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Dark Connections

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Summary: Sam struggles with Dean's instruction to kill the witch, Willow. Dark, angsty, and romantic.

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Past Donor)CasFR18319,8061173,91313 Sep 0919 Sep 09Yes

Chapter One

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(Co-written with Catscorner

Pairing: Sam/Willow (with mentions/cameos by Dean/Buffy)
Characters: Not ours, Joss' & Kripke's - We're just playin' with 'em

Summary: Sam struggles with Dean's instruction to kill the witch, Willow. Dark, angsty, and romantic. A standalone fic, but in the same world and loosely connected with the Dean/Buffy fic, Inspiration Point, which is also posted here)

Sam was sitting on the machine at the laundro-mat, trying to read and ignoring the chattering going on around him, when his cell rang. Glancing at it, his eyebrows raised. "Dean?"

"Hey. I don't have much time, Buffy will be back any moment."

"You having a good time?" The moment the questions spilled from his lips, Sam was regretting it because Dean would probably take that for an invitation to give blow by blow details on their sex life. It was the first time they'd managed to get back to Sunnydale since his brother and Buffy had hooked up, and now Dean was grabbing a couple days with her while he could.

"Yeah, great but we have a problem."

"What problem? Dude I am not going on a condom run..." Sam hissed, remembered the last stupid thing Dean had asked for when he was on a date. Sure, it had probably been just to rile him up, but still.

"You know Willow? Research girl Buffy talked about? Her best friend? Turns out she's a witch. And Sammy, not just any witch... some call her 'world destroyer.' I checked it out, and it’s true. But I can't... Buffy won't let me get to her, so we gotta be smart about this."

Sam's breath hissed out. Already he didn't like any of this. "What do you want to do? Want me to find out more about her?"

"Nah, I need you to take care of her, while I keep Buffy busy."

"Take care of her, Dean..." Sam licked his lips. "I don't think that's a good idea, you need to talk to Buffy. Maybe there's something you don't know. I mean, she's the fucking Slayer... that's gotta mean something, she's not gonna be fooled by..."

"You don't think I know that? I checked it out Sam, it's true, alright. The people who are close to us can fool us best, you 'know' that."

Right. Just the reason he'd been able to fool Dean, hiding his closeness with Ruby, even drinking her blood, turning her into his addiction and keeping Dean in the dark. Thanks for bringing it up, bro. "What... what do you mean take care of her. Put her somewhere until..."

"Shit, she's here. I mean kill her Sam. Don't be fooled by how sweet she is, she's the real thing. Evil. I'll... I'll send Bobby in to help you, but we don't have a lot of time."

"Who're you talking to?"

"Sam, just saying bye. Bye Sam."

Sam heard Buffy's voice and then his brother hung up on him, his instructions clear. Troubled, he climbed down to check on the dryer.

* * *

With the oven cracked, Willow inhaled the yummy scents of lasagna before pushing the door shut with her knee. So what if Xander had bailed on her because he finally got the check-out girl from neighborhood supermarket to go out on a date? Willow was determined not to let her hard work go to waste. There was nothing wrong with eating by herself. She was a grown, independent woman who didn't need another woman - or man, for that matter - to make her complete. The check-out girl was probably a demon anyway and Xander would show up with a harrowing tale and an empty stomach.

She was just finishing sifting the powdered sugar onto the chocolate lava cake when she heard the doorbell. With a broad smile, she bounded to the door, wiping her hands on her apron before pulling it open. "So what was she? Succubus? Siren? Oh!! Sam!" Willow's eyes went wide when she realized it wasn't Xander at the door at all. She hadn't actually met Dean's brother, but she'd seen him in the car when he'd dropped Dean off. "Uhm... hey," she grinned sheepishly. "You're Sam, right? Willow," she extended her powdered-sugar hand and invited him in.

Seeing the white powder all over the redhead, including the smudge on her nose, and the hand she was giving him, Sam gave a low chuckle, looking down to hide his smile, though he took her hand. "That's quite a greeting, but unless it's Dean asking me those questions, I'd have to say 'incubus'." As if getting the girl jokes from his brother wasn't enough. "Dean around?" he asked, following her inside, trying to ignore his conscience telling him this was 'all wrong.'

