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that-ism-this-ism's Story Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: Fanart for all of that-ism-this-ism's stories, such as 'Chop and Change', 'Lie That Binds', 'We Are Shadows On Our Own', and 'Fight From The Inside'. Anyone can post here!

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Supernatural > Fanart
Supernatural > Connor-Centered
TouchoftheWind + 12 othersFR13231,32403910,85912 Sep 0919 Jul 10No


This is a Fanart collection for the author known to many as dollarformyname now under the name oooo. Recently she has been having problems with RL and has removed her stories from this site. Eventually she may repost them but for the moment they are either posted on her F-Locked LiveJournal account or on The Fanfiction account has her Gen stuff, while her LJ will hold her Slash/Explicit works.

I have revised the links which will either direct you to her LJ or to the Fanfiction account.

Stories by oooo:

Chop and Change Series
We Are Shadows On Our Own
The Lie That Binds- Link coming soon!
Before Your Time Has Run Astray
Don’t Expect Me Back Series
Seeing Is Deceiving
Fight From the Inside
The Sun Is Shinin’ And I Wanna Go

However- if you do have any Fanart for any of her other stories than please go ahead and post it! Just put the correct story/series name in the title.

Correct way to label the chapter:

Username- name of story or series

example- TouchoftheWind- Chop and Change

For this collection some titles may be abbreviated in the chapter titles- below is a list of them so far:

We Are Shadows On Our Own- Shadows
Before Your Time Has Run Astray- Before Your Time

Also if you do recieve review specific to your Fanart then please answer them as I do not answer reviews for fanart that isnt mine.

Useful Vincent Karthesier Gallery:
A Pair of Blue Eyes
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