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Wishing on the Hellmouth

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Summary: Willow, Faith, and Xander find wishing while drunk can be detrimental to your health.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredlessthanlucidFR131218,966123282,02613 Jan 0321 Jan 03Yes

Wishing on the Hellmouth 1

Title: Wishing on the Hellmouth
Author: LessthanLucid
Rating: R
Disclaimers: Characters aren't mine they belong to their creators, Joss and LKH.
Pairing: Willow/? Haven't decided yet
Summary: Willow, Faith, and Xander find wishing while drunk can be detrimental to your health.
Distribution: Just ask and it yours.
Feedback: Always welcome, especially since it's my first AB x-over fic.
Note: Spoilers up to Season 7 after that AU fic all the way. AB eludes to events after Narcissus in Chains but nothing extremely specific just general things.Not betaed, so all mistakes are my own.


Sunnydale, California - St Peters Cemetery

Sounds of struggles coming from the nearby.

"Yo, Red?"


"This bites, no pun intended."

"Maybe you should help him Faith..."

"But he said he wanted to do it by himself, I say let him."

"A little help here..." an out of breath Xander spoke from his position on the ground trying to keep the newly risen vamp from biting him.


"Faith." Willow warned.

"Fine but I get to say I told you so later, Xapper" Faith grumbled over to the wrestling pair took out her stake and plunged into the vampires back dusting him seconds before he would have bitten Xander's neck.

"Take your time about it Faith, I like becoming vamp chow."

"All right, enough both of you. This was the last possible on our list, so that means we are free to go home and do fun over 21 stuff...or maybe not since we are all on Buff's bad list..."Willows voices dropped off as everyone in their little group started remembering the whys and hows of Buffy's anger towards them.

Willow felt she had let the blond slayer down trying to kill everyone in the gang, trying to end the world, using black magic, and the worst being taking her away from heaven. She was aware of the fact that at any given moment she could hurt everyone again because the hellmouth called to those dark magics she had absorbed. Sometimes her control was not enough. Some days the pain of Tara's death brought out her rage as nothing else could and she would see her eyes begin to turn black. That's why she had begun to use sunglasses everyday rain or shine.

Faith felt she had done too many wrongs to Buffy to ever be able to fix them completely; no amount of guilt could ever take back most things she had done. She had got out of prison and had been determined to make all her wrongs right. It was hard for her to feel guilty because sometimes she felt all the bad things she had done were justified but at those times she would hold on to the fact that she had paid her debt to society and that all she had left was her calling. Being the slayer had become her obsession on the road to redemption.

Xander hadn't done anything but ask Buffy to give Faith and Wills a second chances. He was a firm believer in second chances but it still felt as if he was taking sides. He had betrayed Buffy in a small way but it had caused a big rift in their relationship. One he wasn't sure he would ever understand or be able to fix. He knew Wills and Faith were trying, sometimes things got too much for them so he came by and relieved some of the tension with his antics. Which was why he had plans for them tonight.

"Well, ladies its Friday night we have no more newbies to wait for and I for one am ready to party..." Xander dusted himself off leaned over a headstone and brought out his backpack.

"Oh yeah, well I have to get home and...."

"And?" Xander prompted taking out a bottle of Tequila.

"And... It's not important. I am all for the party." Faith skipped over to Xander.

They both turned to Willow with the same question in their eyes.

"Guys, I don't think it's a good idea to drink on patrol..."Willow was dying to say yes but she feared loosing control.

"Aww Wills, come on one night of fun, you can do a protection spell and those little sparkly things that you used to do for fun...please buddy, old pal..."Xander gave Willow his best puppy dog look, the one he knew Willow couldn't resist no matter what.

"Yeah, Red let your hair daring."

"Twist my arm why don't you...But Ok I'm in. Protection spell coming right up."

As the night progressed the 3 talked, walked, and drank each trying to forget their pains, troubles, and overall misery in their lives. Willow conjured another bottle when the first one was gone. She had a whole bunch of those sparkly lights Xander liked so much floating around them as they walked around Sunnydale in their impromptu party. They were having a wonderful time. Although by the beginning of the second bottle of Jose Cuervo the conversation had become philosophical, in a way only drunks can be.



"Wish there was somewhere, were we were normal."


"Me too…I hate being careful with guys…I could break them ya know…"

"I leak all over." Willow slurred as she stumbled over to sit on park bench Xander and Faith were already on.

"Eww…were you taking a leak over there Wills? Cause if you were its all right. I am all about girl power."

"No, and eww."

"Well, Red you said a leak and then something aboot leaking all over," Faith pointed out as she slid of the bench onto the grass. "Wow all of a sudden you'll look very big…I don't like feeling small…help me up Xander."

"OK but I still believe Wills was taking a leak over there…damn Faith your heavy."

"Hey, that's not nice thing to say to a girl Xand…"Willow slurred as she also got into helping pick up the slayer. They all ended up in a pile near the bench, as they were all too drunk to balance themselves without toppling over like dominoes. With great effort they were able to sit side by side their backs against the bench.

"I hate not being able to pick up Faith." Xander mumbled.

"I hate being different" Faith announced.

"I hate being not able to accept what I am because its scares Buffy." Willow told her companions in a stage whisper…as if by saying it out loud she was being a Judas.

"Its ok Wills…" Xander told her grabbing both her and Faiths hands hoping to comfort them.

Then it happened. They all, in their alcohol induced stupor, spoke the same words as if they had read each other's mind. "I wish I was somewhere I could be myself and be considered normal." Came out of their mouths at the same time and surprisingly unslurred by any of them.

Xander grabbed their hands even harder in his joy of being able to call personal jinx on them both. "Personal…" That's when it happened a black whole appeared in front of them, they still didn't understand what was happening. In the blink of an eye, they found themselves on the ground looking at the sky. "…Jinx, Wills and Faith cant talk till somebody says their name." Xander hurried and finished, as he didn't want to let the others beat him to it. Both Willow and Faith raised their heads to glare at him, when they saw they were no longer near a park bench. In fact they were in a clearing surrounded by glowing eyes.

Xander was still looking at the pretty Willow sparklies that circled up above them. Faith was getting wigged out with her glowing eyes hallucination and hating the fact she couldn't talk. Willow was also mentally grumbling about Xander calling personal jinx and wondering why glowing eyes were making noises. She could hear all these growling noises and well a distinct, "What the fuck?"
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