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Where no Slayer has been before

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Summary: Buffy and Willow aboard the USS Enterprise. See what happens when the Slayer and a powerful witch meet Captain Kirk and cause some action in the Star Trek World. Set after the first and the 2009 Star Trek Movie! Buffy/Bones pairing!

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Commander Summers

Hi guys,

this came to me after I watched the new Star Trek movie, I always loved the USS Enterprise, but I think the new film is just amazing and I just LOVE the way the characters were portrayed.

So this is my turn of how Star Trek would be with Buffy and Willow in it!

Now have fun with the first chapter and please review to tell me what you think of it!

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING, neither Buffy nor Star Trek or it's characters belong to me!
But I guess you already knew that^^

2258 Starfleet Academy, Earth

“Congratulations Captain.”

“Same to you Admiral.” Kirk smirked at the man who made him join Starfleet and he was beyond grateful for this. Now he was Captain of the greatest Space Ship out there, the Enterprise.

“Don’t let it get to you though.” Admiral Pike said looking up at him from his wheelchair.

“Me?! Never, you know me.”

“That’s why I am saying this.” Admiral Pike answered smiling. He had known from the very beginning that there was more to him than just the farm boy appearance and now after three short years, he had kept his promise. He was now the youngest Captain of a Starfleet ship, ever.

“Captain?” Kirk turned around and looked at Admiral Barnett who had promoted him only a few minutes earlier.

“Yes sir?”

“There are two new crewmen I would like to introduce to you, if you follow me.” Kirk nodded once at Admiral Pike before following the other Admiral. He couldn’t wait to return to the Enterprise though. His ship. He smiled thinking of that.

The Admiral led him through the hall and stopped in front of two young women in Starfleet uniforms. What surprised him was that one was a commander and the other one a lieutenant commander.

One of the women, the Commander, was wearing a red uniform. She had honey colored hair which she had pulled into a high ponytail. She was not very tall and rather petite. The look she gave him was an amused one, he could see the silent laughter in her green eyes.

The other woman wore a blue uniform, which meant she was a science officer. She had auburn colored hair that was braided and her light brown eyes mirrored those of the other woman, because she was amused too. The question was by what?!

But they were both pretty and having them on his ship would be interesting, that was for sure.

“Captain Kirk these are Commander Buffy Summers and Lieutenant Commander Willow Rosenberg. Lieutenant Commander Rosenberg will be one of your science officers and Commander Summers is your new head of security.”

Buffy smiled amused when the Captain just stared at her. That wasn’t surprising most people did when they heard what she did. Even though it was annoying to be underestimated all the time. But then again she knew how she looked like; small and blond, not what you expected from a head of security.

But there was more to her than what met the eye. After all she was the Slayer, for over 250 years now but that was a completely different story.

“How can she be the head of security? I mean she is tiny.” he finally managed to say and Buffy laughed but it was the Admiral who explained it.

“She has served on quite a few ships before and her reputation is excellent. You can be glad that she is on your crew.”

“Quite a few? She isn’t older than 25, how is that possible?”

“How is it possible for a 25 year old to be captain of his own ship?!” Willow replied. It would be better to not tell everyone about them being immortal. The admirals of Starfleet knew because it would be too difficult to change the name every few years and join the Academy all over again.

“Touché.” Kirk replied an amused smile on his lips.

“Alright-y, now that we have this we should get back to the ship. I cannot wait to see it.” Buffy replied excited. She had heard so many good things about the Enterprise and it’s crew, she was beyond glad being a part of it now.

After living 277 years a lot of things became boring. Sure she loved the fact of being able to travel through space but when nothing happened it could become quite boring too. The crew of the Enterprise was young and adventurous though, as they had proven before. So she hoped that aboard the new spaceship they would be able to have some fun again.

“Commander Summers is right, if you’ll excuse us Admiral.” Kirk replied and the Admiral nodded.

“Of course. Go and the best of luck.” Kirk started walking and Buffy and Willow followed him closely. It was Buffy who heard what the Admiral was saying under his breath, thanks to her Slayer senses.

“You will need it.”

Just a short teaser to see what you guys think of it! So tell me, constructive criticism is always welcomed, but flames will be ignored, so no need to waste your time writing it!
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