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Where no Slayer has been before

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Summary: Buffy and Willow aboard the USS Enterprise. See what happens when the Slayer and a powerful witch meet Captain Kirk and cause some action in the Star Trek World. Set after the first and the 2009 Star Trek Movie! Buffy/Bones pairing!

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After Buffy and Dawn defeated the last Turok-Hans Dawn sank to the ground, breathing heavily. This must have been exhausting for her. Worried, Buffy knelt down next to her.

“Are you alright?”

“Give me some time and I will be. I just used a lot magic.” Dawn answered raising her hand to the cut on her forehead.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not much.” Dawn answered and not long after, her blood did the rest. The wound glowed green for a short moment, before it closed without leaving a scar.
“See, all gone now.”

Buffy always liked the fact that Dawn was able to heal herself, that made her worry less about her baby sister.

“You did great!” Buffy told her honestly, helping her back to her feet.

“Thanks. So what happened up there?”

“Oh yes… we need to get back. Mia’s all alone with the Cardassians.” Buffy remembered, feeling bad having forgotten all about the younger slayer.

“Alright. Let’s go then.” Dawn said, though she sounded confused. That wasn’t surprising for Buffy, as Dawn had no idea what had happened during the time she had been on earth.

Dawn opened another portal and they stepped through it, right onto the bridge of the Enterprise. Mia lunged from the Captain’s chair as soon as she saw them.

“Thank god!!! The Cardassian ship hailed us twice. But I didn’t answer.” She told them, still slightly panicked.

“Okay, hail them now. I will tell them what we do.”

Mia nodded pressing a few buttons on the station she stood next to and only a few minutes after the Cardassian appeared on the screen again.

“I thought you were ignoring us.”

“No. We didn’t. I told you that we would talk about our next moves and contact you afterwards.” Buffy told the Cardassian, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“So?” he demanded to know.

“Easy enough. We will follow the ship that has our crew on it. If we catch them, we will either find your crew as well, or the mastermind behind all this, who can tell you where to find your crew.”

“That sounds good enough, but when we find them, how will you get on board? We cannot destroy the ship and they know that, so our only chance is to board the ship.”

“We have a plan for that. You just need to keep them occupied, while we board the ship. After we lowered the shields, you can board as well.”

“I don’t know how you think you can manage that.” Buffy laughed at the words of the Cardassian, before she told him.

“You don’t need to! As long as we know how to do it, it’s enough, isn’t it?”

“I guess you’re right. And we have no choice but to trust you.” He sounded very unhappy about the situation. Buffy understood that perfectly, as she felt the same, even though they were in a better position than he was because they knew more. Besides, they had magic on their side.

“We will contact you again, when we catch up with them. Enterprise out!” Buffy said and gave Mia a pointed look that made her end the transmission.

“Could anyone explain to me why we are working together with the Cardassians? Didn’t they attack us not long ago, as well as New Vulcan?” Dawn asked confused looking at her.

“Yes, but they have the same problem we do. Somehow all members of his crew have gone missing, except for those who had been on New Vulcan. So for the time being we will work together to find out who is behind all this.”

“Right…. So we will follow Willow and the others with them?”

“Exactly. Did you get what you need to cloak us, so that they just see the Cardassian ship coming?” Buffy asked Dawn and her sister obviously understood her plan that minute.

“Oh, that is a great idea. Let them be the decoy. And yes, I did get it. I borrowed a little subroutine from a friend. He has been working on this cloaking shield for a while now. It is not fully working at the moment, but with my magic, I think I can make it work.”

“How long will you need to make it work?” The more time the abductor got with Willow the more worried Buffy grew. Who knew what he was doing to her? And the rest of the crew… not to forget Bones.

From all her former fights, she knew that worrying only distracted her and she needed to be focused. Therefore, she pushed the worry back into the back of her head.

“I guess about an hour. But the ship is so far away already that I can install it while we track them.”

“Good. Let’s do it then. Can you set the course for where they are?”

“What would you do without me?” Dawn sighed, shaking her head while making her way towards Mr. Sulu’s station.
She locked in the coordinates and jumped to warp.

“They have stopped moving. So we will catch up with them in about two hours. That gives me enough time to change the routine.”

“Stopped? But where? What are they up to?” Buffy was beyond worried by now. She had no idea what was going on and she hated that. She needed to know what was going on in order to find a way to fight it.

This was one of those times she had to fight without knowing anything about the situation. This had been the case only a few times during her lifetime and she had hated it every single time.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Where no Slayer has been before" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Mar 11.

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