place. He doesn't want to lose his niece and nephew the way he lost his son. I think, however, to win the favor of the king, it would help if you dressed properly. There won't be any fighting tonight.” Gandalf suggested, and Buffy nodded in response. It wasn't a bad idea, and she hadn't worn a really pretty dress since senior prom. Buffy smiled to herself as they approached Edoras.

End Chapter 2

Note: I was toying with the idea of making Eowyn a slayer. I really wanted to, and I still think it's interesting, but I want to make sure it doesn't diminish her defeat of the Witch-King. That is seriously one of my favorite scenes.
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