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It's Family

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Summary: When a midnight break in turns into an impromtu family reunion two sisters will have to stick through thick and thin to build the family they've always wanted. But they have to outsmart the Mafia and dodge old childhood nemeses to get what they want.

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Rise and Shine

The sound of banging in the kitchen woke Corky from her makeshift pallet on the living room floor. With her hands struggling to grasp the carpet she shook her head. What was she doing on the floor? Faith. Faith had come home last night. Her and Faith had taken the living room and left Violet and Buffy the bedroom. Seeing how their mom sold all their stuff once they both left home they weren't left with much of an option. Corky snapped her head left to see if her little sister still dozed there. Nope. Faith's blanket was missing. Corky got up and stretched as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Hey Violet whatcha...” But it was not Violet, it was Buffy. The petite blond took over the stove and occasionally reached for some seasoning to bring her cooking to life. “Good morning Buffy?”

The girl threw her hand up and returned to the task at hand.

“Where's Faith?” Corky snatched a beer from the fridge. She took a swig as she leaned against the counter.

“I didn't know Budwieser made a breakfast brew.” Buffy opened the oven and checked whatever was in there.

Corky had to admit, it smelled heavenly. Her hand paused on the way for a second sip. “I'm not much of a breakfast person.”

“Thought as much, neither is Faith.”

Maybe it's because our mother never thought we were worth it. Corky thought back to all the boxes of crap cereal and how they had to sneak to their friends' houses if they wanted a warm meal. “Faith's lucky to have a girl that's good at cooking.”

Buffy coughed and turned. Her eyes narrowed and her fist tightened around the spatula. “Excuse me?”

“I mean, Faith never showed any interest in cooking...” Corky put her beer on the counter. What did she say wrong? How could she make it better? “It's nice that she found a woman such as yourself who knows”

Buffy turned the stove and oven off. And then she got all the food onto plates. Corky stepped forward to help her with a few, but the younger woman easily lifted the dishes and loaded them on the kitchen island. “I'm no one's girl. I'm certainly not Faith's anything. I'm not her broad. I'm not her chick. I'm not her Bonnie. Roger that?”

After taking a sip of her beer Corky smirked. “A little heated about the subject,huh, Bonnie?”

“I hate Lehanes so much.” Buffy grabbed a piece of toast and loaded it with some eggs before storming pass Corky.

“Speaking of Lehanes, you never told me where Faith was.”
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