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Xander the Black Blood

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Summary: The Powers That Be's actions have been found wanting. The New Management has shaken things up, and Xander is now free to Kick Ass.

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Anime > Black Blood BrothersmpsshadowmasterFR1531,770088,30712 Sep 098 Jul 10No

Three Months Prior

Xander the Black Blood

(Disclaimer in chapter 1)

Three months prior

“You’ve whaaaaaaat? Kept the fight as we’ve left it? Imbeciles! Idiots! Morons!” Waves of anger inundated the realm that was neither Heaven nor Hell.

“The whole point was to see if static tactics would win the damn war!” Suddenly the so-called Powers That Be shattered into millions of pieces, evaporating into mist.

“Calm, Thor. My brother with treat them as they deserve.” The currently Asian man turned to face the only other person currently in that grey abyss.

“Thanatos. Or should I say Mira-san.” She laughed.

“Thanatos would be correct given the dimension. Or you could address me by my name. Al-ice. Come on, say it with me, Alllll-ice. Alice.”

Thor sighed. “I’m not in the mood to play. Those Twits have—“

“I know, I know. Broken all of the rules for this particular game. We planned for this, remember? If the Game is played outside of the set tactics by our intermediaries, we can take over, as long as we play by the new tactics we set. They have already come to me-“

“And said what? We can’t do everything we need to do?” The Japanese incarnation of death sighed. She looked like a geisha, only dressed in pure white. The only colors about her were the crimson of her eyes and lips, and the coal-black of her hair.

“No, baka. They said we could have three months to plan and three direct godly interferences as long as they could have the same time, and one direct interference.” Thor blinked. He -- looked quite like a generic SOLDIER from FF VII, minus the glowing eyes.

“One more than us?” The geisha whacked him over the head with a black sheathed katana.

“Ouch. What was that for?” He rubbed his abused skull.

“Being an idiot. I said one, as in singular. We get two more than they do. They didn’t get as screwed as we did, so they don’t need to fix as much. They are basically suggesting a return to an even playing field.”

“So? Any ideas?”

“Look, here’s what is scheduled to happen if we do nothing.” A wave of her hand and a timeline appeared. “If we replace that Whisper idiot, and get Janus off of his ass, we can act here……………………..” They talked for hours. Finally, a new plan appeared.

“Ok. That’s all settled. But who’s gonna replace that balance idiot?” He asked.

“With Janus active again, I’ll do it. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.”

“Ok, so we attack on Halloween.” Alice sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“It’s not a real war, you idiot. It’s an experiment. And with that, I need to get back to med school. Can’t become a patron god of doctors without being the best in the field.” And with that, the geisha disappeared.

“Don’t need to be a doctor, just need to Heal people. And that Blessed sword ain’t gonna help much. Holy stuff the way that thing’s blessed can’t Heal.” And with that, an AK-47 appeared on his back, and he went to find a former god a couple millennia his senior.


Here's something to read. OC's, yes, at least mostly, but they will be recurring characters. And I figured the setup would be fairly easy to write while still in the middle of research. The Buffy end is good, it's the BBB end I'm working on now. I'll give you ONE hint. Black Blood Brothers is Loooooooooooong over. ............................Given my perceptions of time, that may not be the best of hints. Oh, well.
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