"Oh no, he and Buffy went up to the mountain... you know, Inspiration Point," she waggled her brows suggestively. "They got a little cabin and aren't supposed to be back for a couple days. Didn't he tell you?" Her expression changed, suddenly concerned, "Is there something wrong? Are they coming back early?"

"Nah, he didn't... or maybe I cut him off before he gave TMI," he nodded, looking at her. "I kinda needed his help on... on something. I guess it can wait." He took a deep breath, his stomach rumbling at the smell of a home cooked meal. "You having company? Why don't I get out of your way?" He glanced at the door, but hoped for an invitation. But by the time he looked back at her bright eyes and open expression, he was hoping she'd toss his ass out.

"Oh! No... well, I was. But he cancelled. Xander... that is. He's just a friend. He's on a date with a Succubus, probably," she laughed so he'd know she was joking and to cover the fact that she couldn't quite stop looking up into his eyes. Wow. Buffy said Sam was the research guy. She just assumed he'd look more like a young Giles or something, but wow. Almost made her want to switch teams again. In fact... she never actually formally declared teams...

The oven dinged and Willow gave a startled little bounce in response. "Ooh! It's ready. You like lasagna?" she gestured for him to follow as she headed back into the kitchen. "I was just trying to convince myself that eating alone could be fun... but I'm really not all that convincing. So what do you say? Join me?" she grabbed the mitts and opened the oven door. As she looked over her shoulder hopefully, she slipped and burned herself. "OWWW!" she squeaked, turning and very nearly dropping the entire lasagna all over Sam.

"Hey, lemme help." He grabbed a couple of kitchen towels, and took the pan from her. "Self preservation," he muttered, then felt his color rise. He hadn't meant to say that out loud. Hopefully she'd get he was kidding. "And I love lasagna, smells great. Where do you want it?" He looked around and saw there was a trivet on the dining room table and headed over there. Setting it down, he glanced over at her. "You sure I'm not interrupting anything? Cause there's always Denny's... or you know, McDonalds."

As if she could resist those puppy dog eyes even if she wanted to! "No, no. Really," Willow assured, shaking out her burned pinky before popping it in her mouth to suck on it. "You'd be doing me a huge favor. Leave me alone with a bottle of wine and there's no telling what might happen," she picked up the bottle of Merlot and cork screw and followed him out to the table. "Not to mention, I'm kind of a clutz, in case you haven't noticed. Want to do the honors?" she handed him the cork screw.

"Sure," he smiled. Dammit, he liked her. He liked this girl, Buffy's friend. Maybe it was some of the stories Buffy had told, but it felt like he kinda knew her. No way she was a witch. Are you sure? You didn't think Madison was a werewolf either. He closed his eyes for a second, then sobering a little, opened the bottle. "Last home cooked meal I had was one of those 'you can eat whatever you want cause you're about to be sacrificed' dinners, you know what I mean? I think this will be much better." It was weird being able to talk about this stuff out in the open, but Buffy was like that, and Sam was more than happy to adopt her ways. Dean was always the one more into secretive behavior.

"Oh yeah, famous last meal. Been there, done that, ate the cake," she grinned. "And I'm no Julia Childs or anything, but I kinda took up cooking as a hobby as a way to keep myself occupied after..." she paused, stumbling slightly when she remembered that Buffy had told her the Winchesters were leery of witches and there was no way she was going to explain how badly she'd handled Tara's death. "...after a bad break-up." She said dropping her gaze and leaving it at that and hoped Sam would too.

He almost reached out to steady her, but managed to keep his hands to himself. It was hard, trying to kick this feeling of familiarity when there was no real reason for it, other than she seemed real friendly and sweet.

With the wine poured and the table set, Willow started undoing her apron. When she looked down, she realized she had powdered sugar everywhere! "Oh! Uhm... hey... there's salad in the fridge. Would you mind getting that? I just need to... uhm... wash up a bit," she gave him a lopsided smile before dashing off to her bedroom.

"Sure," he gave her a nod, smiling again at the way she bounced out of the room. He moved quickly, to get the salad in place, and then started to snoop. In the kitchen, he went through the cabinets. He found a lower cabinet filled with candles, and spell ingredients and looked more carefully, trying to determine whether there was anything that cried out 'black magic.' He knew the Slayer and her group had to perform rituals, that didn't make Willow evil, or a witch. No, he needed to find her hex bags.

