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And I Shall Be Your Sword

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Summary: Dean is special, just not in the way anybody thinks. Spoilers for 5x01 'Sympathy for the Devil'

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesdirebansheeFR131627031,01012 Sep 0912 Sep 09Yes
And I Shall Be Your Sword

Disclaimer: iz not mine, iz not going to be, iz sad :(

Author’s Note: Something like this has been kicking around my head since we learned that Dean was supposed to stop Lucifer but with what happened on the premiere Thursday, I just had to write it out. Probably just a one shot but might get more parts added as the season progresses. Hope you enjoy.
~Dire Banshee

Turns out that Heaven didn’t just lose Michael’s sword, they lost the whole damned angel. Well, not damned but you get what I mean. The point is that no one knew what had happened to either Michael or his sword but according to Zachariah, once the archangel’s vessel was found and accepted his role in things, accepted Michael into his skin; Heaven’s General would know it and just appear. He was both right and wrong. Once Dean had been identified 100% as the archangel’s meatsuit the angel in question had indeed sought him out. What threw them all for a loop, however, was just how he managed to do that.

Dean stared at the young woman seated across from him at the table in the Winchesters’ latest motel room. Sam sat beside him while Castiel hovered in the background, both watching the girl with blue in her hair and a ring in her nose who picked at her peeling nail polish like she hadn’t just dropped the biggest bombshell since Lucifer rising.

“This has gotta be some kind of joke,” Dean muttered.

She glanced up at him with big blue eyes and smiled.

“Nope, no joke.” She shrugged apologetically. “Sorry.”

“You’re Michael? Archangel, Heaven’s General Michael?”

“No, singer/songwriter Michael,” she snarked. “Yes archangel Michael. It’s not a difficult concept.”

“Sorry,” Sam said before Dean could open his mouth again. “It’s just that, the angels told us that Dean was Michael, er, your vessel not uh…”

She arched an eyebrow.

“Goth girl?” she supplied helpfully.


“Yeah, well, Zach doesn’t know quite as much as he likes to think he does.”

“Meaning?” Dean prompted.

“She is human,” Castiel spoke. “She is not an angel within a vessel. She is her vessel.”

Michael shrugged and pointed to Castiel.

“What he said.”

“What,” Sam began. “What does that mean, you are your vessel?”

“It means that twenty-four years ago I was born into this flesh, gave up the part of myself Zachariah calls my sword to become as close to human as I could and wait for the day I would have to face Lucifer again. Up until two weeks ago I didn’t remember anything except being the daughter John and Catherine Jacobson then big brother busts out of prison and I get slammed with all these memories of being an angel and knowing what I have to do.”

“Which is?” Dean prompted.

“Find the one who shares my grace and become myself again.”

She stood up and stretched, arms above her head, shirt raising enough to reveal a strip of stomach and the piercing in her navel.

“I’m hungry,” she announced. “Let’s go get a pizza or something.”

Dean was still stuck on being a container for angel juice and stood to face her as she pulled on an old camouflage army jacket.

“So, if I’ve got a part of your grace swimming around in me,” he began and she looked up at him. Like, really up. She couldn’t be any taller than five feet, if that. “How do you get it back?”

A smirk curved her lips and a not so angelic twinkle entered her eyes as those same eyes swept over his body from head to toe, lingering on a few places in between, before returning to his face.

“Oh,” she said. “I can think of a few ways.”

Then she was striding out the door and climbing into the passenger seat of the Impala, leaving the Winchester’s to gape at each other and Castiel to follow or not.

“Dude,” Dean started, glancing at Sam. “Did Michael just hit on me?”

“Michael is not like other angels,” Castiel said.

“Kinda figured that one out, Cas,” the hunter replied.

The End

You have reached the end of "And I Shall Be Your Sword". This story is complete.

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