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Wishing on the Hellmouth

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Summary: Willow, Faith, and Xander find wishing while drunk can be detrimental to your health.

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Part 12 –Epilogue
Xander’s POV

I cant believe we didn't see this sooner, I mean I knew Willow was in the hospital for a week after Angels soul restoration, but I thought now since she was all with the magic, that didn't happen anymore. I was wrong. I wanted to stay in that clearing and gloat about what I could do, but when I smelled Willows blood and saw the way her nose was bleeding and how much she was leaning on us I understood that great power came with a price. One minute we were standing away from everything at the lupanar and the next moment we were standing behind a run down motel.

Whoa, that was weird.” Faith told me as she looked around.

“Yeah, we still aren’t home though.” I then noticed that Willow was no longer supporting her weight. I thought she was tired but when we tried to get her to look up, her head rolled to the side, her nose was still bleeding and her eyes were closed, it finally hit us she had fainted.

“Damn, we should have finished them off sooner, not played around. Red’s in a bad shape, we need to get a room and get her inside.” Faith was worried and so was I.

“You get us a room, hopefully we have enough.” I was glad I always carry some cash with me. I knew we weren't back in Sunnydale but at least we were safe…for now. I took out all my cash which amounted to $45.00, Faith did the same and we ended up with $75.00 between the both of us not counting what Willow had, she always carried money too.

Faith was able to get a room. She got one that faced the alley instead of the main street, which was even better. We got to the room and looked around, as second-string motels go this wasn't so bad. It had clean sheets on the beds and towels in the bathroom. I laid Willow down on the bed while Faith got a wet towel so we could clean her up and then ourselves. I knew we needed a first aid kit for my arm, I told Faith to go get as many first aid supplies as she could find, at the store across the street. I also told her to get some needle and thread I needed stitches. She was the most decent looking one out of us, I had blood on my clothes and so did Willow. Faith had some shallow cuts on her arms that we covered up with Willow’s jacket.

Willow still hadn’t moved, she was very pale or paler than normal; her nose had stopped bleeding which I think was a good sign. Faith came back 20 minutes later with the make shift first aid kit and food. I was glad for the food, I hadn’t thought about that. We cleaned up and Faith stitched me up as best she could, I couldn't complain, its not like I could pop over to the nearest hospital or anything. It was dawn when we finally decided to rest. Faith and I took the other bed and left Willow the other one. At any other time I would have been ecstatic over sleeping in the same bed with Faith, but right now I worried about Willow, and were we where to be worried about who slept next to me or in what. I drifted to sleep thinking about what tomorrow would bring and how we were going to get home. The one thing thought that reassured me was that we were together, and that was better than being alone.

Faith’s POV

I was worried Red didn’t look to good, even though her nose had stopped bleeding. I got food because I knew everyone was bound to be hungry after all the calorie burning we did with the fighting. I wasn't being very talkative, but then there was nothing to talk about. I cleaned myself up put band-aids and disinfectant on my cuts, Xander did the same to his and by agreement we left the one that needed stitching for last. I wasn't good with a needle but he didn't complain. I was glad I don't think I would have been able to finish if he would have said something. My stitches weren't pretty and he would have a scar but it got the job done, it wasn't bleeding quite so much anymore.

We decided to leave Willow a bed by herself. I took of my boots, socks, jeans and shirt. I normally slept nude but since I was haring with Xander, I decided to sleep in my undies. He did the same, except he slept in his boxers. I was amazed at whatever had come over him. He wasn't throwing around his snippy little sex innuendos, he just got in on his side and told me goodnight. I did the same, then laid in the dark wondering where the hell we where and how we would get home, not to mention how much time we had before the nasties we left in the clearing found us. I fell asleep; thinking as long as we stayed together everything might turn out ok.

Jason’s POV

I was confused. I didn't remember where I was for a moment, and then I did. I was confused again. Everything was too quiet. I remembered being near Jean-Claude, Richard, Anita and Asher but I was only standing near Damien and he was just blinking looking as confused as I felt. I tried to walk but I kind of stumbled, like when your leg falls asleep, except both my legs felt that way. All the wolves felt the same way I had when I went walking around looking for Richard and Jean-Claude. I immediately noticed that the 3 human where no longer in the clearing, I couldn't smell them. That was unexpected. I sniffed the air and followed my nose to Richard, who was sprawled on the ground…he looked like he was sleeping. I saw Shang-Da and Jamil walking this way, so I left Richard to them.

