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Xander the Black Blood

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Summary: The Powers That Be's actions have been found wanting. The New Management has shaken things up, and Xander is now free to Kick Ass.

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Anime > Black Blood BrothersmpsshadowmasterFR1531,770088,30512 Sep 098 Jul 10No

Chapter Zero

Xander the Black Blood

Whedon owns BTVS, Funimation owns Black Blood Brothers. I, sadly, am neither.

I had wanted to go as Alucard from Hellsing. Yes, I know, crazy vampire guy. But he’s one of my favorite anime characters. I was going to go as a soldier. Simple, cheap, and kinda boring. Then I saw the Hellsing costumes at that Ethan’s place. One was kinda different; it certainly looked like Alucard’s, but- it was different. It had goggles and a katana, and there was something weird about the hat. That Ethan guy said it was from a live-action re-telling of Hellsing. Something had happened, and he had managed to get his hands on it. I wasn’t really paying attention; it was perfect. And too much money.

Ethan offered it to me 75% off; he was sick of having it in his stock and it never selling. I practically jumped at it. Took a good chunk of my savings, but it was worth it. It was complete, shirt, tie, pants, gloves, boots (which fit, oddly), coat, wig, and that hat. It only took me a few tries to get everything right (why were the gloves brown with the middle and ring fingers black?) and soon I went to pick up Buffy and Willow. Buffy was a gorgeous noblewoman, and Willow was her usual ghost. Buffy seemed annoyed, but Willow has always gone as a ghost; she wouldn’t be the Willow I know and love if she didn’t.

Shortly after nightfall, just before we were to get the kids home, a –a wave of magic crashed over the town. (Giles’ words, not mine.) As the magic passed over me, my life changed forever. I – I’m still not entirely sure about what happened next, that night is still fuzzy. But what I do know, is that my life ended, kinda. Or maybe my life started, again. I lost a lot, but what I got, made up for it in spades. I’m still learning, but with Willow becoming more and more adept in magic the going has been swift. And fun.

I help The Slayer on a nightly basis now, easily her equal in combat. The Balance has changed now, now that the ones above the Powers That Be have returned. Good is to win, we will win this war.

For I am now, and forever, a Black Blood.

Ok, I'm being a little too poetic.

End chapter 0.

Yes, I said Zero. Most I can do until I watch Black Blood Brothers a few more times. This will eventually become a full-fledged cross-over, Xander just needs to learn a bunch of stuff first. Next chapter: Starting With the Aftermath! And Chaos’ Death.

Hmm……… what IS Xander?
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