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Summary: When Spike seals the Hellmouth, Buffy and 30 or so slayers find themselves in the First's home world, as reinforcements to a war they didn't know existed.

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Chapter One

Title: Reinforcements
Author: Joyful
Fandoms: BtVS/LotR
Disclaimer: None belongs to me, I'm just playing. Joss and Tolkien own them all.
Summary: When Spike sinks the Hellmouth, Buffy and about 30 slayers find themselves int the Turok-Han's home dimension, as backup for a war that wasn't theirs. How can thirty vampire slayers change the events of the Ring War?
Author's Notes: I've been reading a lot of LotR crossovers, and I was inspired to write this, instead of schoolwork, or any of my other WIPs. In this, I decided to keep Amanda alive, humor me. I know that there were actually fewer girls than that in the final battle and a few died, but please humor me anyway. Also, I know this story kind of sucks, but I felt the need to write it. Movieverse because I haven't read the book in years. I've been reading a lot of CuriouslyWombat's stuff lately, and I've stolen some of her concepts for Elven life. I hope she doesn't mind too much.
Note: I've just edited this, in effort to make it better, so in addition to fixing the mistakes, I've changed some of it. You may want to reread this chapter before I post the second one, which will hopefully be soon.


Buffy saw the light of the sun burst through Spike, as she led her army of new slayers deeper into the Hellmouth. As the Hellmouth collapsed around them, they found themselves drawn deeper into the earth, until they fell through a hole, and found themselves falling through sky. About thirty young women landed on grass, all bleeding.

“All right,” Buffy called. She looked around and saw trees and a stream about 30 feet away. “fall back to the trees, assess and triage.” The next two hours found girls creating bandages and cleaning wounds.

“B!” Faith called, and Buffy came over. “We have an extreme lack of bandages and sewing needles, we're going to have to cauterize some of these wounds.” Buffy agreed with Faith, and they used a knife and Faith's lighter to clean of the biggest damage, including the wound on Buffy's abdomen. On girl, Maria, was seriously wounded, and another girl, Mischa, had died.

“Listen up,” Buffy said. “I have no clue where we are, but we need to find some sort of settlement if possible. We need to start walking. I suggest we follow the sun for now, but stay near the trees, in case we have to make camp here. Take a few minutes to clean your weapons and drink from he stream before we start going.” The girls agreed, prepared to go, and started moving.

“Buffy,” Kennedy began, “Where do you suppose we are? Some sort of hell dimension?”

“My guess would be the Turok-Han's home dimension. “The sun must have got all the ones that fell through with us, but we could still be ambushed later. Good thing we all have the power to survive.” The 28 slayers moved, Buffy carrying Maria, Faith carrying Mischa's body. Eventually, they came what looked like a castle. As they approached, two guards pointed arrows at them.

“What business brings you to Edoras?”

“We're warriors fresh out of battle, looking for aid!” Buffy called.

The guard glared down at them. “I find you story difficult to believe. However, you seem injured and we can, at the very least grant you assistance. If you cause any trouble within this city, you will be dealt with swiftly.”

The reactions of the slayers varied between rolling their eyes, nodding and sighing. They carried themselves up the stone steps. From the way the guards were dressed, it seemed they had fallen into a medieval dimension. They were escorted into a large hall where a man who appeared to be king sat on a throne, having a discussion with a man dressed in white, and a man with scraggly dark hair. A short stout man and a gorgeous blonde man stood nearby. A woman in a flowing dress stood in the back, looking out of place.

“Buffy,” Amanda whispered, “I've worked the Ren faire since I was 12. Can I take a shot?” Amanda asked Buffy. Buffy thought it over for a moment and nodded.

“Who are you?” The king demanded.

“We are the Slayers, the warriors of the people from the Valley of the Sun,” Amanda began, with a curtsy. “We've just been in battle with Turok-Han, and found ourselves stranded in your land. We ask for aid.”

“Good one,” Faith whispered from behind.

Theoden surveyed these women dressed oddly in skintight clothing, all armed and carrying their wounded in their arms. He wanted more of their story, and was shocked that these women claimed to be warriors; but they were injured women, and he wasn't a monster.

