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What Fate Can Overcome

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Arda Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Mara Jade turned from the Dark Side once, but is now haunted by disturbing nightmares. Her husband Luke helps her track down her past, but they soon find themselves in danger on a planet where the Skywalker name is hated. Mentions slash and MPREG.

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TDWidowFR151523,637163,80514 Sep 0914 Dec 11No

Chapter Three - Threepio's Annoyances

AUTHOR’S NOTE I wanted to keep each chapter from a distinct point of view, but some of them slip. This one, for instance, starts off in Threepio’s point of view, then switches to Luke’s at the end. I apologize!

Also, I’m sure that the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was destroyed at some point during the years of the Empire, but for the purposes of this story, let’s pretend that it wasn’t.

DISCLAIMER I own nothing canon from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

The Solo household had, once upon a time, been a peaceful place. Lately, it had become something akin to a hormonal war zone. Ten-year-old Jaina Solo, the only Solo daughter, had apparently declared war on her brothers – both her twin Jacen and the younger Anakin. Her parents tried to keep some kind of balance in the house and when Chewbacca was there, he was usually the most successful. But Mistress Leia had gone to find Master Luke and Captain Solo and Chewbacca were at a weekend meeting with General Bel Iblis about Corellian shipping. Therefore, Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio were left alone in the combat zone.

Currently, Anakin and Jacen were playing a holo game in the living room while Jaina stayed locked in her room. For the moment, the apartment was quiet. Threepio was glad for the break, but worried that it would not last long.

A bell sounded from the kitchen. Threepio shuffled over to the holopad and pushed receive. “Solo residence.”

A flickering image of Mistress Leia appeared in front of him. “Hello Threepio. How’s everything going?”

“Mistress Leia, I’m terribly concerned about Mistress Jaina,” Threepio replied.

“Has she trapped Jacen and Anakin on the ceiling again?”

If he had facial expression, Threepio would have looked appalled. “Heavens, no! But she has locked herself in her bedroom. I’m quite concerned for her well-being.”

Leia just shook her head. “She’s fine. As long as the boys aren’t teasing her and she isn’t fighting them, just let them be.”

“Okay.” Threepio was uncertain. His programming told him that the Princess’s advice was wrong, but his human masters, especially Master Luke, Mistress Leia, Mistress Mara, Master Jacen, Mistress Jaina, and Master Anakin, always seemed to know more than his programming. Over the years, he had learned to defer to their judgment.

“Threepio, I actually have a favor to ask you,” Leia said.

“Of course, Mistress Leia. I am at your service.”

Then Luke’s image appeared beside Leia’s. “Actually, it’s for me,” he said.

“Oh! Master Luke! I am at your service as well.”

“I need the translation of a word,” Luke said.

The vast word banks in Threepio’s intelligence server automatically began running translation programs. “I am at the ready.”

Luke said, “I need to know what ‘Ada’ means. Also, planet of origin would be helpful.”

“Ada,” Threepio repeated. It took mere seconds for the artificial intelligence to return an answer. “Ada means ‘green’ in Duro, ‘to run’ in Bothan, and ‘a small fruit similar to a juju’ in Sullustan.”

There came a disappointed sigh. “No, none of those is the one I’m looking for. Thanks for your help anyway, Threepio.”

“I am sorry that I could not be of more help, Master Luke.”

Luke waved a hand. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you later.”

“Tell the kids I’ll be home soon,” Leia said.

“Yes ma’am.” Threepio turned the comm unit off.

He turned around to see Artoo rolling back and forth in the doorway, Jacen and Anakin behind him. Artoo beeped a question. “Master Luke wanted the translation of a word,” Treepio answered. “But all of the translations I gave him were not what he wanted. I hate when I cannot help!”

“What was the word?” Jacen asked.


Jacen and Anakin shared a look. “Nope,” Anakin said, shaking his head. “We don’t know it.”

But Artoo had begun squealing and whistling excitedly. He rolled back and forth, nearly ramming into the doorjamb. “What’s wrong?” Anakin asked. He looked at Jacen, worry in his big dark eyes. “Jacen? What’s wrong with him?”

Jacen shrugged. “Maybe we should get Jaina. She can understand him most of the time.”

“We do not need to bother Mistress Jaina,” Threepio replied haughtily. “I understand him just fine. Remember, I am fluent in over six million forms of communication.”

“Well then what’s he saying?” Jacen asked. “He seems awfully excited about something.”

Jaina’s voice came from behind them. “He’s talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi,” she said.

