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Return of a Slayer

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Summary: The Scoobies get an unexpected visitor after 10 years, and meet some new allies. Eventually Buffy/Sam pairing

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredPrtysmileFR1878,491175,06211 Sep 0912 Mar 12No


Disclaimer: Don't own Supernatural or Buffy. The character Brea Macgregor(Mac) is all mine.

The gentle breeze blew her long golden hair around her shoulders as she silently made her way into the cemetery. It's been ten years, since she's been in Sunnyhell, and it seemed like nothing had changed. A noise to her left drew her attention away from her thoughts, and she smirked as she realized exactly what it was. As she stood there quietly waiting for the vamp to attack, she felt another presence enter the cemetery. One eyebrow drew up as she realized it was a Slayer. Buffy. The vamp was getting closer ready to move in for the kill, it was like poetry in motion as she ducked the quick attack, and brought her leg up to kick him in the chest, sending him flying into a tombstone. The vamp was surprised that she moved that quickly, he was expecting to have a quick meal and get out of here before the Slayer got any closer. He looked up at the girl, and was taken aback for a minute by her beauty. His gaze traveled up skin tight black leather pants that accentuated every glorious curve, a black tank top that left little to the imagination. When his gaze finally reached her eyes, he was shocked to see that they were the color of a brewing storm. Before he had a chance to gather himself back up, she moved in with a stake in her hand, and the last thing he saw was the quick change of color in her eyes turning them stunning midnight blue.

"Mac?" a surprised voice sounded behind her. Damn it. She turned around to see a very shocked Slayer. They stood there staring at each other, until Buffy broke into a run and gathered Mac into a very tight hug. Mac, touched by the tender action, put her arms slowly around Buffy. That's when the tears started, and it seemed once Buffy got started that they didn't stop. Mac stood there letting Buffy get everything out while rubbing slow circles on her back. Slowly, Buffy pulled away and looked up at Mac, tears falling down her face.

"You O. K. Buff?" Mac asked softly. She watched as Buffy seemed to collect herself and gave her a megawatt smile.

"I never thought we would see you again," she said the tears starting to fall once again. " We got word that you had been killed." Buffy looked up in surprise as she heard a dry chuckle.

"I'm afraid that I'm not gonna get out of life that easily." Mac said jokingly. She slung an arm around Buffy's shoulder as they made their way out of the cemetery.

"So what have I missed, any apocalypses?" Mac asked, though her thoughts drifted to one certain vampire that she had missed more than she would admit.

"Not much really, surprisingly it's been kinda quiet around here for the past couple of months." Buffy replied. As they started to walk toward Giles' Buffy wondered if she should tell Mac about Spike, and then thought that she would probably rather hear it from Spike himself. She just knew that there was gonna be some fireworks, and some hurt feelings though, and mentally prepared herself to stick by her sister Slayer's side. Buffy glanced over at her companion and noticed the changes about her. Mac seemed more distant and harder than before. She held herself with more confidence like she knew what she was, and had accepted and embraced it. Buffy remembered in the cemetery when she had been watching the fight between the other Slayer and the vampire, how she had stood in awe and wonder at how quick Mac had gotten. Mac was beautiful to watch when she was fighting. She did it with ease, like she had been born to it. Then again, having an Angel for a father and a Demon for a mother Mac had said she started training at a very early age. A loud noise drew Buffy's attention, and she glanced down the street to see a black car headed their way. She went to step aside, and was shocked to see Mac stood directly in the car's way. The car stopped an inch from Mac's body, and a cute guy opened the driver's side door and got halfway out. Buffy could see the glare he threw at Mac, and was surprised to see that Mac was grinning at him.

"Damn it Mac, I could have hit you." The guy yelled at her. Mac just raised one eyebrow and smirked at him. Buffy watched the two have a glaring contest, and turned her attention to the passenger side as another, though quit taller, sexy guy emerged from the car and shut the door. As he walked toward where Buffy was standing, she noticed a faint amusement in his eyes as he watched Mac argue with the cute guy.

"I'm going to take a guess and assume you must be Buffy," a deep voice pulled her from her thoughts, and she looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes she'd ever seen.

"Um, yea that's I and you are?"

"Sam Winchester, and that smart ass over there arguing with Mac is my brother Dean." Sam laughed as he saw his brother get back into the Impala with a pout on his face. Buffy watched as Mac came around the car with a twinkle in her eyes. She stopped right in front of Buffy and Sam and leaned back against the front of the car, earning a glare from Dean.

"They're gonna give us a ride over to Giles'." Mac told Buffy. Hazel eyes met blue questioningly.

"Don't worry, they know all about me, " Mac said. " I've been with them for a while now, but the questions and stories are gonna have to wait till everyone gets together." Buffy nodded knowing that Mac was right. There was no sense in having to explain everything more than once. She pulled out her cell phone and called the one person that she knew would be able to get a hold of everyone.

"Wills, hey I need you to get a hold of Xander and meet me over at Giles'." She flipped the cell phone shut and looked over at Mac and Sam.

"She said she'll meet us over there in five."

"Is everyone gonna be there?" Mac asked hopefully. Just as Buffy was getting ready to nod her head a horn blasted loudly. Three heads turned toward Dean, who was leaning out the passenger side window.

"Are we going to get this show on the road or stand around having some chick flick moment?" Sam just shook his head and opened the door for the girls. Buffy and Mac slid into the backseat, and Mac reached up and slapped Dean in the back of the head. Dean turned around and glared at her.

"What the hell was that for?"

"That was for being an ass."She said. Beside her Buffy was trying to hold in her laughter and happened to glance up and saw Sam doing the same thing. He just shook his head, as if he was used to the two acting this way..

"Dean, this is my best friend Buffy Summers, " Dean nodded his head toward her and Buffy nodded back. " Buffy this is Dean, and I'm sure Sammy already introduced himself." Mac said and Buffy nodded. Mac leaned forward between the two guys and popped a cassette in and sat back as Highway to Hell blared from the car. She looked over at Buffy and whispered in her ear.

"Music is the one main thing we can agree on, well that and the fact that he's a hottie." Buffy couldn't hold it in any longer, and she giggled. Sam and Dean looked at each other both thinking the same thing. Chicks are weird.
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