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It's Family

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Summary: When a midnight break in turns into an impromtu family reunion two sisters will have to stick through thick and thin to build the family they've always wanted. But they have to outsmart the Mafia and dodge old childhood nemeses to get what they want.

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Better than one

A/N: It's only been one 'night', one day, and now it's moving in on the second night. I'm so glad I caught that early. I don't need the story time frame to be too screwed up. Now that I think about it, a lot has happened in a day. I think now that I'm counting I'll be able to pace the story a bit better. Thank you for reading.

Corky stood at the edge of the front lawn when the van pulled in. She kicked at the yellowing grass. The back doors flew open. Her head snapped up to see an oozing pink glob shuffled out. If she was going by height she'd have to say it was Buffy. The woman slid out of her shoes and slung them at the concrete drive. More pink goo fell out.

“Don't-” Buffy navigated through the opened garage and into the kitchen. “Just don't.”

Violet rounded the front of the van, her face dripping yellow, the stuff soaked into her dress. She pulled at the material and moved it from side to side.

Corky walked up to her and got a jacket thrown at her head. “What did I do?”

“You have a little sister.” Violet scampered into the house after Buffy.

“What did I miss?” Corky shouted after her girlfriend and turned to see Faith pushing herself out of the massive vehicle. “You did this.”

“What clued you in, Poirot?”

Corky knew that Faith could be a handful, not much could change in all the years they'd been apart. But now, watching her sister track across the yard from her parking space in front of the house she realized the kid was more happy then she'd ever been as a kid. Faith pushed two boxes, one under each arm, against her hip so they wouldn't slip. Corky held out her arms but Faith nodded toward the van.

“Get the third box, I got this.” She said through the red sludge on her face.

Corky retrieved the box, and made sure that everything was locked up before she headed toward the house. Stepping onto the sidewalk she saw something flash out the corner of her eye. She slashed around and shielded her eyes hoping to catch what it was, but no such luck. Her gaze gravitated toward the gated house. There wasn't any movement. She turned to the her garage. “Just great.”

“Sit it up here with the others.” Faith shouted as she squeaked her way to the laundry. “I'm just going to-”

Corky shut her eyes and clenched her fist.

“Borrow some more of your clothes.” Faith said, she pulled off Corky's shirt and tossed it to her sister. “It was one load. You couldn't do one load?”

Corky swung the soaked shirt over her shoulder. She shrugged. She wanted to say that she got distracted, she wanted to say that there were more important things than shirts. “What's with the girls?”

Faith smirked but stopped when she glanced back at Corky. “They thought I was going to buy a blender without a demonstration.”

Corky lined up the three boxes on the counter, the pictures on the front telling her the jist of the situation. Three hundred dollars down the drain. If they didn't get a business up and running Faith was going to have them broke.

Faith grabbed an apple from one of the baskets on the counter. “At least now we can make margaritas, smoothies, and milkshakes at the same time.”

“Which one of these three blenders was the best?”

“Don't know, we got kicked out before the taste test.” Faith said after taking a huge chunk out of the shinny green fruit. “We can always do more extensive research here.”

“Extensive. Right.” Corky slapped her hands on top of the nearest box. “I should have remembered the laundry, BUT-”

Faith snapped her mouth closed and swallowed the last of her apple.

“But certain facts have been revealed.” Corky read the description on one of the boxes as she took the sleek black gadget out. She pushed aside the fruit basket and plugged it up. Corky flicked a piece of fruit off the side. “Lets not worry 'bout these bolts and gears. This one stays the others in the garage.”

“I don't want my potential milkshakes tasting like your ancient truck.”

“Fine keep the cabinets. Don't let me see 'em.” They have a better chance of tasting like a million dollars. Corky went one way as her sister went in the opposite direction. She quickly loaded the dryer. As she lowered the lid to the washing machine she found a piece of paper stuck to the bottom. Corky plucked it out and glanced around to see if Faith had come in. With the go ahead she turned it over.

“If you want to get over it call me.” Corky squinted to interpret the message. The number and name were smudged beyond recognition. She brushed the scrap of paper across the palm of her hand. “It seems I ain't the only Lehane running from someone.”

Corky let the damp paper fall to the bottom of the tub, and slammed the lid down. A weight pushed uncomfortably at her belly, and at her back. The guns. Corky checked the safeties before entering the kitchen. Faith stood finishing off another apple. “Kid, check the washer, in case I missed something okay?”

Faith rolled her eyes but headed for the laundry room anyway. Probably checking to make sure her stuff was intact.

Corky stopped before she got to the hall. She turned and caught Faith slipping something into a jean pocket. “I really am sorry about last night. I think we're all a bit tired from being up so early today.”

Faith patted her pocket and gave Corky a tight lipped smile. “How long have you guys been in town?”

“Just got in morning of your little break in.”

“Some coincidence.”

“Not a pleasant surprise?” Corky didn't get a reply. She scratched the back of her head. “Look, I'm not know what. I'll just go.”

“Whose footprints were those?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "It's Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 10.

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