“I was getting to that,” Threepio grumbled.

Jaina looked at her brothers and the two droids. “What’s going on?”

Hesitantly, Anakin said, “Uncle Luke called to ask Threepio about a word. When Artoo heard it, he went crazy.”

Jaina focused on Artoo. “He’s saying that when he was recharging on the ship, he heard Obi-Wan Kenobi saying Ada to himself when Anakin and Senator Organa were not around.” She frowned and looked at her brothers. “What ship? What’s he talking about?”

“And what was he doing with our two grand-fathers?” Jacen asked.

Artoo let out another stream of excited warbles. Jaina listened, then turned to the boys. “He says that Ada means father. At least, he thinks so.”

Threepio threw his arms up. “Wonderful! I’ll just call Master Luke and let him know that we’ve found the answer!”

Jacen took Jaina’s hand. “No need,” he said.

The Jedi twins closed their eyes for a moment. Then Jaina said, “He and Mom are on their way here.”

“Excellent,” Threepio said. “Well since you’re all out here, why don’t we play a game?”

Suddenly, Jaina’s expression darkened again. She turned on her heel and stormed back into her room. Anakin rolled his eyes. “Girls.”

Jacen closed his eyes then said, “She’s fine. But she won’t come out ‘til Mom and Uncle Luke get here.”

“Why does she hate us so much?” Anakin asked as he and Jacen sat back down at the game table.

“She doesn’t hate us,” Jacen said. He smirked. “At least, she doesn’t hate me.”

Anakin pouted and punched his older brother in the arm, but then they returned to their game. That rare peace settled over the apartment again.

The boys were so involved with their game that they jumped when the front door slid open. “Hello!” Leia called.

Threepio shuffled into the front hall, with Artoo and all three Solo children on his heels. “Hello Mistress Leia! Welcome home!”

The kids stopped short when they saw Luke in the doorway. “Uncle Luke, what are you wearing?” Anakin asked, wrinkling his nose.

“Anakin!” Leia admonished him.

Luke just laughed. “I guess I do look a little ridiculous, don’t I?”

Jacen and Jaina nodded vigorously. “These clothes are what nearly everyone wore back on Tatooine,” Luke explained.

“We aren’t on Tatooine,” Jacen so nicely pointed out.

Laughing, Luke said, “I was in a hurry this morning.” He and Leia led everyone to sit down in the living room. “So you were able to find that word after all?” he asked once everyone was seated.

“Artoo was,” Anakin said. “He heard it and started going nuts.”

Luke looked at the little droid. “How would Artoo know a word that Threepio didn’t?” he asked.

“I assure you, Master Luke, I have been asking myself that question,” Threepio said, distressed.

Jaina spoke up softly. “He said he heard Obi-Wan Kenobi say it.”

Luke’s expression changed from interested to shocked and sad. Leia put her hand over his and squeezed. “Obi-Wan?” he asked. “Are you sure?”

Jaina nodded. “He said something about being on a ship with Obi-Wan, Senator Organa, and Anakin. I, uh, I think he meant – ”

“My father,” Luke finished.

Luke and Leia were uncomfortably quiet for a minute. Then little Anakin piped up, “Well it wasn’t me!” Everyone laughed and the tense moment was diffused.

“So where would Master Kenobi, my father, and, uh, our father be going with Artoo?” Leia asked.

Jacen shrugged. “I don’t know. Artoo didn’t say, did he, Jaina?”

Jaina shook her head. “But he said that it means father.”

“Father?” Luke repeated. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Jaina said. “He said Obi-Wan kept saying it over and over while they were all on the ship, but only when Anakin and Senator Organa weren’t around.”

Luke studied Artoo as the droid swiveled his domed head around the room. Leia and the kids waited for him to say something. Finally, he stood up. “I’ve got to go change,” he said. “There’s one place I can think of that I might be able to find an answer and I can’t go in these.”

Leia caught him at the door. “Are you okay?” she asked.

He smiled. “Yeah. I’ve just never gone there before. I don’t really know what to expect.”

Leia kissed his cheek. “I know. But you knew that you couldn’t avoid it forever. I’ll be there with you in spirit, little brother.”

He took her hand and squeezed it. “Thanks, little sister.” Then he waved. “Bye kids!”

The twins waved back. Anakin called, “Goodbye Uncle Luke!”

An hour later, Luke was dressed in his traditional Jedi robes. Around him, dust floated through streams of sunlight in the silent ruins of the Jedi Temple.
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