“I am Theoden, king of Rohan. Whatever the truth, I will grant you aid for now. Eowyn, take these women and treat their wounds, feed them and dress them properly, then bring their leader to speak to me.”

“Yes Uncle,” the blonde women replied. Whatever the situation, these women needed help. “Follow me.”

As the women filed out behind Eowyn, Theoden looked up at Gandalf.

“Gandalf, do you believe their story?”

“I have never heard of this Valley of the Sun, nor of women warriors called Slayers, but the girl seemed sincere, though their dress was strange. They hold a strange power, unknown to me.”

“I do not think they wish us ill,” Legolas supplied, “I feel that they are good.”

“Whatever the case, we can't let a handful of women distract us from our problems,” Theoden said. “After I bury my son, we make for Helm's Deep.”


Eowyn brought the women to where they could get medical attention, explaining the current situation as they walked.

“So your kingdom is under attack, and you're running away to a big fortress?” A brunette asked.

“Yes miss. . . ”


“Yes Miss Faith. We will retreat to Helm's Deep, where the women and children will cower in fear as the few men attempt to defend us.” Eowyn said, obviously bitter.

“Can't the women fight?” a girl a head shorter than Eowyn asked. “At least the adults, who are in good health?”

“The women of Rohan are permitted to fight only in event of personal attack. We may not enter battle.”

“That's stupid,” one girl replied. Eowyn nodded.

“This girl...” she pointed at Mischa.

“Yeah, she's dead,” Buffy said quietly. “I'd like to bury her properly if you have a place, and a shovel.”

“I can have the men handle it while we treat your wound,” Eowyn said.

“No, we'll take care of our own,” Faith insisted. “You treat Buffy, I'll bury Mischa. Do you have a canvas I can wrap her in?” One of the servants fetched a canvas, and they stitched Mischa into a shroud, after cleaning her off. Faith, Kennedy and Caridad asked for spades and were shown outside.

While the other girls were being treated, Faith, Kennedy and Caridad dug a grave for Mischa at the edge of the king's courtyard. The stout bearded man watched for a moment before approaching them.

“Can I help ye lassies?”

“We care for our own,” Caridad said. Amanda and Mary went to gather a couple of wooden sticks to fasten into a cross, and joined the other three.

“Ye women are causing quite a stir, arriving all bloodied up, half-dressed and carrying all those weapons. Ye're a group of she-warriors?” Faith nodded, still digging. “The Rohirrim won't like that. Theoden-King'll probably demand ye all wear dresses and cower quietly. But if ye can fight, I'll welcome ye gladly, I am Gimli, son of Gloin.”

“You're not human,” Caridad stated flatly.

“I'm a Dwarf.” The girls accepted that quietly. When Gimli asked them what was wrong, it was Amanda who responded.

“We just won our battle. We should be celebrating right now. Instead we find ourselves stranded in an unknown land, ruled by a man who looks at us like we're evil liars, and scum beneath his feet. Until we know how to get home, we're probably stuck with all of you, who dress like the men of our land did about 500 years ago.” Gimli nodded listening. Then he stepped back while the girls had their funeral. They covered Mischa with soil, placed the crossed sticks of wood above the head, and thanked her for her bravery. Then they went back inside looking for food.


Events in Rohan went on unaffected by the presence of the strange women. The court buried Theodred, and began planning the evacuation while the thirty strange women washed, ate, and refused dresses. That evening, the king addressed the short blonde woman who claimed to be their leader.

“Lady Buffy, you women are welcome to travel with us to Helm's Deep, provided the stay with the women and children and don't get in the way of the soldiers. I wish you would dress properly. You'll be a distraction to the men.”

“Mr. King, I thank you for your invitation, and we'll probably follow with you. But my girls answer to me and me alone. We are not your subjects. We'll stay out of your way, but we won't wear cumbersome dresses. We wear clothes that are easy to fight in and run in. And if you don't like it, we'll find somewhere else to go. Once we've rested, we'll be able to travel very far before we need to rest again. This isn't our world, this isn't our war, but if we have to fight, we'll fight.” The King dismissed them. If they wanted to get themselves killed, that was their own right. As she said, they weren't his subjects, they weren't his worry.

Gandalf followed the blonde before she went off to the guest barracks to sleep with her girls.

