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Life Brings Change

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Summary: What if Joyce kept a secret, what if that secret came out; what changes would it bring? A whole new world opens up for our favorite Slayer.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredfallenangelFR1822,2080309,20211 Sep 0917 Sep 09No

Vitae (Life)

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. *SIGH* BtVS belongs to Joss Wheden and NCIS belongs to Donald Bellisaria and Don McGill. The only thing that is mine is the plot.

A/N: Sorry to all my "Of Slayer and Officers" readers hope you enjoy this just as much. I've taken some liberties with cannon and I hope you enjoy them. Enjoy!

Spoilers: Through season 5 of Buffy, but I might glean stuff from later seasons and all of NCIS.

“Be brave; live, for me,” she said. Her voice the only sound that cut through the silence of the night as dawn broke against the horizon while a life was given in sacrifice.

“No,” a young, blonde haired woman whispered brokenly as she leaned against the railings of a poorly constructed tower.

She could not look away from the sight below her as her sister turned into a fine green mist. As the mist spread before disappearing she felt it gently touch her face.

“It’s ok, Buffy, you’ll understand soon,” a voice whispered in her head.

“Dawnie,” came Buffy’s broken voice as a tear slipped down her cheek.

“I love you,” were the last words that Buffy heard before the mist dissipated and then silence enveloped the night.

Buffy slowly made her way down from the top of the tower.

At the bottom of the stairs she was met by a tall bleached blond in black jeans and a leather trench coat. He had a scar across his left eyebrow.

“The Bit?” he asked with a harsh British accent as he look up the stairs.

Buffy could only shake her head as more tears filled her mossy green eyes.

As one slid down her cheek the man pulled her gently into his arms.

“I’m so sorry, luv,” he said into her hair.

“Spike,” Buffy said with a sob as more tears escaped her eyes.

Spike squeezed her tighter before letting go, knowing she did not want his comfort.

Buffy and Spike slowly made their way to Buffy’s friends even as their battered bodies protested movement.

They were all standing around a still and broken body of a man with medium length brown hair.

An older man with brown hair peppered with gray stood next to a young man with shaggy black hair, who had his arms around a perky blonde. A red haired woman was supporting another blonde with long hair.

Buffy and Spike stood across from them, the body between the group.

Looking down at the bloody and broken body of Ben, Buffy felt another tear escape down her cheek. She looked up at the older man allowing a sad smile to cross her face.

“Thanks,” she said knowing that he had done what she could not.

“My dear girl,” he replied softly in a cultured British accent.

“Giles, let’s go home,” the red head spoke.

Giles looked to the redhead beside him

“Quite right, Willow. I think you need to get Tara home, she’s had quite a few days,” Giles said, his voice soothing.

“We all have," the dark haired man and then looked to the blonde at his side "C’mon Anya, let’s go,” he continued.

Anya looked up at him with a smile.

“Okay, Xander,” she said.

Willow looked at Buffy who simply nodded at her.

“I’ll be fine, Will,” she said.

They left together murmuring quietly leaving Buffy and Spike to stare at the body.

Buffy looked over to Spike.

“Spike?” she asked.

“Yeah, luv?” he asked looking down at her.

“Do you think you could…?” Buffy trailed off as she looked down at the body.

Spike nodded.

“Yeah, luv, I’ll take care of it,” he said.

Buffy nodded and turned to make her way to her house, alone.

We’ve come full circle. Once again, I walk the night, alone.

As she left the warehouse district and toward a more suburban area Buffy marveled at how quiet the world was that morning. Almost as if it was waiting in expectation for her next move.

What am I going to do now? Mom’s gone, Dawnie’s gone. It’s just me, now.

Buffy looked up and was amazed to find herself on Revello Drive. Without realizing it she had walked all the way home. Not home anymore, not now that they’re gone.

Buffy pulled open the door to her dark house and had to force back the instinct to call out to her mom or her sister. The house seemed unnaturally still as she had forgotten to leave the light on.

Buffy quietly shut the door behind her and then started forward entering the foyer. Turning her head, she peered into the living room; at the couch she can no longer sit on but cannot make herself replace either.

Bypassing the living room Buffy quickly walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. Walking to her closet she pulled out her yummy sushi pajama pants as well as a tank top and changed into them leaving her battle torn and blood stained clothes in a pile on the floor.

Before going to her bed, Buffy went to her window and looked out at the world. Light was slowly chasing the dark away, bringing a new day to an unsuspecting world.

After staring out her window for a few minutes, Buffy turned away and dropped gracelessly onto her bed. Burrowing under the covers, she frowned.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the quiet. Goodbye Mom, Dawnie I love you. As Buffy laid in bed her eyes slowly closed and then there was nothing but white.
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