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It's Family

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Summary: When a midnight break in turns into an impromtu family reunion two sisters will have to stick through thick and thin to build the family they've always wanted. But they have to outsmart the Mafia and dodge old childhood nemeses to get what they want.

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A/N: I have to do some research on Boston. Anybody got some fun places that Faith might be excited to revisit from her childhood? Thanks for reading.

The time on the clock in the kitchen said 4:40. Corky went to sit on the porch. A car passed and Corky reached for the gun fitted in her waistband. She scanned the sidewalks, and the houses that dotted the other side of the street. Could they have been here waiting? If that was the case, Faith and Buffy were already tangled in the mess. Corky heard an engine shut off and realized she was staring into space. Buffy jumped out of the van and landed with an ease that betrayed the height of her shoes. Faith strolled around the front and they settled into a rhythm as they approached the house. Her sister adjusted the blazer top, and sneaked peeks at Buffy from the corner of her eye.

“Hey fancy, like your suit” Corky rocked in the chair as the duo ascended the stairs. “You two sure are quick to disappear. I was worried.”

Faith leaned against one of the posts at the top of the stairs, and Buffy took position at the other one. The summer heat caused waves throughout the city, but Corky didn't see one bead of sweat on either women.

“We can't laze about like some people I know.” Faith folded her arms across her chest, and watched Corky watching the street. Her eyes narrowed. “What you up to?”

“Nothing.” Corky leaned to her left while tapping her fingers on the arms of the chair. “You didn't tell me what you're always up to?”

“Not really any of your business.” Faith said.

“Office hunting.” Buffy answered as she shrugged out of her jacket. She hung it over the rail. “Harder than I thought, none of them will fall for our bait.”

Office? Corky sat forward in her chair. Faith shook her head and turn to the street. Her baby sister was a business woman. “Where are you leaning towards?”

“Jacob Hold.” Buffy said.


“You don't have a vote in the matter.” Faith didn't change her position. “You don't get to say 'No'.”

“The hell I do, you know what's wrong with Jacob Hold.”

“Are there big baddies? Believe me we can deal.” Buffy said, a smirk appeared on her face.

Corky frowned. She needed them out of the house. “Look, you two have been back and forth all day since you got here, why don't you take some time off get to know the city?”

“Yeah, I think I know Boston.” Faith went inside.

Corky walked to the front of the porch. A few kids played tag in the shadows of their houses. Tricycles laid discarded as they ran over and through sprinklers. Mothers occasionally popped out of their doors to check on random crashes. And not a single black Cadillac drove by the Lehane residence.

As she turned to leave, a glimpse of red caught her eye.

Delilah Finckle sashayed down the sidewalk, purse hanging from her arm, a casserole dish glued in her grasp. Corky eased into the dark shadows behind the post. Soon a second woman joined her, carrying a pitcher. After that a third woman joined them, she had a platter. The three woman strolled through a gate on the other side of the street.

Corky scratched behind her ear. What was that all about? She hoped they weren't the welcoming committee. If she didn't shoot whoever that was in the Cadillac, she'd give his bullet to one of those well-combed housewives. Or maybe they could meet her old lady?
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