“You say you came from another land, Lady Buffy?”

“Yep.” She explained about the Hellmouth and the First, slayers, Willow, and their battle. Gandalf remarked he didn't know how to return them home, as his magic was of a different sort than any she described.

“Oh, don't worry. I'm betting Willow will get us back home soon enough. I don't like the politics here, and I don't like the men, especially that stuck-up king, but if you're battling evil, we'll probably help.” they spoke a while longer, before Buffy went to get some much-needed sleep.

While they slept, they dreamed. They all found themselves on a field in this world, with Willow facing them, floating a bit.

“Hey girls!” Willow cried. “I did it, we did it, well, mostly. The Hellmouth is closed, and you guys are in the First's dimension. He's corporeal there, so I need you guys to stay there until he's toast. Help these people. There's a good wizard and a bad wizard. The Bad wizard is working with Sauron, who's the First in our world, but not here. I spoke to the Powers. They call them the Valar in this world. Seriously. When the big baddie is toast, and Aragorn in king, you all get to come back home. I'm going to help you the best I can, coming to you in dreams and stuff, but you guys have to fight. You're tipping the scales in the favor of Good, and you can totally win. After Sauron is dead, his big bad boss—Morgoth—can be defeated. I'm not allowed to come into that world until Sauron is dead and Aragorn is king. Then Buffy, Faith and I get to tackle Big Bad. Buffy—Dawn's fine, and Kennedy, baby, I miss you.” Willow took a deep breath.
“Unfortunately Anya, Robin and Spike didn't make it.” Willow left, and they all woke up. They were saddened by the loss of their friends.

After she visited the slayers, Willow decided to visit this Gandalf. He could vouch for her girls, keep them safe, and make sure nobody go in their way.

When they woke up, most of the slayers discovered they were already healed, and were bemoaning the lack of creature comforts. Many of them managed to commandeer some boots, since a few of them had forgotten to wear sensible shoes, and others had lost their shoes.

“Kay, everyone needs a weapon, and we'll jury-rig carriers. Then we do a morning kata, and find the grub. We're keeping these people alive, weather they like it or not.” While they did their morning work out, they were watched. Gandalf was in the main hall convincing Theoden that the Valar had sent these women to aid in the battle. Theoden finally agreed that if they stayed out of the way of him and his men, they could do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't try and persuade Eowyn to fight.

The men of Rohan were wary of these strange women. They wore tight trousers, and shirts that didn't always cover their middles. Some wore shirts that were very low-cut, and none seemed to have any modesty. Some girls were younger than their own daughters, and carrying swords and axes that looked too large or heavy for them to wield. And the leader carried a strange red weapon with wood at one end. While they were clearly warriors of some kind, they spoke in the oddest ways, and never addressed their leaders, the blonde and the brunette—“Buffy” and “Faith”—with any respect. Also, a few of these girls had very dark skin, and some had oddly-shaped eyes.

After morning kata the Slayers went to find food. They were chattering amongst themselves and a few were even jumping around.

“Dude, seriously, did you see how tasty elf-boy is?” Faith remarked to Kennedy.

“So totally not my type, Eowyn's gorgeous, but I have my Willow. At least, I will when we kick evil butt and get back home.”


“Aragorn,” Legolas began in Sindarin, “Have you ever seen a group of women eat like that before?” They were all in the great hall, making sure they got a good meal in before leaving. The slayers each ate enough for two grown men.

“Never. These women are certainly unique. Theoden King seems very displeased that they wish to fight in protection of Middle-Earth. However Gandalf told me that they all shared a dream, in which they were told the Valar sent them to help defeat Sauron.”

“They are a gift from the Valar?” Legolas asked, surprised.

Aragorn nodded. “I saw one of them lift that table herself to place it against the other. They are clearly very strong.”

“We should not gossip any longer like old ladies,” Legolas said, “We must prepare for Theoden-king's fool's errand.”


The walk was long and slow. The horses were mainly used to carry things, and the women and children did not ride. A few people worried that Gandalf had abandoned them. The Slayers bitched a bit about going so slowly. Chao-Ahn and another girl chatted casually in Cantonese while a few other girls spoke Spanish. Vi walked with Eowyn, listening to Gimli talk about dwarves. Buffy walked with Aragorn, and Faith and Legolas talked for a while.