He was reaching further into the cabinet when he heard her behind him, and quickly closed the cabinet and stood up. His pulse raced, at first because he was sure he'd been caught, and then when he saw her because... just how did 'cute' clean up to be so damned 'hot'? He'd never thought he had a thing for red heads. He licked his lips and raised his hands slightly.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me I had powdered sugar all over my face!" she said giving him her best menacing look, but she couldn't hold it before breaking out into a laugh. "I'm totally not going to trust you to tell me if I get spinach in my teeth either. Sheesh." She went to the drawer next to the cabinet where he'd been rummaging around to pull out the salad tongs. "Looking for these?" she snapped them toward his nose and smiled before leading him back out to the dining room.

"Drawer... yeah, I should'a thought of that. Motel rooms don't come with them," he muttered.

When he joined her, she sat down across from him and dished out the lasagna before lifting her glass of wine. "Well here's to saving me from boring myself to death. Now dig in, I'm starved!"

"Here's to ladies with powdered sugar noses," he answered lifting his own and taking a sip, "which makes me think there's dessert in this somewhere." He set the cup down and did as she said, stabbing his fork into the lasagna, blowing on it, and then putting it in his mouth. A smile spread over his face as he chewed, enjoying the flavors of cheese and tomato and the various textures. By the time he swallowed, he was already getting a second forkful. "Delicious is an understatement. For once in my life, I think I had good timing," he nodded. "It's really good, your Xander is a sap for missing it."

Willow beamed as she watched him enjoy the first bite as she chewed her own. "I know all about your timing," she grinned. Buffy had told her all about how Sam had showed up at Inspiration Point just in time to see Dean's car a rockin'. "And yes, there's dessert. I hope you like chocolate. Xander says my lava cake is better than an or-- uh--orange carrot cake," she finished, her cheeks turning pink at what she's almost said to a guy she barely knew. She just felt so comfortable with him. It was just like Buffy said about Dean... must be something about these Winchesters.

He almost swallowed his tongue when she acknowledged his timing issue. He knew exactly what she was referring to, but was surprised Buffy had done that much over sharing. She and Dean made a perfect pair. "I think the saying is better than sex... or orgasm. I really think this Xander is a sap," he shrugged, taking another large bite and trying not to laugh at her terrible attempts to cover up her slip. That told him she was no good at lying... it would be easy to figure out whether Dean was all wrong about her.

Nearly spewing her wine when Sam said what she'd tried not to, it took Willow a moment to recover, her cheeks now burning red. "So what was it you needed Dean's help with? Anything I can do?"

His eyebrows rose as he started to think on what he could say. "Probably not. He forgot to leave behind some hex bags that he got from a witch. I guess it can wait, unless you're a witch and can whip something up." Pulling his gaze away, he refilled her wine glass, then drank from his own.

"Oh!" Willow perked cheerfully. "I can totally..." she stopped herself mid sentence, remembering Buffy's adamant warning, "...not do that. Hex bag? That's... huh. Yeah. I mean, I know what that is. And you know, we've probably got some stuff around here that we could put one or two together... if... you know, you know what goes in one?" she blinked, her cheeks still flaming, but now for an entirely different reason.

She was nervous. Then again, she was easy to fluster, he knew that from the time they'd spent getting food on the table and talking as they ate. "Yeah, I think I do know. Maybe we'll do that," he nodded, meeting her gaze. "Though the witch-made ones he has would probably be more powerful," he shrugged. "I can swap them out when he and Buffy get back."

They talked a little more about his brother and her best friend, while Sam made sure she had plenty to drink. He thought maybe he was getting her tipsy because she was laughing at his jokes, and he knew he wasn't 'that' funny. Occasionally, he brought up things that a witch would know, and she answered his questions in a way that confirmed her knowledge on the topic. Then again, his knowing what was a right or wrong answer, and not being a witch, made it hard for him to condemn her just for the knowledge.

"So how about that dessert? Wanna have it by the t.v.?" he asked. He needed to take a look around the apartment.

