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Xander the Black Blood

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Summary: The Powers That Be's actions have been found wanting. The New Management has shaken things up, and Xander is now free to Kick Ass.

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Anime > Black Blood BrothersmpsshadowmasterFR1531,770088,30212 Sep 098 Jul 10No

Chapter One, Finally

Xander the Black Blood




“High block!”


“Low guard!”


“Ok, five minuet break. You are patrolling tonight, right, Summers? I’d suggest a sweep through High Glory if I’d thought you’d listen to me.” The geisha smirked. “That place reeks, but take a sword with you, if you do go, the vampire smell is heavy enough to block the scent of other demons.”

Xander collapsed into a chair. “Who thought being the forced reincarnation of a vampire would be so tough?”

The geisha sighed. Waving her hand, her clothing changed. White turned to black, kimono to a suit. Her hair turned to spikes. Grabbing a chair, she spun it around and sat backwards on it.

“Sorry about that, but we needed Jiro Mochizuki’s powers. The Kowloon bloodline is loose again somehow, we think, and no offence Buffy, but you can not even hope to even beat a normal Black Blood. Even the newest fledgling is more durable than the oldest demonic master. They are invulnerable to wood to the heart. Only silver is guaranteed to kill them. Or even hurt them.  Some are invulnerable to daylight!  Thank your deities none of the Kowloon have ever shown that skill. Even the daylight walkers who’ve been bitten seem to loose the ability to do so.”  She ran her hands through her spiky hair.

“I might be able to take one on, if I was at full strength, and if I knew what exactly what kind of yokai I am.  Perhaps more if I was one of the more powerful types. The Dog types have some very powerful people among their ranks. What I have? Some blessed steel, the implements of Thanatos, and a horse that wants nothing to do with me. Nothing that’ll work against a Black-Blood. I am literally the Incarnation of Death, and I’m next to useless.”

“So, I can take on Ms. Buff-meister? Cool?” Both Buffy and the geisha glared at Xander.

“For the 67th time, No. You can’t fight Buffy. Verbally, perhaps, but not physically. Bad things would happen. That’s why Giles is helping with your training.”

“What do you mean, bad things?” Willow asked quietly, she’d been subdued around the geisha since they’d met at Halloween.

The geisha sighed, leaned back at bit and thought for a few moments.

“First, you can call me Alice, it’s close enough to my real name that most people prefer to use it than the Japanese form, ‘sides, most people screw up the proper pronunciation.    Second, right now, Xander is still human.  If Buffy got in a lucky shot and killed him, that’d mess with her slayer-…ness?, any way, and Xander would turn into Jiro Mochizuki. Post becoming a Black Blood, and we can’t be sure at the moment that Xander would remain.    Third, Jiro coming back in that manner would raise so many alarm bells, all hell would break loose. Black Bloods and slayers were never meant to co-exist. Crossing one another’s path? Ok, but fighting? There’s a strong possibility that the Black Bloods would decide to wipe the slayer out.    Fourth? Xander. Is. Still. Human. Just sparring with a slayer might dislodge Jiro right now, and we can’t afford that. Do you know how long it took to talk Jiro into agreeing to this? Do you know how long it took to glue those two souls together? To find parts of the souls that didn’t actually matter? To remove that weird curse that had gotten lodged in Xander’s soul? Man you were gonna have weird luck with women. Not necessarily good, mind you, but really weird.” Alice sighed. “I owe Chronos so much right now. And th’ bastard took office at the tender age of 312. Well, not the first time a yokai has taken office, but he is the oldest… Any other questions?” There were none.

“Well, if Mr. Giles is ready? Let’s begin…”




There, finally. A bit of exposition, but at least I got most of it out of my system. I will try to keep it to a minimum in the future.

Likes? Dislikes? Comments? Ideas? Leave a review. Just, please, no flames. If you don’t like it, why are you reading it?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander the Black Blood" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jul 10.

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