“Are your girls truly capable in fighting?” Legolas asked Faith.

“Yeah. We've all got the strength of, like, ten men, enhanced senses, and enhanced healing abilities. We can also sense evil.”

“Your race sounds similar to my own, except your ears are round, and you are not immortal.”

“We are women, like, human I mean, basically. We were born that way, but we're kind of like humans-plus,” Faith explained.

“How old are you?”

“Buffy's the oldest at twenty-three, and I just turned twenty. Annie is twelve, and she's the youngest I think.”

Legolas' eyes were wide. “The women of my race are trained for combat like the men, but they rarely go into battle before they've reached their majority, unless they are attacked, of course. When do you come of age?”

“Eighteen for the most part. We have to be twenty-one to drink alcohol or to gamble, but we get to vote for our political leaders, smoke, join the military, and get married at eighteen.”

“Your race places alcohol and gambling as more mature than marriage?” Legolas asked, surprised. Faith nodded. “I am surprised,” Legolas continued, “That you allow children to go into battle, but I suppose in times of emergency one cannot always be picky about the supply of warriors.”

“Exactly,” Faith supplied.


Buffy had asked Aragorn about his necklace, and he told her about Arwen.

“You know,” Buffy began, “When I was sixteen I fell in love with an immortal named Angel. His race was different, most of them were evil, but had his soul returned to him by magic, and was good. He was my soulmate, and I loved him. But he thought he was no good for me. I was significantly younger than him, and there would be things I would never have with him. He couldn't give me children, he'd never grow old like I would. So he left, and it tore me apart. I think that if Arwen is willing to give up her immortality, she doesn't do it for you, she does it for herself. Because she wants to be with you as long as she is able, and not live without you when you're gone. And I think you should let her.”

Aragorn listened patiently and nodded when Buffy finished. “You have given me something to think about.”

Legolas separated from Faith to take the front watch, scanning for danger, and it was he who first spotted the wargs. Eowyn wanted to fight with the warriors, but it was Buffy who insisted she run with the women and children. Buffy sent the three youngest girls with Eowyn while the others followed the men towards the wargs.

The men of Rohan found themselves slightly distracted by the Slayers. They all fought like they were dancing. They ducked, jumped, spun, rolled, and used the weight and momentum of their enemies in their own favor. The women seemed to have two specific killing methods: cutting off the enemies head, or stabbing it directly in the heart. Most of the men were amazed by the accuracy the women found the hearts of their opponents. Wargs and orcs were dying left and right. Only two of the Rohirrim were killed, but nobody noticed, until after, that Aragorn fell.

“Willow said we were supposed to see him crowned king, and he's dead already? Well, he might not be dead,” Kennedy said, cleaning black orc blood off her sword. She hoisted up one of the dead men, and Vi carried the other over her shoulder, and they went back towards Helm's Deep.

“You know,” Kennedy said, “These were seriously my favorite jeans. I am so pissed.” Her skin-tight blue jeans now had a huge tear on one thigh.

“You know what they say,” Buffy offered. “Never wear your best pants into battle.”

When the slayers arrived at Helm's Deep, Buffy ordered them to help where they could, and then get some rest, they'd take watch on the wall at nightfall. Buffy set herself about checking the defenses and looking for places to strengthen them.

“Do you have any stores of lamp-oil or animal fat?” Buffy asked one of the men.

“Some, why?”

“If we get large pots to set on key points on the wall, we can fill them with oil or fat, and then set it on fire, and pour the fire on any enemies that approach the wall,” she suggested. The men liked this suggested and prepared for it.

The slayers were repairing their damaged clothes with borrowed needles and thread, and several borrowed trousers from the laundry. As Eowyn was arguing with her uncle in one corner of a large room, two of the Rohirrim approached Rona and Kennedy.

“I do not understand why your people allow you to train as warriors,” a man stated. “It is well known that women cannot fight as well as men, they are the weaker sex. Their duty is to raise children and tend after men.”

Rona placed a hand on Kennedy's shoulder to stop her from punching the man.

