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The Time Traveler's Slayer

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Summary: He repeated places a lot, drawn to big events. Buffy was a big event. For the "To Boldly Go" challenge.

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Movies > Time Traveller's Wife, TheMizuFR133939042,81513 Sep 0917 Sep 09No

Multiple Meetings

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy: The Vampire Slayer nor The Time Traveler's Wife belong to me. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and The Time Traveler's Wife belongs to Audrey Niffenegger, although this is set in the movie!verse.

Buffy saw Henry a lot after the ice skating rink.

He never stayed very long, only a few minutes at most. Long enough to check in, smile, and ask her how things were. Always when she was alone or when her mother was distracted by her friends.

Buffy knew she should be suspicious. Her parents had warned her about strangers of course, and she didn't know anything about Henry, not really. She knew he had a daughter, though he seemed confused about how old she was, and that he dressed funny. She knew his wife was an artist. Nothing about who he was or why he came to visit her. She should have told her parents about him.

But she also knew that his eyes were friendly and that his voice was warm. That he was always happy to see her. That he was never rushing away to something more important, even when he disappeared without warning. He was always interested in what she had to say.

So Buffy ignored the way his hair was sometimes dark, and sometimes had gray in the temples. She ignored how he seemed to forget things they talked about from one visit to another. How his daughter changed from three to a newborn to being five, all in the space of six months.

He was just a nice guy, if a little crazy, and Buffy liked talking to him. Their meetings were something to look forward to, when her parents ignored her, or talked over her. She knew Henry would listen; would talk to her instead of at her. She liked having a grown up that seemed to actually care.

Things were simple, and Buffy was happy. Until, after almost a year of meetings, her mother met Henry.

They were shopping downtown, and her mother was busy in a discussion with the salesgirl. Buffy wandered away, bored, to look at the new shoes on display. Her mother could be hours.

Buffy was delighted when Henry sat down next to her. His hair was gray again, but he smiled. She started chatting immediately about school, how Chrissy was being mean and how she wanted to try out for PeeWee cheerleading.

Henry laughed and they chatted. He asked her how things were at home, and only smiled sadly when Buffy changed the subject to his daughter.

Her mother appeared then, apparently done with the salesgirl and eyed Henry suspiciously. She grabbed Buffy by the arm, pulling her away before Buffy could say goodbye.

What have I said about strangers? Her mother insisted angrily.

But he's not a stranger, he's Henry! I see him all the time! Buffy explained.

Her mother's eyes widened and she quickened her pace, dragging Buffy along and ignoring her protests.

Buffy didn't see Henry again for a long time.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Time Traveler's Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Sep 09.

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