"Sure!" Willow smiled as she got up from the table and drained the rest of her wine glass. "I just have to whip up the whip," she giggled. "Whip the whip," she laughed again at the way that sounded as she made her way toward the kitchen. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had this much fun just relaxing and swapping stories with someone who wasn't a Scooby. She'd have to thank Xander for ditching her. Hopefully he wasn't being seduced by a succubus.

"I'll just be a few. Make yourself comfy!" she called over her shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Mkay, bathroom that way?" Without waiting for an answer, Sam walked out of the room and started opening the doors that lined the hallway. Bathroom. Bedroom, bathroom, office...

Before he reached the room at the end of the hall, he heard her calling him. Cursing under his breath, he walked back, sitting down next to her on the sofa. "That looks delicious."

A moment later, he had a spoonful of the chocolate concoction and was 'mmm mming' in a way that could completely compete with Dean. Putting one arm behind her, along the back of the couch, he offered his spoonful to her, bringing it near her mouth.

Giggling a little nervously at the intimacy of the gesture, Willow opened her mouth and savored the bite, letting the sensations of the molten chocolate roll over her tongue. Even she was surprised by how good it tasted and her eyes rolled back in her head a little as she whimpered with pleasure.

"Wow..." she licked her lips as her eyes met his. She could feel her pulse kick up and her cheeks warm. "Xander was right. Or you were... whoever said the sex part..." she laughed realizing for the first time she was tipsy.

"Is that a challenge?" he asked, smiling. "Sorry... a bit too much of the vino. Plus, this is sooo good." He took a bite, but kept his eyes on her. "Another bite?" He brought his spoon back to her mouth, this time he'd scooped up some cream. As he repositioned himself, it touched her nose and he laughed. "I think your nose is a sweet-magnate." This was more Dean's forte, sweet talking his way into a girl's bedroom. He was pretty sure from having seen Dean's jacket in the first room he'd looked inside that it was Buffy's, which meant he needed to get into Willow's. He had the amulet on him, but before he got drastic, he wanted something more to go on than his brother's word. He trusted Dean with his own life, but not necessarily with the lives of those Dean thought might be supernaturals.

The giggle caught in her throat and she hitched a breath when he saw the way he was looking at her, those puppy dog eyes trained directly on her and crinkling at the edges with the sheer force of his broad smile. Impulsively, she caught his hand and licked the whip cream from his finger, her smile matching his. What was she doing?

"Wouldn't want any of it to go to waste... right?" she offered the ridiculous excuse before taking his spoon and scooping up a bite for him, pulling it back just as he opened his mouth, teasing him until he was forced to bring his mouth closer to hers. Gods and goddesses but he smelled so good. It had been so long since she'd found a man attractive... since a man made her get that squishy fluttery feeling inside that brought the blood pooling to places she couldn't think about without blushing madly.

"Uh humm, right," he agreed, licking the dense cake off the spoon, but not moving away from her mouth. He slipped his hand around the side of her neck, his thumb moving back and forth across her jaw line. What was he doing here? He really liked this girl. This wasn't really right, but he'd already committed, at least to the kiss, so he moved in, covering her mouth with his. He was gentle as he sucked on her lower lip, pulled back, then brought their mouths together again in a real kiss.

The sweet chocolate caressed her taste buds as his tongue swept across hers in a tantalizing dance of euphoric sensations. Another whimper of pleasure escaped her lips as Willow melted into the kiss. After a moment, she pulled back. "Sam..." she whispered, not because she wanted to stop, but because they were about have molten lava cake in their laps. "Hot... lava," she tried to move her arm to put the bowl down, but she needed him to shift.

"Mmm? He moved suddenly, knocking her arm, and the cake fell on mostly her lap. "Aw man..." he used the bowl to scoop most of it back in, and helped her up off the sofa. "Let's get this... off you," he said, pulling her close and kissing her one more time. He pushed her hair behind her ear, then started walking with her, his mouth nuzzling her ear.