“Is that so?” Kennedy asked. “Before I beat you down for saying so, let me tell you the truth. Yes, the average man is physically stronger than the average woman, but women still make better soldiers than men.” The man started to interrupt her, but she held up a hand in protest. “Women have a higher tolerance for pain than men. If a man had to go through the pain that comes from a woman's monthly cycle he'd cry like a baby. That's not to mention the pain of childbirth. Second, women are more agile then men, that's a fact. Third, women are able to think about more things at one time than men, who are completely single-minded. It's an inherent skill women have for raising children and it's called multi-tasking. Finally, all women know in their heart of hearts that there are far worse things in this world than death. Ask any woman who's had a man force himself upon her, or take her freedom away if she fears death. The answer will always be no.”

“Now,” Rona said, “Since you weren't out in the fields when the beasties attacked, we'll give you a free pass. You attack me, friendly fight, no blood drawn,” Rona said, staring the man down. He shrugged, and placed his sword on the ground, and then moved towards her. He took one swing at her, before she grabbed his arm, pinned it behind his back, and flipped him down onto the ground, her foot at his throat.

“And you,” she called at the King who had been watching their display. “Dude-man, if you keep trying to force her,” Rona said, pointing to Eowyn, “into a life that she hates you're going to kill her spirit, leaving her broken and empty. If you love her at all you'll let her be what she needs to be.” Rona and Kennedy turned and walked out of the great hall. They passed Aragorn in the hall, looking battered but alive.

“We may still need you ladies, there are 10,000 orcs coming to wage war.”


Theoden refused to call for aid. Buffy thought the man was crazy, but she decided to bite her tongue for once. Theoden sent word for every man and strong lad to be given a sword. Buffy knew this battle would be tough, 300 men and 30 girls against 10,000 Uruk-hai. It sound like similar odds to the battles she'd waged back home. So she told the slayers what was what, and they started preparing for battle.

“Lady Buffy, this is not your war, why do you fight?” Aragorn asked.

“Because my best friend, who I trust to the end of the world, told me that the Powers that Be—I think you call them the Valar—have instructed us to make sure Sauron is defeated and you're crowned king. So that's what we're planning to do.”

“Well, I believe there is armor the right size for at least some of your girls,” Aragorn offered.

“We don't wear armor,” Buffy said.

“No armor at all?” Gimli asked, surprised.

“It inhibits the movement and weighs us down. We fight better without it.”

“Interesting,” Gimli replied, and went down to the armory himself. The girls did take a few things from the armory, axes and swords, and spent the evening sharpening them. Faith and Kennedy were the best archers, so they found bows and sharpened arrow-points. The mood was grave and serious among the Rohirrim. People began to despair, men were saying they wouldn't last the night, and even Legolas seemed to throw a hissy fit in elvish.

“Hey B, I think it's time for one of your patented inspirational speeches!” Faith called, and Buffy grinned in response. She got up in front of the man and looked stern.

“You're all going to die.” Many people reacted to this, a few people moving to contradict her, and she held up her hand to quiet them. “It's a simple fact. Everybody dies. It's going to happen someday, and it might happen tonight. A big battle is brewing. There's going to be screaming and crying and blood and gore and a lot of you don't know what to expect. There's going to be fear and panic and probably nausea. But here's the thing. You know you're going to die, so why not make it on your terms? People don't remember the sad and weak, they remember those who die bravely. So that's your choice: give up and be forgotten, or fight with fire and passion, and be remembered. Your future is hiding out in the caves. Don't let the enemy come in and destroy it. Fight.” Buffy then left to speak to the king.

“Mister King, sir?” she started.

“Yes, Lady Buffy?”

“Where is the weakest point in the wall?” Buffy asked, and Theoden thought for a moment.

“There is a small culvert at the base of the wall that acts as a drain,” Theoden replied. Buffy thought for a moment.

“We should block it off. Roll a boulder in front of it or something. We can clear it out later, but just in case, we should block it off.” Buffy said. After a moment, Theoden nodded.

“Take two of my guards and find some large rocks,” he decided, and Buffy nodded, grabbing two of Theoden's men, and Vi and Rona. Now that she'd been a slayer for a few days, Rona's broken arm had healed, and she'd used one of Legolas' long knives to cut off the cast. The group went outside the wall, and found some large boulders, rolling them in front of the drain. While outside the wall, they saw a regiment marching towards the gate. The slayers could tell they weren't human, but they could also tell they weren't evil. Once they realized the soldiers were elves, Vi giggled as she saw them walk into Helm's Deep.