I saw Anita being tended to by Sylvie and Damien…I sniffed the air looking for Jean-Claude scent. I found it, seconds later I found him. When I saw him I was stunned speechless. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was on the ground, his hair was in disarray as was his clothes and he was gagged. I laughed, then saw how pissed he was and my laughter left me just as suddenly as it had come. I kneeled down and took of his gag…he swallowed then said, ”Asher…go to Asher, make sure he is alright cherie, now please go:” That was the first time Jean-Claude ever used please with me. I was about to ask him how he was going to get out of the chains but then thought better of it. I nodded and sniffed the air for Asher’s scent; I found it and wandered to where he was.

I found him face down on the ground. I wondered if he was awake or asleep it was hard to tell with vampires. I kneeled down next to him pulled his hair out of his face and asked, ”Are you ok?”

“Find Jean-Claude.” Funny. That was the first thought out of Jean-Claude’s mouth. I wondered if maybe Anita was going to get thrown over soon, but that didn’t matter to me one way or the other.

“He's fine, well if you called being gagged and chained up by 3 humans fine.” I shrugged what else could I say.

“Make no mistake, Jason they were not human. The redhead is a very powerful witch and the other boy feels like a shifter, hyena but not exactly. The brunette is strong and fast but what she is I couldn't tell you, she smells of death and something I cant quite name.” He still hadn’t moved I wondered if maybe he likes it down here.

“OK, if you say so, can you get up now, Jean-Claude probably wants to see you.” The last I made up but who cares, it was the fastest way to get a vampire to do as asked. This time however it just made Asher laugh and groan.

“I cant move, most of the bones in my body where broken, and the ones that weren't don't help me in that department much.” Damn, maybe those 3 weren't really human.

“Well, do you want me to get Jean-Claude then? Or are you gonna suck it up while I pack you into the limo for the ride to the Circus because dawns fast approaching.” I don't think he remembered about dawn, maybe his head had been cracked, which brought up my next question, “How did this happen anyway?”

“Ah, the witch thought her friend was taking too long in teaching the proper way to greet guests, so she decided to give me lessons herself by making me fly about 20 ft in the air then dropping me until I didn't so much as twitch anymore. It was very uplifting in a broken sort of way.” I winced I couldn’t help it, I bet that hurt. And as to your question? Get us back to Circus as soon as possible. I will mend in my coffin, after setting all my boned in place and I’d just as soon not pass out and embarrass us further in front of Zeeman’s wolves.” I understood his point. I flipped him unto his back as gently as I could then picked him up in my arms and tried my best not to hurt him more than I already was. I decided to get Jean-Claude and head over to Circus.

I passed Anita and Richard and over heard that they were fine except for some bruises, I could smell the blood rush to their cheeks as they answered questions on what had happened. I thought that curious but didn't stop to chat. We ran into Jean-Claude, and I was happily wondering how he had got out of his chains. He rushed over to me and looked at Asher.

“Oh, my… the little witch sure did a number on you mon ami, are you all right?” I was a little jealous of all the concern the vampire was getting, no one asked me if I was getting hurt carrying him around.

Hollow laugh came from Asher, “I am as all right as I could be, we must get back to the Circus dawn approaches fast and we have shown enough weakness for one day. This will hurt your reputation, some might try to take advantage of that as well as trying to recruit the 3 who caused this.” Asher was always thinking in terms of what was better for Jean-Claude, he was usually right. The Master of the City just nodded and led the way to the limo that would take us home. I left Asher in Jean-Claude’s hands once we got to the Circus. I didn't know why but I felt that we hadn’t seen the end of those 3. I was betting on Jean-Claude wanting to find them and any information anybody had on them. I didn't know why but I had the feeling those 3 would change the way many viewed the St Louis power base.

The End

The Sequel to Wishing on the Hellmouth is in the works but I'm not too sure when I will actually write it. The title to the sequel will be Living on the Hellmouth but first I want to try and finish the rest of my fics.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishing on the Hellmouth". This story is complete.

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