Even as tipsy as she was, she could see that leading this guy into her bedroom under the pretense of getting her clothes off was a bad idea - especially as tipsy as she was. But ohhh his breath on her ear had her tingling all over and she swayed against him. He was so tall and his arm wrapped around her like a comforting blanket. And he was so nice. And sweet... and... gods but she wanted him. How crazy was she? It had been years since she'd been with a guy. Since Oz. Not to mention, she barely knew him. But Buffy had told her so much about Dean and Sam that she felt like she did. But still... with each step closer to her room she hesitated until she finally stopped.

Turning to face him with her back to her door, Willow put a hand on his chest and pushed way up on her toes to pull him into a heated kiss. When she drew back down she bit her lower lip. "I'll just quick change... and I'll be right back out. Okay?" Before he could say or do anything to tip her over the edge and make her reconsider, she reached behind her and turned the knob, slipping inside her room and shutting the door.

It wasn't until she was in her room that she remembered that she still had her altar set up. She'd never bothered putting things away after the last time she'd summoned Isis which had required some pretty major mojo. Eyes popped wide and her hand flew to her mouth as she rushed over to start stashing things - just in case she changed her mind later about inviting Sam into her room. Not that she would. But... just in case.

Sam heard something get knocked over and used it as an excuse to open the door. "Willow, you alright?" Even before the words left him, he saw the altar, and the damning evidence in her hands... a ritual bowl, and other things she was trying to hide. And her wide eyed look.

His heart fell. He hadn't wanted to believe it, really hadn't wanted to. He lifted a finger, before she said a word, silencing her. "A witch... you're really a witch." Disappointment turned to anger, mostly because he needed anger to make him do this. In a two long steps, he was inside her room and had thrown an amulet on a chain around her neck, and pushed her backwards on the bed.

Before he’d come to her place, he'd worked hard on creating a witch binding amulet. It was like a devil's trap, only it bound a witch's power. It wasn't forever, and the length of time it worked varied depending on the witch's power, but it would be enough time for him to rid the world of a witch who planned to destroy it.

Straddling her, he held her wrists pinned onto the mattress on either side of her body. "What is the ritual you were performing just now?" he asked, trying to remember that everything before this moment had been false. This was the real Willow right here.

Filled with confusion, Willow gasped and struggled, but he was too strong. Instinctively she reached for her source, but she couldn't touch it. She was cut off from her own magic! Panic set in and her eyes filled with the loss and naked fear. "Sam... no. I wasn't. Please..." she begged, tears brimming her wild green eyes. "What are you doing? You're hurting me... please stop!" she sobbed.

He loosened his hold, but only slightly. "I asked you about the ritual," he cocked his head to the side. "Don't lie to me. I know what all that stuff is, I know you're a witch. Admit it." He wanted to hear the words from here. "Stop crying... tell the truth," he demanded.

"Yes... yes, I'm a witch," she nodded, drawing in a deep breath to try and get a grip. She had to focus. "But I'm a good witch! I swear." She was still trembling and straining against him, the sensation of utter emptiness threatened to overwhelm her. "I wasn't doing a ritual. I was just putting the stuff away so you wouldn't see and freak out... like you are now."

"That's an altar. What have you sacrificed? Is Buffy in on this?" He had to ask, had to know. He knew she was trying to concentrate, and he tightened his grip. "Don't even try your magic on me, I came prepared."

Willow let out a frustrated groan. "I haven't sacrificed anything. This is where I do my casting circle. The altar is inscribed with symbols that help focus. I banish evil, just like Buffy, only with magic," she tried to explain, but she could tell by the set of his jaw that he wasn't buying any of it. And the truth was, there was a very fine line between dark and light and Willow had crossed that line in a bad way. But that was in the past. Never again...

"Sam, please. Just get off of me and I'll tell you anything you want to know." Her voice was steadier now and she forced herself to relax beneath him so she could focus all of her energy on destroying the amulet that was cutting her off from her source. She licked her lips and when they parted she began a silent chant that only moved the air in front of her lips.

"No... stop it, stop that..." he could see the amulet changing colors ... going from silver to tarnished black. "Stop," and when her chanting continued, he lowered hid mouth over hers in an angry kiss, calculated to silence, to stop her use of evil. He knew he was bruising her lips, but what difference did a little bruising make when she was going to be dead soon? Fuck... he wish Dean was here.

He lifted his head. "Who do you pray to? Which DEMON?"
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