“The elves go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah,” she sang, Rona smiled and joined in on Vi's silly parody.

“The elves go marching one by one hurrah! Hurrah! The elves go marching one by one to. . . help Rohan fight Saruman, and they all go marching down, to the Deep, to get out of the rain.” The girls sang their made-up parody as they joined up with the elves, who lost some of their seriousness and cool when they smiled at the teenagers' song. Vi and Rona continued to make up verses as they passed the elves and went down to find their friends.

“What, was that?” Haldir asked Aragorn, after their alliance had been announced.

“Those are the slayers,” Aragorn replied, grinning. “A band of she-warriors that Mithrandir asked join our cause. They are as deadly as they are beautiful, each one having the strength of ten men.”

Haldir nodded, thinking it over, but they hadn't a lot of time, so the elves joined the men and the girls on the wall. The approach of the 10,000 Uruk-hai reminded the Slayers of the army of Turok-han they had defeated only days ago.

“These guys are toast,” Vi said, gripping the handle of her sword. The Uruk-hai chanted their battle chants at the edge of the wall, until one man released an arrow early and everything went silent. When an uruk fell, the they all roared in response. The battle had begun.

Faith and Kennedy let loose at least thirty arrows apiece. Both had yet to miss. When the ladders came up, and the uruks landed atop the wall, the slayers jumped into action. Buffy used a lighter to set fire to the large pots of lamp oil and animal fat. They men dumped them over the wall onto the Uruks. Faith spotted the groups of orcs carrying large metal spheres.

“Buffy! Bombs!” Faith pulled off her tank top and tore it in two. She tied the fabric to two arrows, gave one to Kennedy and lit them both with her Zippo. The two girls fired their arrows steadily, and hit the two black orbs before they approached. The blast was large and many orcs fell. The wall was not breached. Hundreds of orcs began marching up the bridge to take out the gate.

“The gate!” Kennedy yelled. She jumped from the wall and landed on the bridge in a crouch. Vi, Rona, Caridad and six others joined her. They would stop the uruks from breaking down the door. Shortly, Gimli and Aragorn joined them. The twelve warriors fought the orcs the best they could. Rona was hit in the side of the face with a morning star and knocked off the bridge, Vi with her. Caridad was gutted by the back point of an Uruk-hai's long blade. Kennedy, Chao-Ahn and Maria shoved as hard as they could and rolled the battering ram off the bridge.

Up on the wall, the uruks were dying, but so were the men and the elves. Haldir was shot in the shoulder by an arrow, and didn't see the sword behind him, about to stab him in the back. Amanda did, and cut the uruk's head off with one swing.

“Keep fighting pretty elf-man!” she yelled, before stabbing two more uruks.

Buffy was a sight to behold. She had jumped off the wall and was face to face with the entire uruk-hai army. She jumped and spun, the Scythe cutting off heads left and right. These monsters weren't vampires, but anything will die if you pierce it's heart. When she ran out of arrows, Faith jumped down and joined her, borrowed sword sharp and ready for decapitation.

“Faith, why are you in your bra?” Buffy asked as they fought side by side.

“My shirt got blown up.”

“Well, keep distracting them with your breasts,” Buffy replied.

“Just as long as they don't touch!” Faith replied, just as an Uruk-hai grabbed for her. She cut his hand off followed by his head.

“Are we winning or losing?” Buffy asked.

“Well, most of us are still alive, but so are most of them.”

“I guess we should kill some more then,” Buffy replied. The two of them fought together in a way they never had before. This was the first time the two of them noticed that they felt stronger. More powerful. Buffy wondered idly with a tiny piece of her brain if she and Faith had received an extra dose of slayer.

The battle raged on throughout the night. The slayers were getting tired. Vi hoisted Rona over her shoulder and climbed ladder up the wall. The Uruk-hai had found another battering ram, and most of the slayers had been knocked off the bridge. It was only time before they first gate was open. Kennedy couldn't see Aragorn or Gimli any more, but she could see more. The sky was starting to go pink, the sun would be up in an hour or so, and the gate was breached. The Uruk-hai swarmed at the bridge, bottlenecking at the gate, but still managed to enter Helms Deep. Vi dragged Rona out of the way of the fighting and slapped her across the face.

“Look at me! This is nothing! Stay awake! This is nothing!” Another man lifted Rona up and carried her inside, and Vi got back to fighting, but she was weary.

The slayers fought. Caridad was dead, most of them were wounded, and elves and men were falling all around them. Suddenly, there was a loud blasting horn. Slayers, elves, men and orcs looked up to see the King, Aragorn, and several other men riding out to meet the enemy as the sun broke over the mountains. Buffy looked to where the sun was, and saw Gandalf and a large faction of men riding into the battle. The battle was turning. Finally, the Rohirrim drove the Uruk-hai army into a forest that Buffy hadn't noticed before. The slayers watched in shock as the trees moved and thrashed about, and the screaming Uruks didn't return. The battle was over.

“Faith, you got stabbed,” Buffy pointed out, where Faith held her arm, leaking blood.

“Just a little. It was my turn anyway. Let's get the wounded inside and start cleaning up.”


The field of battle was messy, but everyone did their part to get the wounded inside, and gather up the dead. When all of the bodies on their side were gathered, the remaining warriors starting piling the uruk-hai bodies to be burned. Legolas and Gimli were arguing over who killed the most. Gimli claimed 43 over Legolas' 42, and Legolas seemed unhappy.

“Only 43?” A little blonde girl, exactly the same height as Gimli said. She carried a body three times her mass, and threw it onto the pile. “I killed 117.”

“I killed 164,” another girl piped up. These two were clearly the smallest and youngest of the slayers.

“What are your names?” Legolas asked, not wanting to admit defeat to little girls.

“I'm Annie and she's Kim,” the blonde answered.

“How old are ye, lassies?” Gimli asked.

“I'm thirteen,” Kim said, running her fingers through her spiky black hair, “Annie's twelve.”

Gimli was trying not to feel badly shown up for being beaten by girl less than one-tenth his age. Annie and Kim, egged on by Gimli's appearance started singing “Whistle While We Work,” as they stacked the bodies and salvaged the weapons and armor.

“I so totally claim that axe!” Kim declared.

“Well, I get the warhammer,” Annie insisted, picking up the handle. It had a point on the end, and a solid metal head, with a pick on one side. “Dude, I'm going to kill so many monsters with this!”


Back inside the hall, Buffy had sat down with Gandalf to talk about Sauron, other's listened in while they worked over the wounded.

“So, after that Isildur guy cut of Sauron's hand he became incorporeal?” Buffy asked. Gandalf nodded.

“I believe that—when his weapon was missing—is when he forced his way into your world, at it's inception.”

“Okay,” Buffy followed, making everything click into place. “He grew stronger, especially after the possibility to wipe out the Slayer line came into being. I think his regaining of strength must have, like, corresponded between both worlds. The Seal of Danzalthar opened into the Hellmouth, the weak place between worlds. I think he was using that place to go back and forth. But we beat him out of our world and closed the doorway so now he can be killed here.”

“His very essence is tied to the One Ring. When it is destroyed, Sauron will be no more.”

“And when that's done,” Buffy concluded, “The First is scrunched and after we defeat the Morgoth beastie we can go back home. Awesome!”

Gandalf smiled. The Slayers certainly had a way with words. Sometimes they were nearly impossible to understand, even when speaking the Common Tongue.

“Theoden, we must ride for Isengard, we have business there. We will meet up with the rest of your people at Edoras after.” Gandalf spoke to Theoden, who nodded. “Will you come Buffy?”

“I'll split us up into groups, Faith will lead a contingent of Slayers to protect the Rohan people back to Edoras; and I will choose a few to come with me, and I will come with you.” Buffy decided, and left to talk with her Slayers.

The choice of who would go with which group broke down to who was good at horseback riding. In the end Buffy took Kennedy, Vi, Iris and Maggie, and Faith took all the rest. She had been complaining about her borrowed shirt, that it was baggy and made her look shapeless. But when given a task, let her irritation go. And so they separated for the time being. Buffy and four others rode with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, Eomer and Gamling.
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